Open letter to Jagadisa by Mother Padmahara devi dasi.


Dear prabhu's please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Welcome to Volume 12 of our newsletter KICK ON HIS FACE. It's goal is to make counter propaganda against all kinds of bogus personalities and their philosophies. By making counter propaganda people are protected from being misled. If we remain silent, that means we are accepting bogus philosophy.

Your servant Sanat dasa



1. Open letter to Jagadisa by Mother Padmahara devi dasi.

3. "Phah! Phah!" (laughter) So these rascals are like that.

1. Open letter to Jagadisa by Mother Padmahara devi dasi.

Mukunda Prabhu: Obeisances.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.  I'm a friend
of Sanat's who used to work with Nirmal for 2 years or more. So of course
I've met and spoken with Jagadisa when he was in dire straits but not quite
over the cliff ( about 5 years ago).  So I feel the NEED to get this out to
him, whether or not he takes it seriously.  Please accomodate me and send it
to him and any other interested parties.  Thank you very much.  your
servant, Padmahara devi dasi

Jagadisa prabhu, Hare Krsna.  I don't know if you remember me..we met at
Nirmal's house in mifflintown, pa about 5 years ago.  Then you struck me as
being a strongly determined and faithful man, though you appeared to be
experiencing a lot of pain and confusion at that time.  Yet, you were able
to take shelter of japa, regulative principles, and regulated life.  I must
admit, I'm somewhat thunderstruck that you have now chosen to point a finger
at Srila Prabhupada as a culprit in the nefarious goings on in ISKCON
Srila Prabhupada has often made it clear that we, as Krsna's part and parcel
living entities have free will to choose whether to be Krsna conscious or
not.  And Prabhupada himself never forced us to do anything.  He gave us
engagement with whatever propensity we have in the service of Krsna.  His
mission was to translate Bhagavad-gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, etc., not to
single-handily manage a worldwide organization.  By the grace of Krsna, we
were allowed to help him in whatever capacity, because, expert that he was,
he knew that to delegate responsibility is how organizations thrive. 
(Ownership turns sand into gold.)
An uttama adhikari sees everyone in relationship to Krsna.  An uttama
adhikari can see past, present, and future.  An uttama adhikari, in that
case, would be able to see each person's destiny.  Whether that person
recognises and works toward that destiny is another matter.  But uttama
adhikari Srila Prabhupada made sure that each of us had the knowledge and
opportunity to fulfill our individual destinies.
You were given many instructions by Srila Prabhupada, some of which you were
unable to follow for one reason or another.  He told you several times and
in many different ways to stay with your family, but at your insistence, he
allowed you sannyasa to keep you in Krsna's service, rather than refusing,
thereby forcing you to divorce and/or fall down.  So you were able to go on.
  As far as gurukula, he made it very clear that he wanted YOU to be
responsible.  To refresh your memory:  letter to you, 11/75..."This is a
unique opportunity.  We shall induce big life members to send their
children.  The whole world is misled.  You must apply your brains how to
spread Krsna consciousness.  I am an old man.  I can give you the idea.  Now
you have to carry it out..."
  Then May 6,1976: "...You have some experience
now with gurukula, so your fulltime engagement should now be how to organize
the gurukulas all over the world.  Do it very nicely and thoughtfully.  So
far your plans are concerned for the same, you can have them conjointly
approved with the other GBC.  In this way, you may make the gurukula program
your portfolio and organize it throughout the world..." 
So is Prabhupada
responsible for your neglect of his orders?  I know you told Nirmal that you
had no idea the sexual abuse was going on.  I don't see how that was
possible, except that your lack of affection made it impossible to stay with
your family, even out of duty, and a lack of affection would also have
blinded you to the children's suffering in the different gurukulas.   Lack
of affection makes a man fearful, because all he has is himself.  Therefore,
even if you did have and inkling of an idea that it was going on, it was
easier to turn your face than to investigate and rectify the situation,
maybe because it was too scary to go against the demon heirarchy at the
time, and you personally had too much to lose?  But what about the letter to
you from Oct. 18, 1973...."Whenever there is something extraordinarily wrong,
you can remain there for sometime.  You should rectify, but not reject. 
Members are coming to us to be rectified, not to be rejected.  So try to
rectify the incorrigible, and if not possible, then change.  What can we
  Does "change" mean we change into mice and allow the incorrigible to
