Dear Prabhu's please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
The main arguments raised by Puranjana dasa and co. against the sastirc threats they are feeling is that we are:
1) Threatening to kill all the gurukula children.
Puranjana is trying very hard to fan this fanatical rhetoric to the degree that he is encouraging people in England to go to the Oldham police station to report me. He is following the same tactics the GBC used on Sulocana prabhu when he threatened (by revealing Srila Prabhupada's letters) their sense gratification. This mentality of Puranjana and the GBC is described very nicely by Srila Prabhupada.
Being envious of the scriptures and the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he puts forward false arguments against the existence of God and refutes the scriptural authority. He thinks himself independent and powerful in every action. He thinks that since no one can equal him in strength, power, or in wealth, he can act in any way and no one can stop him. If he has an enemy who might check the advancement of his sensual activities, he makes plans to cut him down by his own power.
 (B.G. 16.18-19)
So by presenting the sastric conclusions in Srila Prabhupada's books we are checking the advancement of his sensual activities, (his desire for tamalts seat) therefore he makes plans to cut us down by his own power.(fanning fanatical rhetoric)
2) If we present the sastric conclusions in Srila Prabhupada's books the public will think we are a fanatical cult, this will defame Srila Prabhupada even more. We have to compromise the philosphy to keep good public relations.
First of all we will see that Srila Prabhupada never compromised the Krishna Consciousness philosphy to please the public. He also instructed us not to do so. (see quotes below) So we can clearly see Puranjana dasa and co. have no faith in sastra and Srila Prabhupada's clear instructions.
Srila Prabhupada instructed us when our movement was challenged in this way before that we should bring all his books to the judge and let him read them ! Yes we can prove from Srila Prabhupada's books that those who blaspheme against a pure devotee of God like tamalt, puranjana, turley and co. are the lowest of creatures and require severe punishment, for their own good and the peace of the world.
Prabhupada: Yes. That is the best answer to this opposition. And when the case is there, put all the books before the judge: "Now you read and give your judgment. Don't... You are learned lordship. Please read these books and give your judgment. We have got already judgment from the scholars." Present like that. "But still, because in your court it is presented, so we pray that you give your judgment after understanding our method of brainwash." That will make him flat.
(S.P.Room Conversation January 16, 1977, Calcutta)
Prabhupada: I wanted that all our books should be given to the court: "This is our statement." Let him read. He can...
Brahmananda: We received that tape where you tell the story of Mr. Ghosh bringing all the books just to...
Hari-sauri: "Just to teach you law."
Prabhupada: Huh?
Hari-sauri: "Just to teach you law."
Prabhupada: (laughs) Yes. There was big lawyer. In those days he was earning not less than thirty-thousand per month. Rajbery Ghosh, Doctor. He was Doctor. So in one case he brought so many books in the court, the judge remarked, "Well, Dr. Ghosh, You have brought the whole library?" "Yes, my lord, just to teach you law." (laughs) No, any statement we give, it has to be considered. They cannot neglect. So you can simply put these books, eighty-four books: "This is our statement. You read them. Then give your judgement." How do you think? Did you consult any lawyer?
Tamala Krsna: Yes. We're going to do it. It can be done.
Prabhupada: "It is not brainwash. It is science. You have to know the science." And actually that is the fact. The court case is going on.
(S.P. Room Conversation February 14, 1977, Mayapura)
"Our process is to show Krishna Consciousness as it is, not as others want to see it. By showing KC in this way, you are making the thing less important. It is not that we should change to accommodate the public, but that we should change
the public to accommodate us."
I have seen your advertisements as shown to me by Syamasundara., and I think you have made the thing less important. This kind of ad is not good, it is not grave. Our process is to show Krishna Consciousness as it is, not as others want to see it. By showing KC in this way, you are making the thing less important. It is not that we should change to accommodate the public, but that we shoud change the public to accommodate us.
