George Harrison From 2001

So, we're writing to you, George, because we feel that you could easily
use your God-given influence to expose these horrible crimes against
Srila Prabhupada. We assure you that things ARE as depicted in this
letter [and worse, also!]; therefore we humbly request you to
contact us and discuss ways in which 'good' propaganda can
be disseminated to counter the lies and blasphemy

The following letter was penned by Sanat dasa and mailed out by regular mail [in my name] to George Harrison the ex-Beatle  in March 2001 .

Dear George,

Please accept my respectful greetings. All glories to Jagat-Guru, Srila Prabhupada; and all glories to your service of significantly assisting Srila Prabhupada in making Hare Krishna a "household word" throughout the world via your musical recordings!

I read with fascination and happiness how you strongly remembered to chant Hare Krishna when you had been attacked! THANK YOU!! Your ordeal has given devotees around the world renewed faith in the potency of the Holy Name, the chanting of which was PURELY distributed around the world by the causeless mercy of our Saintly Spiritual Preceptor, Srila Prabhupada.

My name is Mukunda dasa, and I reside in Oldham, England and my friend, Sanat dasa -- whom I met several months ago on the web-- resides in New York State in a village called Angelica. This letter represents both our views, as well as the views of dozens of other followers of Srila Prabhupada.

I am not the same Mukunda who you know from the '70s [Mukunda Swami]; That Mukunda was an early disciple of Prabhupada's. I'm much younger than he is, though I am not associated with the deviant pseudo-Krishna cult that Mukunda 'Swami' has promoted and defended all these years.

Actually, this point is the main reason why I'm writing to you: As you may have already apprehended, Prabhupada's pure Spiritual Sky Movement [THE HARE KRISHNAS] was long ago supplanted by the bogus propaganda [and demonic actions] of the False Krishna's Usurpers' Party, of which Mukunda Swami is very much an unrepentant, unreformed member. Of course these people UNAUTHORIZEDLY rubber-stamped themselves "Successors" to the Great & Incomparable Spiritual Master [Srila Prabhupada Bhaktivedanta] and His equally Great, Pure and Respectable Lineage, the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudia-Bhaktivedanta-Vaisnava Sampradaya. And while posing as "Representatives of God", these rogue-heirs have 'managed' to destroy many peoples' faith in God by acting in a manner wholly contradictory to pious devotees' RELIGIOUS PRINCIPLES.

This fact is obvious to anyone paying attention to the actions of those who purport to rule over 'ISKCON'!; ( Or, as Prabhupada would say so often: "The thing is to be judged by the result" .)

I remember long ago reading that you liked Prabhupada because he was dependable, i.e. he said the same thing without change; not that you saw him once and he gave one message, and then later you again met him and he said: 'what I told you last time has been revised; I now have some NEW teaching to impart to you...'

In fact, that's why ALL sane people appreciate Srila Prabhupada: he's supremely dependable in a precarious and dangerous world of politics, diplomacy, fraud and cheating [to borrow the sublime words of Srila Prabhupada] In fact, in a room Conversation His Divine Grace stated succinctly what could stop the successful spreading of Vedic Sanatana Dharma, Bhagwat Dharma:

Brahmananda: He was planning to go and visit Revatinandana.
Prabhupada: Now, the Revatinandana and this man and Syamasundara is making a clique. I can understand. What they are planning, that also I know. But I don't wish to disclose it. So if these things come, then how this movement will go on? Politics, diplomacy, fraud, cheating, these are the general qualification of the western countries.
Jayatirtha: Sitting?
Prabhupada: Politics, diplomacy, fraud, cheating. These things are the general qualification of the western people. Do you admit or not?
Devotees: Yes.
Prabhupada: If they are, these things come within our movement, then it will not be succesful. Tat-paratvena nirmalam. One has to become purified. Even sometimes we have to take... But that is for Krsna's. There must be now checking that all these rascals may not join and spoil the movement. You should not admit.
Bali Mardana: Yes.
Prabhupada: They can come and go.
Bali Mardana: We should not make a haven for rascals.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Bali Mardana: We should not create a haven for rascals.
Prabhupada: Yes. So how it will be done unless you GBC members become very strong and with good brain?