go on with their atrocious activities, even when they've made it clear they
are not truly devotees?  Or does it mean we become lions and chastise the
miscreants properly according to sastra and our spiritual master's
When one "devotee" in Colorado was found to be molesting children, he was
taken and severely beaten and left on the road, which was far more merciful
to him than allowing him to go on without chastisement.  Surely you could
have found some allies to help you, even if the GBC was incorrigibly
corrupted.  Maybe you didn't trust Krsna to help you?  And now this new
argument that the abuse was going on even as far back as '72....If you read
Prabhupada's letters from '72, he wrote several letters trying to wake up
his men in charge, including parents.  Example:  2-16-72 to Satsvarupa,
"...Keep them always happy in Krsna consciousness, and do not try to force
or punish or they will get the wrong idea."
(The abuse came in the form of
punishment at that time) "By and by , if they are satisfied in this way, they
will all grow up to be first class preachers and devotees.
One thing, if Aniruddha is shaky in his Krsna consciousness, how he can
teach the children?  Unless one is firmly convinced about Krsna
consciousness, I don't think the children will learn properly from such a
Did he have to go there personally to stop the abusive behavior
when he had so many men in management positions to watch and take care?
Then to Arundhati, as a parent: "...These children are given to us by Krsna,
they are vaisnavas and we must be very careful to protect them.  These are
not ordinary children, they are Vaikuntha children, and we are very
fortunate we can give them a chance to advance further in Krsna
consciousness.  That is very great responsibility, do not neglect it or be
confused.  Your duty is very clear..."
I hear that you are finally "taking care of" and living with your son,
Nirmal after neglecting him for so many years.  And you've been named in the
gurukula court case as a culprit.  Does Nirmal's loud convincing voice give
you some shelter from your fear by helping you to view Srila Prabhupada as
the "real culprit" in this case?  Do you think such a claim will let you off
the proverbial hook somehow when you die?
Because of his painful life experiences, which are mainly due to your
neglect and your wife's fanaticism, Nirmal has a very warped view of
reality, both spiritually and materially.  And because of his forded
asceticism due to his spinal injury on top of everything else, his voice
carries a lot of power, and is very convincing if one is spiritually and/or
emotionally weak. (Believe me, I've had practical experience.)  But you are
his father, you are responsible for his insanity, and it's time for you to
stand back from his hysteria and look at your new opportunity to be a real
man and disciple.  Because I'm a woman, perhaps my woman's belief in man's
potential for greatness, and the fact that I am your younger godsister will
waken you.  Or maybe I'm just puffed up to think I can shake you awake when
even Srila Prabhupada apparently couldn't.  But I do know, Jagadisa, that if
you refuse to defend Srila Prabhupada's reputation, and stand up and take
responsibility for your neglect in his service, not only will you remain a
cowardly little mouse, but your destination at the time of death is unknown.
  And if you do stand up in Prabhupada's name and claim the fault as your
own, as truly it is, you will be glorious, and your pain will diminish. 
Even as a neophyte I know this for certain.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.  Hare Krsna.
Padmahara devi dasi
Yes,so India is on verge of chaos via communal violence.

I wrote about this problem in detail--from Sastric/Prabhupada
viewpoint--in my Dec.16,1992 200 page ISGONE Report,titled: "ISKCON Gita
Nagari Farm Report AS IT IS: A Call to Reform"

So nearly 8 years ago this problem of Hindus hating muslims reared its
ugly head again,and thousands of muslims were killed [mostly by 'hindu'
police-and these were innocent victims,also];

i likened the India Partition situation to Iskcon's 'Partition'-problem
of smarta brahmanism,bogus guruism, in which one caste hates the other
being the root of problem--as per SP's 1973 NOD lecture series--of all
societal ills.

I explained exhaustively that instead of Vrindavana Consciousness,where
six transcendental loving  exchanges typify a loving community of
devotees  (and even a world-wide community of human beings- and ALL
species of life) w/God,Krishna at center,instead the 'smarta-vichara'
conception has overtaken the Movement [started by Srila Prabhupada],with
hatred of God,His Cows,devotees,etc. at the heart of it. And the same
thing is problematic in india also:smarta vichara,hating or shunning
so-called lower caste people,and denying them the possibility of
spiritual elevation in this life by the process of self-surrender to the
message of Godhead as rebroadcast through the Agency of the Spiritual
Master who is the  pure devotee of the Lord.