(S.P. Letter to: Yogesvara Bombay 28 December, 1971)
Note: Why should we not present AS IT IS the sastric conclusions in Srila Prabhupada's books and defend his honor ? Why should we change it and show it to others as we think they want to see it and make it less important ? We should change the public by strong preaching from Srila Prabhupada's books to accommodate the truth not that we accommodate their atheistic views.
This is a very good way to induce the public for accepting our philosophy, because they are prone to believe and accept whatever they hear on the radios and televisions. Now go on in this way increasing more and more, and always stick tight to the point of our philosophy. We should not compromise in any way just to accommodate the public idea, but we can so tastefully present the real thing that we will change the people to accommodate us. Thank you very much for assisting Lord Caitanya so nicely in spreading this Sankirtana Movement.
(S.P. Letter to: Siddhesvara, Krsnakanti Calcutta 16 February, 1972)
Note: We should always stick tight to the point of our philosophy. We should not compromise in any way just to accommodate the public idea. If we quote Srila Prabhupada's words, what could be a more tasteful presentation than that, for changing the people to accommodate us ?

 If one stops preaching and simply sits down in a solitary place, he is engaging in material activity. If one desires to make a compromise with the Mayavadis, he is also engaged in material activity. A devotee should never make compromises with nondevotees.
(C.C. Madhya lila 12.135)
Note: Puranjana dasa and co. have made a compromise with nondevotees. Now they are also engaged in material activity (Turley case.)
 When Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, "What is your this religion? You are eating your father and mother?" Directly. Not that He was talking with a magistrate, He should be a little respectful. No. In spiritual matter, everything spoken frankly, no compromise. Just like we say, "You are not a Krsna conscious person. Then you are a rascal. That's all." You may be the president. That doesn't matter. But because you are not Krsna conscious, you are rascal. There is no compromise, "Oh, here is a big man. How he is speaking." We see everywhere. So many scientists come. I say, "You are rascal. You are demon." (laughter) I say it. And they tolerate. I prove that he is a rascal. I prove that he is a rascal, he is a demon. Then he tolerates, "Yes." We have got sufficient strength to prove, any materialistic man, to prove that he is a rascal. That is possible. Vidhi-mahendradis ca kitayate: "If one is practically a devotee of Lord, he doesn't care even personalities like Vidhi." Vidhi means Lord Brahma. Vidhi-mahendradis ca kitayate. Kitayate means such great personalities are taken by perfect devotee as ordinary insect. As ordinary insect has no value, similarly, anyone, however great he may be in this material world, if he is not God conscious, he is no better than the insect. Because it has no value. Because he does not know that he is going to become a dog next life. He loved a dog very much, and he bequeathed his all property to the dog, but he is going to become himself a dog. Therefore he's a rascal. What is his intelligence? He got some money. There are many instances in (your) country. They bequeath the whole wealth to the dog.
(Srimad-Bhagavatam Lecture 1.16.3 Los Angeles, December 31, 1973)
Note: Srila Prabhupada lives in sound. If we quote his books he will prove that those who blaspheme Krsna or the pure devotees are demoniac and should be punished. Those who say Prabhupada's teachings are to blame for the abuse and corruption in Iskcon or that the real Hare Krsna Movement is a cult, will also be defeated and proved as first class demons by Srila Prabhupada. PRABHUPADA HAS GOT SUFFICENT STRENGTH !!!
Who does not surrender to Krsna? You'll say that "There are so many big, big persons, and they do not surrender to Krsna. So they are all mudhas?" Yes, they are all mudhas. That is the verdict of the sastra. We cannot make any compromise. That is not possible, against the principle of the sastra.
(Sri Caitanya-caritamrta Lecture, Adi-lila 7.7 Mayapur, March 9, 1974)
Note:  We cannot make any compromise. That is not possible, against the principle of the sastra. Those who blaspheme Srila Prabhupada are mudhas, rascals and demons
Lord Caitanya wanted that the message should be distributed in every village and town of the globe. Let us do this service as far as possible in all seriousness. We can not make any compromise with anyone for cheap popularity.