[S.P. Morning Walk, at Marine del Rey, July 13, 1974, Los Angeles]

Now, George, as you may also be aware, such "rascals" took control of this movement well before Srila Prabhupada had departed this world.  Fact is, according to the direct statements of His Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada in the final days before he decided [IN DISGUST] to Depart UNTIMELY, Srila Prabhupada disclosed that his "friends" were "poisoning" him, "torturing" him, holding him against his will, and trying to kill him the same way that Ravana would kill Marica, if the latter had refused Ravana's command to "go mislead Sita."

We can get you clear copy of Prabhupada's last conversations in which these BBT-Copyrighted statements are lucid and incontrovertible in pointing toward Prabhupada's 'Secretaries' as co-conspirators in the assassination of this great Saintly personality. Another compelling evidence is the November, 1977 video of Prabhupada's Departure; every devoted follower of Prabhupada's who views this painful and wrenching 'lila', a 'lila' imposed on our Spiritual Master by his Judas-disciples, can perceive that Prabhupada was not at all being cared for properly and was being harassed and teased;

And we all feel a profound sense of sadness [and guilt] as well, especially because we have been so impotent, or unable, to do anything to bring the Guru-killers to justice...though that situation could change if the right few souls took up the task of defending the Spiritual Master's Honor...

In addition to the most important evidence in Prabhupada's mysterious Departure i.e. that of the 'dying' Spiritual Master's own words, is the forensics evidence, which is in two main parts: samples, which reveal that from May 4, 1976 through November, 1977, Srila Prabhupada's body accumulated 60 times the normal level of arsenic; and that Prabhupada, according to Nico Cuht, the author of a 400-page tome on the 'Gurucifixion' of Srila Prabhupada, had ALL the classic symptoms of a man being slowly [AND PAINFULLY] administered arsenic poison...2. The audiotapes themselves have been scrutinized and analyzed in different ways, and all evidence therein supports the statements aforementioned by Srila Prabhupada [regarding HDG's awareness of his disciples' plot to 'kill guru and become guru']. Specifically, whispers found on the tapes contain many disturbing passages wherein 'poison' and other words and concepts are mentioned in a diabolical tone. Additionally, "reverse speech analysis" adds some of the most shocking and compelling glimpse of these revealing dialogues [with Krishna's Representative Srila Prabhupada] , wherein every co-conspirator's motives - and minds - are laid bare for anyone, even a hardened skeptic, to see. Prabhupada's own 'reverse speech' further reveals the consistency of Prabhupada's 'forward' speech, as well as HDG's character and qualities [such as His persistent quality of forgiveness and compassion which, Srila Prabhupada displays towards his own tormentors...] These 'Speech Reversals' were produced by Sriman Dhanesvara Adhikari Prabhu [at great expense - and personal RISK - to himself!], who – by such revelation - so mercifully has put the final nail in the cheating 'guruse' coffin...

Sanat dasa began exposing this CRIME OF THE MILLENIUM back in 1995 and '96, and we have video footage that he himself made of his demonstrations at [pseudo] Krishna parades in North America, where some of the Guru-killers were questioned by Sanat about their murder of Prabhupada [and his Movement]; that particular video segment can be downloaded from Sanat's website, listed below. Sanat was also attacked several times at different Ratha Yatra parades, and has significant footage of these incidences as well.

Anyway, a grass roots movement to expose Prabhupada's tortured demise was finally getting underway in late 1997 and into 1998, though, unfortunately, a few individuals wanted to become 'famous' by proclaiming themselves the 'one to expose' this crime, which hampered the message being properly distributed and acted upon.