In my Farm Report analysis i basically took off from the very point left
off in Sulocana's GB,though this happened unwittingly,by God's Supreme
arrangement. He (Sd) 'ended' his manuscript by pointing out how
[raksasas like] Ravinedra ["SMARTA CLUB"] take handouts from demons
whilst they live a comfortable life...[hey!  nowonder RavinedraPADA
demonised Sulocana and had him excommunicated for "issuing death threats
in vile language" (is there an other type language to make them in?!) ]
...and i opened my report by focusing on Vrindavana Consc.and how,by its
abscense,the smarta weeds grow,and if left unattended,result in the
catastrophe commonly known as Ravinedra/TamaltPADA/Sats-heDupekcon

So,anyway, India has hated and shunned the so-called fallen muslims,and
rat her than help them,Her leaders have instead  "picked up quarrels"
with these 'outcastes' [from their 'smarta,caste conscious social
structure]  and now india itself has become fallen "AND WE ARE NOW
CRYING..."   [to quote SP AND my Reform Report]
Now,the Muslim/Hindu violence which erupted in Dec.,'92-- which violence
coincided with the final editing of my Farm Report--and which violence
culminated in the tearing down of an important muslim shrine--is on the
verge of 'replay'. Same persons involved politically,and one group of
politicians is pointing finger at another [in terms of who's responsible
for fomenting strife in 1992)

This is about to create a civil war,and is being fueled of course by
muslim extremists both in and outside of india.
We find it Interesting that one day [i.e.. yesterday] Pak is telling india
that it may use nukes should India attack
Pak w/Conventional weapons;and next day Muslim leaders of that country
are pushing for 'holy war' i.e.. jihad  ... Meantime,India is spilling
over with class hatreds,strife and communal violence.

So Pak tells India: "You,you cross this line,we might nuke your butte..."
Next day Pak says to Muslim extremists everywhere: "Time to declare holy
war on India!" ...Meantime,a muslim/hindu crisis is brewing within
india,in Maharastra and elsewhere,and some muslims are becoming
emboldened by the rhetoric both within [and without] india to create
communal antagonism at a critical stage of finger pointing regarding  the
'92 'schism'...
Looks like a pretext for an invasion of some sort? Whether it's now or
later,these problems won't dissipate until the pure devotee's
instructions are taken seriously. As goes Hare Krishna,so goes India,as
goes India,so goes the world. Right now,the world is being dragged to
hell,because the purported  spiritual leaders of the world are
hypocritical,Kali-personifieds,self-interested,lacking compassion,and
unable to follow simple instructions for the betterment of the world...

Srila Prabhupada,Lord Krishna's Supreme Representative,writes:

The life of a human being is a chance to prepare himself to go back to
Godhead,or to get rid of the material existence,the repetition of birth
and death. Thus in the system of varnashrama-dharma every man and woman
is trained up for this purpose. In other words,the system of
varnashrama-dharma is known also as sanatana-dharma,or eternal
occupation. The system of varnashrama-dharma prepares a man for going
back to Godhead,and thus a householder is ordered to go to the forest as
vanaprastha to acquire complete knowledge and then to take sannyasa
prior to his inevitable death. Pariksit Maharaja was fortunate to get a
seven-day notice to meet his inevitable death. But for the common man
there is no definite notice,although death is inevitable for all.
Foolish men forget this sure fact of death and neglect the duty of
preparing themselves for going back to Godhead. They spoil their lives
in animal propensities to eat,drink,be merry and enjoy. Such an
irresponsible life is adopted by the people in the age of Kali BECAUSE
revenue to advance these three items and thus educate the opulace to
prepare for death. The state which does so is the real welfare state.
The state of India should better follow the examples of Maharaja
Pariksit,the ideal executive head,than to imitate other materialistic
states which have no idea of the kingdom of Godhead,the ultimate goal of
human life. Deterioration of the ideals of Indian civilization has
brought about the deterioration of civic life,not only in India but also
(S.Bhag 1.19.4 PURPORT)

Yes,so deterioration of all values by the spiritual leaders of the
world,most specifically,those who purport to follow His Divine
Grace,A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Maharaja,has engendered
deterioration both in India and abroad. So Prabhupada talked about this
problem at length also in his Nectar of Devotion lecture series in
Vrindaban,1973. The indication is that,if Iskcon-and India-don't take
this transcendental Movement seriously,Krishna will act in a way to
remove the 'material' obstacles. Now,we see the penultimate
mismanagement and quarrel going on in both ISGONE and India,and the
leaders of both abandoning their purported spiritual principles for some
material formula.