(S.P. Letter to: Brahmananda San Francisco 21 December, 1967)
Note: Srila Prabhupada's glories should be completely seperated from these demons in isgone. We can not make any compromises with anyone (turley and co.) for cheap popularity. (tamalt's seat)
Our purpose is to teach our own philosophy. Do not lose sight of that purpose or become distracted by other things. I have also made one book about other philosophies of your western philosophers, but I did not make compromise. My purpose was to defeat them and expose their nonsense propositions, in the light of Vedic knowledge or Krsna consciousness philosophy. That is our purpose.
(S.P.Letter to: VARIOUS Unknown Place Unknown Date)
Note: We don't make any compromise. Our purpose is to defeat rascal blasphemers and expose their nonsense propositions with Srila Prabhupada's sastra.
We are therefore requesting people that don't be misled. Here is the greatest mahajana, Krsna Himself. You follow His instruction. It is very easy, there is no complication. This is our propaganda. But we don't make any compromise. Why shall I make compromise? If we are presenting the right thing, why shall I make compromise with something wrong? (Hindi) Baliye(?). If we are confident that we are presenting the right thing, why shall I make compromise with the wrong thing? (Hindi) No, you are intelligent. You can say if I am saying something wrong. Our culture has been spoiled by interpreting wrongly Krsna's words.
(S.P. Evening Darsana August 12, 1976, Tehran)
Note: Srila Prabhupada is the representative of the greatest mahajana Krsna himself. If we present his instructions we are presenting the right thing, why shall we make compromise with something wrong ? (not defending Srila Prabhupada's honor) We are confident Srila Prabhupada's words are the right thing. ISKCON has being spoiled by interpreting wrongly Prabhupada's words to suit our sense gratification.
Prabhupada: Yes. And if you don't care for the sastras, if you manufacture your own way, then, as it is stated, na siddhim savapnoti. You'll never be successful. Na sukham na param gatim. Neither happiness nor better life will be next or the supreme goal. These things finished. Yah sastra-vidhim utsrjya vartate kama-karatah. If you do not take the guidance of the sastra then all your hope is finished. You can hope, but you'll never... This is our... Therefore we follow the sastras and we teach others to follow sastras. If you like you can do. Otherwise do whatever you like. But you don't manufacture and spoil my life and others. You don't do.
Indian man: There was some trouble with your movement in America recently.
Prabhupada: We don't care for this trouble. If you are sincere it is all right. We are facing so many difficulties. We don't care for it. We never compromise. All my students, they will never compromise. Why shall I compromise? If I am confident that I am speaking the truth, why shall I make compromise? Those who are not confident of his position, they will make compromise. One who does not know where he stands, he will make compromise. And if I know where I am standing, why shall I make compromise? Let others do whatever he likes. This is our position.
(Press Interview December 31, 1976, Bombay)
Note: Puranjana dasa and co. don't care for the sastras, and they manufacture their own way. If they do not take the guidance of the sastra then all their hope is finished. All Srila Prabhupada's genuine students, never compromise. Why shall they compromise? They know Srila Prabhupada is speaking the truth, why shall  they make compromise ? Those who are not confident of Prabhupada's position, (Puranjana dasa and co.) they will make compromise. They do not know where they stand, so they make compromise. And genuine students know where they are standing, why shall they make compromise ? Let others do whatever they like.
I am not much fond of the idea of changing things to accommodate the public--better to change the public to accommodate us. Therefore I suggest wherever there is Sanskrit used there should also be English spelling in brackets. In this way, the public will become accustomed to Sanskrit language so that in future we may use only Sanskrit and they will understand.
(S.P. Letter to: Bali-mardana Bombay 28 December, 1971)
While preaching our movement we should take this attitude. We cannot make compromise with anyone. Krsna, Krsna, Caitanya... Lord Caitanya's cult is to preach the instruction or talks about Krsna. That's all. Yare dekha, tare kaha krsna-upadesa.
(S.P. Morning Walk April 29, 1973, Los Angeles)