Then, suddenly, in October 1998, the NYT's ran a front-page story on the "Hare Krishna Child Abuse Scandal". In this unprecedented article, Srila Prabhupada and his teachings were blamed for all the atrocities perpetrated against the 'Children of Krishna' over a 20-year period. This hellish assault on our Spiritual Master was apparently the work of at least three of the false gurus, [namely Tamal Krishna, Ravinedra Svarupa and Jaya Addvaita] who wished to throw up a smokescreen to avoid the recriminating atmosphere that the Capital Murder (of Prabhupada) allegations were creating. Subsequently, these fraudulent souls enlisted the support of a well known Sociologist-writer [on HKM], named E. Burke Roachford, of Middlebury College [a true LATTER DAY POPE-APOLOGIST] , who essentially apologized for all the real [nasty] child molest culprits, and simultaneously stated that:

'Prabhupada's system was set up in that [faulty] way'- HE is to blame!'

[All this info is posted on our two websites, and if you find a need to see more complete documentation, kindly contact Sanat dasa, Nara Narayana dasa or myself, and we will do our best to provide further or more detailed information to you.]

So, the main attackers - and blasphemers - of Srila Prabhupada have joined forces with a few dozen grown up children - [child-molest victims] to wage a lawsuit against Prabhupada's Movement, and to mainly blame (and depict) Prabhupada as a duplicitous leader of THEIR child-abuse cult, though ninety-eight percent of all the atrocities and offences to children in the HKM occurred since Prabhupada Departed us more than two decades ago-- and factually whatever alleged abuses took place while he was present are also the responsibility of the deviants who perpetrated the acts; additionally, WHENEVER Srila Prabhupada WAS informed of any discrepancies, he--as well documented-- did whatever possible to amend the situation and get devotees to rectify their behavior and ensure the safety and well-being of the children in HKM schools and ashrams...these facts are clearly disclosed in many, many detailed letters written [but later concealed by Mukunda Swami and bogus co-conspirators] by Srila Prabhupada, which writings reveal Prabhupada to be 100% moral, upright, forthright, and doing whatever he could possibly do to inspire right action and accountability in his [former hippy, drug-using, non-family-oriented] disciples...

The papers filed in the Turley lawsuit allege that Srila Prabhupada willfully covered up the atrocities of these demoniac disciples, and therefore Prabhupada's Institution should be sold at the auction block to recompense the victims. All these charges are baseless, with not a shred of evidence to support them; We feel that the 'leaders' [of 'Molestkcon'] have engineered this lawsuit  [and it's bizarre proceedings] just to deflect criticism from their own egregious offences perpetrated against the 'Gurukula' children within their own deviant regime, and also to distract the devotees of Prabhupada from pressing ahead with charges of Gurucide ['murder' of Srila Prabhupada]

(Actually, the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the court papers say is true! See our letters to the Turley law firm, with substantial quotations from Prabhupada's Letters revealing how important child-rearing, education and "child worship" was to His Divine Grace!  Those Letters from Srila Prabhupada from 1945 to 1977 -- numbering over 7,000 -- had been cleverly suppressed from 1977 till 1986 (by the GBC and guru-cartel), when Sulocana dasa [see Monkey on a Stick] was gunned down after he procured those vital correspondences of Krishna Saint Prabhupada to demonstrate in his exalted book, "The Guru Business" [see our websites] that the 'gurus' were NEVER APPOINTED by Prabhupada, rather he assigned them 'priest' status, or 'deputy-initiators' on behalf of HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Maharaja...

So, Prabhupada's voluminous correspondences reveal the exact opposite of the charges being falsely made in court. All his books, lectures, conversations, etc. consistently state the same principles: that child is the father of man, that child can change the world if his custodians do their job of setting good spiritual and moral example, that child worship is more important than Deity worship, and NEVER NEGLECT or abandon these spiritual children, since they are Vaikuntha children and etceteras...

Sanat dasa even exposes some of the so-called 'reformers' who have for years blamed the 'gurus' [alleged Successors to Prabhupada] for all the crimes committed against the children sent to them by the parents. Sanat pointed out years ago [also on video taped interviews with 'gurukula' alumni] that "the parents are primarily to blame" for anything that happens to their children [though that's not to let the demon-gurus off the hook for their clever manipulation of the children, parents, movement's resources etc....]

Prabhupada compares himself to Prahlada Maharaja, in how the latter was poisoned and tortured by his own father, Hiranyakasipu, the great demon king from a bygone era.