This especially is true for the so-called reform parties. [such as

Without cow protection,brahminical culture and God-worship,these
rogue-politicians are sending the world to hell due to bind ambition.
And they talk big words,but none of them wish to expend the energy
required to organize varnashrama-dharma,and protect cows. It's too much
work---though being worshiped is easy to figure out for these
Kali-yugite 'devotees'...


Once,when Maharaja Pariksit was on his way to conquer the world,he saw
the master of Kali-yuga,who was lower than a sudra,disguised as a king
and hurting the legs of a cow and bull. The king at once caught hold of
him to deal sufficient punishment.


The purpose of a king's  going out to conquer the world IS NOT FOR
SELF-AGGRANDISEMENT. Maharaja Pariksit went out to conquer the world
after his ascendance to the throne,but this was not for the purpose of
aggression on other states. He was the Emperor of the world,and all
small states were already under his regime. His purpose in going out was
to see how things were going on in terms of the godly state. The
king,being the representative of the Lord,has to execute the will of the
Lord duly. There is no question of self-aggrandisement. Thus as soon as
Maharaja Pariksit saw that a lower class man in the dress of a king was
hurting the legs of a cow and bull,at once e arrested and punished him.
The king cannot tolerate insults to the most important animal,the
cow,nor can he tolerate disrespect for the most important man,the
brahmana. Human civilisation means to advance the cause of brahminical
culture,and to maintain it,cow protection is essential. There is a
miracle in mil,for it contains all the necesary vitamins to sustain
human physiological conditions for higher achievements. Brahminical
culture can only be advanced when man is educated to develop the quality
of goodness,and for this there is prime necessity of food prepared with
milk,fruits and grains. Maharaja Pariksit was astonished to see that a
black sudra,dressed like a ruler,was mistreating a cow,the most
important animal in human society.

The age of Kali means mismanagement and quarrel. And the root cause of
all msmanagement and quarrel is that worthless men with the modes of
lower class men,who have no higher ambition in life,come to the helm of
SOCIETY TOWARDS HELL. Maharaja Pariksit,trained as he was,got the scent
of this root cause of all quarrel in the world. Thus he wanted to stop
it in the very beginning
(S.Bhag. 1.16.4)

Yes,and Sulocana,following in Prabhupada's footseteps also "got the
scent" of these root causes to all quarrel in ISGONE: namely such
GBC-kings hurting brahmincal culture and cow protection--which all the
pseudo reformers have also done,namely Nityonanda Cuht,TimeLeePADA,IRM
AdriDIEona,et all. And Sulocana also "wanted to stop it in the very
beginning." and tried his best,but those who worked to kill Prabhupada
(hurt brahminical Culture,since SP is the only bona fide Brahmana we
know) and injure and harass the cows in Prabhupada's Govinda's
Movement,also killed Sulocana...though he still lives in his
Vani-service to Srila PrabhupadaBrahmana and cows,etc.,just as
Prabhupada wasn't killed,because He lives forever in His Divine
Instructions,and the follower lives with Him,that's a fact...

But the attempt tokill the Brahmana and the Brahmincal culture has been
ongoing,esp. now in how the 'leaders', 'reformers',lay persons,former
children,etc. are working conjointly to defame and smear the saintly
Brahmana,Spiritual Preceptor,thereby pushing "all society to hell." And
these people are also decrying cow worship,as they always have done,and
dare to suggest that we should jump on their kill Guru,become goru
bandwwagon,'nurture ex-children'  [who're now adults,able to grasp the
Brahminical philosophy] and ignore the cow protection. This is their
folly,and that folly is also being followed by India's purported
spiritual leaders in BJP and in her temples: Open slaughterhouses,but
feed meat to the poor,'daridjanarayana'. (and other
misguided,pseudo-spiritual notions,born of mental concoction)

Thus India and world are quickly being pushed toward hell,and nuclear
abyss is being brought near for everyone to peer into...

