The Illuminati's Divide
and Conquer DESTROYED!





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The Illuminati use the principle of divide and conquer to control and enslave the people of the world. They do this by exploiting the fundamental illusion overcoming all of us. That illusion is the false identification of our real self [the soul] with the material body. By thinking we are a product of matter we are all entrapped by bodily destinations of black, white, American, Russian, Muslim, Christian, Jew etc. In this illusory consciousness we are easily divided and conquered.

In this video His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada explains that this fundamental illusion of false consciousness has to be clear out then we can come to our original consciousness, Krishna Consciousness.

Therefore we can see why Prabhupada and the ancient Vedic message he presents is so dangerous to the Illuminati demons of this world. Not only does Prabhupada present the Vedic knowledge AS IT IS but he gives the practical process by which we can transcend all illusions of the Matrix. As soon as our false identification with the material body is over the Illuminati's power over us is FINISHED. And their ability to divide and conquer is truly DESTROYED!

I urge you to read the original writings of Prabhupada and you will perceive the real illuminating knowledge of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna revealed to you. Even a slight glimpse of this knowledge will free you from so much darkness of illusion, just as a slight rising of the sun dissipates the darkness of night. The light of speculative glow-worms such as David Icke, who can never actually light up the dark sky of Illuminati ignorance, will also be realized by you as insignificant.