(And, like Prahlada, Prabhupada was very tolerant, forbearing and compassionate towards his attackers; and, like Prahlada, the poison COULD NOT ACT upon Prabhupada and he was protected nicely by the Supreme Godhead, and took the opportunity to 'retire early' and go elsewhere in the universe to preach the gospel of Gita-nagari...always chanting the Song of God.

Prabhupada also--as his captors began administering poison -- said that just as Christ was killed, "they may kill me also".

Prabhupada similarly predicted that his foolish disciples would attempt to blame him for their misdeeds: "no, I wasn't smoking ganja, I was simply puffing it while my friend held it in his hand!", but the sincere disciples or followers cannot sit down idly [and smoke ganja] while this blasphemy is being broadcast in the ether. It is said that 'silence is the voice of complicity'. and Prabhupada also stated that if bad propaganda is not countered with good [AND TRUTHFUL] propaganda, then that means we agree with the bad [and blasphemous] propaganda; therefore, then we shall share in the reactions as well.  Prabhupada also remarked that 'if your spiritual master is suddenly killed, and none of his disciples comes forward to punish the evil-doers, IS THAT A VERY GOOD BUSINESS?’ But how can a sane and sentient individual remain silent when a young child like Prahlada Maharaja is being tortured mercilessly? How can a REAL disciple of Prabhupada Maharaja ignore his responsibility to the Spiritual Master when he finds out first the GuruMaharaja has been 'killed' [by the very rascals purporting to be his successors], and next that those very Guru-killers -- upon being FINALLY taken to task for their crimes against the Spiritual Master's children -- are taken seriously when these rascals turn and curse their Spiritual Master by accusing HIM of masterminding the cover-ups of these abuses?!  How can a REAL lover of Prabhupada [and His lineage and teachings] remain silent in the face of these charges, charges that have been leveled against Prabhupada 23 years after he passed from our sight?!  Is this comprehensible, that so many disciples are turning their backs on their responsibility to defend the very Preceptor who came to the West and saved them from such unmitigated degradation that they were engulfed in prior to Prabhupada's saving Grace and Glance?!? It is said by Lord Krishna Himself in Bhagavad-gita that:

"For one who has been honored, dishonor is worse than death"

Therefore, the crime of 'killing' the Guru is a one-time affair, pertaining to the vapu, or form, of the Spiritual Master; but the crime of publicly defaming Srila Prabhupada is far worse, because it disparages Prabhupada's exalted name, character, fame and transcendental teachings. This crime is much more destructive to human society, because if people aren't able to place faith in the Supreme Lord's Representative, then they will be lost and doomed-- particularly if they hear such dangerous blasphemy and do nothing to counteract it. If Prabhupada's teachings are changed, minimized, disparaged, etc. and nothing is done to counteract such willful smear, then chaos will soon be the unfortunate result -- just as the Battle of Kuruksetra ensued not too long after Queen Draupadi's hair was maligned by the demonic princes of the Kaurava dynasty. [as a matter of fact, the demon-gurus of ISGONE have been changing Prabhupada's books from his original translations, making them something different than they were. This trend must also be reversed!]

So, we're writing to you, George, because we feel that you could easily use your God-given influence to expose these horrible crimes against Srila Prabhupada. We assure you that things ARE as depicted in this letter [and worse, also!]; therefore we humbly request you to contact us and discuss ways in which 'good' propaganda can be disseminated to counter the lies and blasphemy being broadcast tin this Turley "Krishna Child-Molest"-case.  We feel that you understand this Krishna philosophy very well, having received transcendental blessings from Prabhupada long ago, and in the present time also! I read sometimes your prefatory statements in Krsna Book, and I think that: 'George Harrison is so lucky to have been famous and humble at the same time, and to have gotten Prabhupada's mercy in such a unique way that he could use his talent to spread 'My Sweet Lord-consciousness' all over the world! TRULY OUTSTANDING AND AMAZING!!'

Please contact us at your earliest, so that we may take time to discuss exposing the falsity of the Turley case and to also work possibly to bring charges against those that tortured and poisoned Srila Prabhupada unto death two decades back.

Your humble servant [and admirer!],
Mukunda dasa