But Prabhupada explains and re-explains the real process for spiritual
upliftment and Emancipation. 'Devotees' and executive heads,as
Representatives of God,must properly train their subordinates in the
Spiritual Science so they can overcome nescience in this life and be
eligible to return back home back to Godhead. But this can only be
actuated by advanced souls,those advanced in pridelessness and humility
[in knowledge]. This point is emphasized in Bhagavad-gita,Mahabharata
and Srimad Bhagavatam:
Knowledge without humility is as dangerous as a serpent with a jewel on
its head. This point is drawn out in the pastime of Lord Balarama
slaying the Romaharsana upstart while he sat impudently on the
Vayasasana before the sages at Naimisaranya. Lord Balaramaji,the Supreme
Spiritual Master,explained to the sages that the miscreant was not
gentle,while adertising himself as such. He had knowledge,but not
requisite humility,therefore the rogue was prepared to even use his good
learning to offend the Supreme Personality of Godhead...
[Just as a modern-day Romaharsana,'GoreGorilla Mahanaga',defender of
TamaltPADA,was also killed by the Lord on the Advent Day of the Grand
Spiritual Master,Representative of Sri Balaramaji,and another false
Vyasadeva lost his head on his own 'APEpeerants Day' in 1987...]

And in Mahabharata:

Knowledge begets humility
Humility makes one worthy
True worth results in wealth
Wealth if used for righteous acts leads to happiness.

And  in Bhagavad-gita,the FIRST TWO items of what the Lord "declares to
be knowledge" [in 13.8-12] are HUMILITY and PRIDELESSNESS,  "and what is
contrary to these is ignorance."

In PURPORT,Srila Prabhupada GuruDeva says:

Humility means that one should not be anxious to have the satisfaction
of being honored by others. The material conception of life makes us
very eager to receive honor from others,but from the point of view of a
man in perfect knowledge-who knows that he is not this
body-anything,honor or dishonor,pertaining to this body is useless. One
should not be hankering after this material deception. PEOPLE ARE VERY
ANXIOUS TO BE FAMOUS FOR THEIR RELIGION,and consequently sometimes it is
found that without understanding the principles of religion,one enters
into some group,which is not actually following religious principles,and
then wants to advertise himself as a religious mentor.As for actual
advancement in spiritual science,one should have a test to see how far
he is progressing. He can judge by these items.

So people are being mislead by these dfferent Kaliyuga upstarts who
aren't desirous of representing true brahminical culture and cow
protection [and God-worship,VisnuBhakti],but rather are very staunchly
serious about promoting themselves as mentors,even though,as
above-indicted in SP' s Bg. Purport,these rogues don't adhere to actual
religious principles. [as for instance we keep seeing the rantings of
the purported Tamalt-seatSuccessor,SriPADA TimeLeeDass,who is fully
unable [apparentLEE] to cite Sastra to support his PADA-notions  in his
Prabhupada Attack & Defamation Asscoiation.

Whereas Mukunda  dasa has several times cited MukundaGod's instructions
for Sastric-based appreciation of the preeminent Personality of Servitor
Godhead,ie. "The Spiritual Master is to be honored as much as the
Supreme Lord because He is the most confidential Servitor of the
Lord;This is acknowledged in all revealed scriptures and followed by ALL
authorities,therefore i offer my most respectful obeisances unto the
lotus feet of such a bona fide Spiritual Master who is a bona fide
Representative of Lord Sri Hari,Krishna.nonetheless,SriPud,with
obstinacy of a Doguru insists that the Guru should be openly
blasphemed,and that such insult to the Personality of Religion,far from
being detrimental to those who entertain such offensive speech and lies
as well as to those who hear the blasphemey,IS ACTUALLY GOOD FOR THOSE
WHO WERE HURT IN THEIR CHILDHOOD..  Yes,Mr.PudPADA is of course Sastra
personified--like Romaharsana before him?--so even when Sastra
[ie.God,Lord Balarama] comes before Mr.Pud,he impudently spits on it
[ie. Him] and tells everybody to just ignore these 'so-called' truths
[and ESPECIALLY  the nuts espousing them],and just proceed straight
ahead [to hell],with full feck,is it not?

