I request all the pure-hearted demigods, forefathers and saintly persons to support my proposal, for after death the result of an action is equally shared by its doer, its director and its supporter.
(S.B. 4.21.26)
NOTE: So after death all those souls who have supported with their life, wealth, intelligence, words or minds the various Prabhupada blasphemers such as the Tamul apa-Iskcon group, the PADA Turley group, or the Gaudiya Matha sahajiya party will equally share the results of the sinful activities of these rascal demons.
Another interesting point in regards to being a supporter, is the point Srila Prabhupada makes about remaining silent.
 "If we remain silent, then whatever he says, that means we are accepting." So we should not allow this man to grow popularity. We must make propaganda wherever meeting is there. I can kick on the face of this (indistinct). I can urine on the face of... What can he do. Let them. Let him come. If he's God, then let him kill me by his power. When I go to kick on his face, let him stop me, then I shall accept that he's God. So why don't you do that? He's saying God. You just kick on his face, if he can do something... In this way, make some counter-propaganda. If we allow him to go on, then so many people falsely being misled....At least, we, we should not allow the people to be in darkness and accept him as God. We have got our meeting. We shall say: That he is a rascal. Call him by all ill names. A cheater. He does not believe in the authoritative scriptures.
 (Discussion about Guru Maharaji August 13, 1973, Paris)
NOTE: So silence and no counter-propaganda especially against this most blasphemous PADA Turley case, would mean us sharing in the sinful reactions described below. Also if we do fight against these blasphemers and thus defend Srila Prabhupada's honor that will help us and purify or atone for any previous support we have given to these various groups.

"Those sinful people who blaspheme Vaisnavas, who are all great souls, are subjected very severely to the punishment offered by Yamaraja."

"If the man who blasphemed Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is killed, his sinful action may be atoned."
The Hari-bhakti-vilasa cites the following quotation from Skanda Purana concerning the blaspheming of a Vaisnava:
                      yo hi bhagavatam lokam
                        upahasam nrpottama
                      karoti tasya nasyanti
                     nindam kurvanti ye mudha
                      vaisnavanam mahatmanam
                     patanti pitrbhih sardham
                     hanti nindati vai dvesti
                      vaisnavan nabhinandati
                     krudhyate yati no harsam
                       darsane patanani sat
In this conversation between Markandeya and Bhagiratha, it is said: "My dear King, if one derides an exalted devotee, he loses the results of his pious activities, his opulence, his reputation and his sons. Vaisnavas are all great souls. Whoever blasphemes them falls down to the hell known as Maharaurava. He is also accompanied by his forefathers. Whoever kills or blasphemes a Vaisnava and whoever is envious of a Vaisnava or angry with him, or whoever does not offer him obeisances or feel joy upon seeing a Vaisnava, certainly falls into a hellish condition."
The Hari-bhakti-vilasa (10.314) also gives the following quotation from Dvaraka-mahatmya:
                    kara-patrais ca phalyante
                     sutivrair yama-sasanaih
                     nindam kurvanti ye papa
                      vaisnavanam mahatmanam
In a conversation between Prahlada Maharaja and Bali Maharaja, it is said, "Those sinful people who blaspheme Vaisnavas, who are all great souls, are subjected very severely to the punishment offered by Yamaraja."
In the Bhakti-sandarbha (313) there is a statement concerning the blaspheming of Lord Visnu.
                      ye nindanti hrsikesam
                    tad-bhaktam punya-rupinam
                     sata-janmarjitam punyam
                      tesam nasyati niscitam
                      te pacyante maha-ghore
                       kumbhipake bhayanake
                     bhaksitah kita-sanghena
                      yavac candra-divakarau
                      sri-visnor avamananad
                 gurutaram sri-vaisnavollanghanam
                      na pasyet purusadhaman
                   taih sardham vancaka-janaih
                      saha-vasam na karayet
"One who criticizes Lord Visnu and His devotees loses all the benefits accrued in a hundred pious births. Such a person rots in the Kumbhipaka hell and is bitten by worms as long as the sun and moon exist. One should therefore not even see the face of a person who blasphemes Lord Visnu and His devotees. Never try to associate with such persons."
NOTE: It does appear that even seeing these various blasphemers is so polluting what to speak of giving them any type of support !
Never try to associate with the Tamul apa-Iskcon group, the PADA Turley group, or the Gaudiya Matha sahajiya party that is the CLEAR WARNING !
In his Bhakti-sandarbha (265), Jiva Gosvami further quotes from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.74.40):
                     nindam bhagavatah srnvan
                      tat-parasya janasya va
                     tato napaiti yah so 'pi
                    yaty adhah sukrtac cyutah
"If one does not immediately leave upon hearing the Lord or the Lord's devotee blasphemed, he falls down from devotional service." Similarly, Lord Siva's wife Sati states in Srimad-Bhagavatam (4.4.17):
              karnau pidhaya nirayad yad akalpa ise
              dharmavitary asrnibhir nrbhir asyamane
           chindyat prasahya rusatim asatim prabhus cej
             jihvam asun api tato visrjet sa dharmah
"If one hears an irresponsible person blaspheme the master and controller of religion, he should block his ears and go away if unable to punish him. But if one is able to kill, then one should by force cut out the blasphemer's tongue and kill the offender, and after that he should give up his own life."

(C.C. Madya Lila 15.261)