Why does SriPud speak like this?
Fifth Canto explains that such monkeyleaders of other monkey-type
disciples,are interested primarily in sexual gratification. So,perhaps
the leaders are more subtle in their desire [PADA,ie, Profit,Adulation
and Distinkshun ASSociation],but Scripture exposes them very nicely--and
they expose themselves by their own ApaSiddhantic confessions.

[and of course,they've killed their own culture of Brahman,by accepting
sudra service,the PudPADA and his Yashodanandan asscoiates,who work in
sudra job capacity--and now the PudPADA even dares to slight
Prabhupada-Krishna's cow worship program!
So,Fifth Canto talks about the sex cult,monkey leaders,and one edition
[of these self-proclaimed leaders follows the hell.:

"People are very anxious to be famous for their religion,and
consequently sometimes it is found that without understanding the
principles of religion,one enters into some group,which is not actually
following religious principles,and then wants to ADVERTISE HIMSELF as a
religious mentor."


Sri Isopanisad speaks a touch more strongly about these false
advertisors [of spirit] thusly:

The ignorant pseudo-religionists and the manufacturers of so-called
darkest region of the universe BECAUSE THEY MISLEAD THOSE WHO FOLLOW
THEM. ..If such foolish men ave any knowledge at all,it is more
dangerous in their hands than ignorance itself...The pseudo-religionists
have neither knowledge nor detachment from material affairs,for most of
them want to live in the golden shackles of material bondage under the
shadow of altruistic and philanthropic activities and in the GUISE of
religious principles. By a FALSE display of religious SENTIMENTS,they
present a show of devotional service while indulging in all sorts of
immoral activities. In this way they pass as spiritual masters and
devotees of God. Such violators of religious principles HAVE NO RESPECT
FOR THE AUTHORITATIVE ACARYAS,the holy teachers in the strict disciplc

[of course,we've heard these slokas so much repeated on the net,but the
last part so perfectly applies to our SriPADABlasphemerAssoc.,i think
it's worth reading again,and APPLYING to a true situation wherein
millions of people are being violently mislead by these wolves-in-sheep
clothing folks...]

These rogues are the most dangerous elements in human society. Because
there is no religious government,they escape punishment by the law of
the state. They cannot,however,escape the law of the Supreme,who has
clearly declared in Bhagavad-gita...that envious demons in the garb of
religious propagandists [PADAgandists?] SHALL BE THROWN INTO THE DARKEST
REGIONS OF HELL. Sri Isopanishad confirms that these pseudo-religionists
are heading toward the most obnoxious place in the universe after the
completion of their spiritual master business,which they conduct simply
for sense gratification

So,we can see,feel and 'get the scent'  that society is being pushed
toward hell because Brahminical culture is being destroyed ,as well as
cow protection and God-worship by those who would supplant the Vedic
teachings with their own agenda of self-aggrandisement and sense
"Such an irresponsible life is adopted by the people in the age of Kali
because of a sinful desire to condemn brahminical culture,God
consciousness and cow protection,FOR WHICH THE STATE IS RESPONSIBLE..."

Yes,so all these bogus leaders,from the Indian State Executives,to the
ones abroad,to the ISGONE pseudo-leader,the SriPADA's,etc.,they are all
responsible for leading people onto the path of condemning the three
items listed above. They will without doubt attain to the same
destination,unless they wake up,see how they themseles have become
victimised by Kali--have become agents of Kali--and take drastic
measures to pull out of their nosedive,rescue the situation by Sastric
help and injunction. Stop advertising THEMSELVES  as 'brahmana',high
priest,Wizard of OZkcon,etc. Promote only the TRUE BRAHMANA,Srila
Prabhupada as Representative of Brahman,God,and worship His lotus feet
Then,to properly--without envy,false prestige,and smarta-brahmanac
conception--lead the praja onto the path of full surrender:


And what to speak of those who are under the direction of the great
devotees,chanting the holy name of the Unlimited who has unlimited
potency? The Personality of Godhead,unlimited in potency and
transcendental by attributes,is called the ananta [Unlimited]

The dvija-bandhu,or the less intelligent uncultured men born of higher
castes,put forward many arguments against the lower caste men becoming
brahmanas in this life. They argue that birth in the family of sudras or
less than sudras is made possible by one's previous sinful acts,and
therefore one has to complete the term of disadvantages due to lower
birth. And toanswer these false logicians,Srimad Bhagavatam asserts that
one who chants the holy name of the Lord under the direction of a pure
devotee can at once get free from the disadvantages due to lower caste
birth. A pure devotee does not  commit any offense while chanting the
holy name of the Lord. There are ten different offenses in the chanting
of the holy name of the Lord. To chant the holy name under the direction
of a pure devotee is offenseless chanting. Offencesless chanting of the
holy name of the Lord is transcendental,and,therefore,such chanting can
at once purify one from the effects of all kinds of previous sins. This
offensless chanting indicates that one has fully understood the
transcendental nature of the holy name and has thus surrendered unto the
Lord. Transcendentally the holy name of the Lord and the Lord Himself
are identical,being absolute. The holy name of the Lord is as powerful
as the Lord.  The Lord is the all-powerful Personality of Godhead,and He
has innumerable names,which are all nondifferent from Him and are
equally powerful also. In the last word of the Bhagavad-gita the Lord
asserts that one who surrenders fully unto Him is protected from all
sins by the grace of the Lord. Since His name and He Himself are
identical,the holy name of the Lord can protect the devotee from all
The Lord's unlimited power is extended on and on by the unimited
expansion of the devotees and incarnations,and thus every devotee of the
Lord and incarnations also can be equally surharged with the potency of
the Lord. Since the devotee is surcharged with the potency of the
Lord,even fractionally,the disqualification due to lower birth cannot
stand in the way.
(Srimad Bhagavatam 1.18.19)

So Prabhupada is THE Devotee,Incarnation to SURCHARGE the world "with
the potency of the Lord".  THIS He has already done,though it's been
cleverly eclipsed by the Mayavadhi upstarts who came to halt HDG's
Mission [via self-aggrandisement],but that Power,Supreme Power can still
be 'churned' for the upliftment of mankind. If India's rulers would wake
up and stop hating the 'lower caste' Muslims--who were considered as
their own brothers and kinsmen only 50 years ago,before Partition,as
Brahmana Pabhupada  has elaborately explained to us--and instead embrace
them and help them become Krishna conscious,then this nast enmity and
struggle could cease. India,Srila Prabhupada says,is meant to lead the
world;so,but if She is instead setting a BAD example by hating other
[former member states] countries,decrying them as outcastes,amassing
weaponry to exterminate such 'untouchable'outcaste state,etc.,then the
rest of the world may follow such misguided,and misguiding,example (and
"be pushed towards hell") Srila Prabhupada-and Krishna-explain that as
the great men act,the common folks follow.

So India is respectable,even Bill Clinton's visit there recently proved
that,especially in how we were determined allies of Pakistan,but we were
won over by the persistent,intelligent and logical arguments of PM
Vajpayee re the Pak Kashmir invasion and etc....Anyway,India is nobody's
patsy,or to be shoved around,even by a so-called superpower like
U.S.,because She has spiritual tejas,accumulated over aeons;NOW IT IS
Prabhupada's Vrindavana Consciousness Program.

Likewise,the false leaders of ISGONE should finally,once and for all
abandon their limited,Frogwyler-in-well consciousness,admit that being
'Prabhpada's First' disciples is as potentially endangering as it is
edifying,as 'handling fire can burn for the careless'. They must
similarly give up their false notions of grandeur,turn their focus to
the only bona fide Brahmana,bona fide Spiritual Preceptor Spiritual
Master AcaryaPrabhupada,and acknowledge their collective and individual
mistakes,rectify for these,give up the bone of their contentious
self-worship,stop suggesting that others can't approach the Supreme
Destination [minus THEIR mercy and permission] w/out being a charter
WOMEN<SUDRAS,merchants,those less than the above,etc.

And apologise to the world for all the false advertising and giving of a
bad name to Krishna,the Spiritual master and the Hare Krishna Movement.

If both India and 'India's Cultural Representatives' do this,then world
destruction can certainly be avoided;if not,then......>>>><<<

your servant, sanat d ass

3. "Phah! Phah!" (laughter) So these rascals are like that.
Dear Puranjana prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
If you keep fanning fanatical rhetoric to defend your sense gratification program then you will mislead and upset people, yes that's natural. Also if rascals are given nice instruction they become angry. We showed letters etc. how Srila Prabhupada wanted the children cared for, we asked the ruru's to remove their blasphemous charges against His Divine Grace and we warned them that sastra says they will be severely punished for their offensive behaviour, still they haven't rectify themselves, but they are actually becoming angry. THIS IS THE PROOF THEY ARE RASCALS NOW THEIR SERPENTS POISON IS INCREASING.
My dear slender maiden, when a master chastises his servant, the servant should accept this as great mercy. One who becomes angry must be very foolish not to know that such is the duty of his friend.
   It is said that when a foolish man is instructed in something very nice, he generally cannot accept it. Indeed, he actually becomes angry. Such anger is compared to the poison of a serpent, for when a serpent is fed milk and bananas, its poison actually increases. Instead of becoming merciful or sober, the serpent increases its poisonous venom when fed nice foodstuffs. Similarly, when a fool is instructed, he does not rectify himself, but actually becomes angry.
(S.B 4.26.22)
Dr. Wolfe: But that is just what they do not want to accept.
Prabhupada: Yes. That is foolishness. That is foolishness. They do not take good advice. That is foolishness. Foolishness means murkhayopadeso hi prakipaya na santaye (?). Murkha, a rascal, if you give him good advice, he'll be angry. Just like a serpent, if you bring the serpent and if you tell the serpent, "My dear friend serpent, you live with me. I shall give you daily nice food, milk and banana. You'll be very pleased." So the result will be that his poison will increase. One day he'll say, "Phah! Phah!" (laughter) So these rascals are like that.
(S.P. Morning Walk December 7, 1973, Los Angeles)
So in this way Prahlada Maharaja talked with his father, and the father became more angry. Instead of taking the lesson ... Murkhaya upadesa hi prakopaya na santaye. If you teach lesson to a foolish person, he'll be simply angry. He'll not take your lesson. How it is so? Payah-panam bhujanganam kevalam visa-vardhanam. If you keep a snake and if you want to make friendly behavior with him, that, "My dear snake, don't bite any more. I'll give you milk and banana. You eat here and stay here nicely," he'll not... His poison will increase, and one day he will... There is a story in the Hitopadesa: one day, one... The same thing. So payah-panam bhujanganam kevalam visa-vardhanam. So these are lessons, stories. So his father, Hiranyakasipu, became more and more angry. So one day... Because after all, son and father... The son was simple boy. So one day he said, "Prahlada, I shall now kill you. I shall see how your Krsna saves you." So immediately, Prahlada was seeing to the pillars of the hall. He was king. So Hiranyakasipu asked him, "Is your God, Krsna, in the pillar?" He said, "Yes, sir. Yes, my father, He is there." So immediately, with anger he broke the pillar and Hiranyakasipu or Nrsimhadeva came out. Now we can honor Him.
(Srimad-Bhagavatam Lecture 7.5.22-34
Lord Nrsimhadeva's Appearance Day Los Angeles, May 27, 1972)
Prabhupada: Still, if you say, "You are mudha," they become angry. Such mudhas, rascals, they are in the government service. And if you say that "You are mudhas," he becomes angry. Upadeso hi murkhanam prakopaya na santaye: "If a mudha is advised nice instruction, he becomes angry." He does not take it. Payah-panam bhujanganam kevalam visa-vardhanam: "If you give milk and banana to a snake, you simply increase his poison." One day he will come--(growls). You see? "I have given you milk and you..." "Yes, that is my nature. Yes. You give me milk, and I am prepared to kill you." This is mudha. We have to kill this civilization of mudhas. That is Krsna consciousness movement. Paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam. Those who are actually human being, you have to give them Krsna. And those who are mudhas, we have to kill them. This is our business. Kill all the mudhas and give Krsna to the sane man. Yes. That will prove that you are really Krsna's. We are not nonviolent. We are violent to the mudhas
(S.P. Morning Walk January 21, 1976, Mayapura)
Your servant Mukunda dasa.