"The mother is enemy and the father is enemy
       who does not take care of the children"



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1."The mother is enemy and the father is enemy
       who does not take care of the children"
2. Prabhupada vs. Jagadish, The discussion (Abridged)
3. Srila Prabhupada Letters
4. "One should at once quote from scriptural authority to back up what he is saying."
1.  "The mother is enemy and the father is enemy
  who does not take care of the children"
 Canakya Pandita says that, mata satru pita vairi yena bala na partita.(?) The mother is enemy and the father is enemy who does not take care of the children, how to educate them how to become God conscious, how to become Krsna conscious. He's enemy. So any father and mother who has not given education for spiritual advancement of life, he's enemy, he's not father and mother...Therefore sastra says, pita na sa syaj janani na sa syat, na mocayed yah samupeta-mrtyum. One should not become father or mother... That is real contraceptive method. If one is Krsna conscious, then he knows that "What is the use of producing some children like cats and dogs? What is the use? If I produce any children, then they must be Krsna conscious so that this will be their last birth." Because if you become Krsna conscious then there is no more birth. Tyaktva deham punar janma naiti mam eti kaunteya. You send to Krsna, back to home--that is required. Father, mother, guardian's duty is to educate the wards, subordinates, in such a way that he becomes fully Krsna conscious and so that he can be saved from this repetition of birth and death.
   So this is... First duty is to give protection to the bala-dvija.
(Srimad-Bhagavatam Lecture 1.8.49 Mayapura, October 29, 1974)
2. Prabhupada vs. Jagadish, The discussion (Abridged)

Devotees and leaders have complained bitterly over the guru-kulis blame of
Prabhupada for the schools abuses. Yet, I wonder how many will take just 10
minutes to read an effective rebuttal.

This is not so much an indictment of Jagadish as it is a word of caution to
those who are so cavalier to blame Prabhupada in place of others like
Jagadish. Here, you can judge for yourself. Prabhupada questions Jagadish
repeatedly about waking the kids up so early, about the lack of meals, about
the length of classes, about the lack of brakes, about the necessity of mid
day baths (3 a day), about staying in Vrindavan in summer, about "beating"
(contested it 10 times or more), about forcing kids to sit and chant for so
long and about the age of the kids. For the rest of the conversation (the
majority), Prabhupada stresses the importance of accommodation-Varna Ashram
Dharma. This discussion summarizes what Prabhupada repeatedly says throughout
his letters on the same topics.
You will see that Jagadish is the one who pushes for all of the
above--repeatedly if not slyly. You will see that it is Jagadish and the
teachers prompting and misleading information that leaves Prabhupada agreeing
to THEIR programs. Again the point remains, who is leading whom? You decide.

I comment throughout so you can see how a guru-kuli who was actually there in
Vrindavan during this time would view this conversation. I would love to hear
Nirmala Chandra's take on this even though he was not there during
Prabhupada's days. I doubt he will ever face such facts about his dad though
so fiercely leading the attack on Prabhupada. All I ask is that Nirmal at
least consider these points before condemning me publicly for not joining him
in blaming Prabhupada.

The following is just a small excerpt of the conversation. I will send the
entire piece in the next posting for those who are interested.

I have lost about 40 responses so mind if I failed to resond. I am now edging
up to about 200 responses to my last post. I hope you find this as helpful.

Raghunatha Anudasa
(John Michael)


Jagadisa: We have one question about one of the boys. His name is (name
withheld), and he's a... He's more or less a bad boy. He's had a bad
background. His mother's a devotee and she's a nice devotee, but he's
very... He terrorizes the other boys.
(EdNote: I find this interesting. Start counting how many accusations they
hurl at jagaman. 1)bad boy 2) bad back ground 3) mother nice but he; 4)
terrorizes other boys. We all fought, I don't think you will get any of us to
say jagaman terrorized us. Jagadish said this out of desperation to make a
case against Jagaman. They had so little so called him a terrorist. I say it
was a gross exaggeration. Other gkulis are likely to agree. I also resent how
they regularly used private, personal, family matters against us. They used
it even to Prabhupada. It was horrible. The leader of the pack here,

Prabhupada: Accha?
(EdNote: So Prabhupada takes note.)

Jagadisa: He misleads them. He lies.
(EdNote: Here are the 5th and 6th accusations. Again, it is about how
terrible he treats the rest of us other kulis. If you really want to
embarrass jagadish or any of these teachers, just ask them today what Jagaman
was doing. It is so trivial yet to them, it was terrorization. That was their
view, not Prabhupada's.)

Prabhupada: How old he is?
(EdNote: I love this question because Prabhupada is assuming he must be some
older teenager.)

Jagadisa: He's thirteen.
(EdNote: Didn't Jagadish feel even a little uncomfortable making such a big
deal out of a kid who was 12 years old hardly but a few months before.)

Prabhupada: So he cannot be... He must go back. We cannot spoil other
(EdNote: So you see Prabhupada's concern here, the rest of us. Start counting
how many times Prabhupada tells them to send Jagaman away. Here's the 1st.)

Rupa-vilasa: They are being spoiled by him.

Jagadisa: I was thinking, to make an example of him, either we should beat
him or send him back.
(EdNote: Now start counting how many times Jagadish resist Prabhupada's
recommendation to send Jagaman away and instead, "make an example of him."
Here is the 1st time Jagadish pushes for beating. It was not Prabhupada.)

Prabhupada: Best thing will be send him back. He's incorrigible.
(EdNote: 2nd time Prabhupada tells them.)

Yasodanandana: Personally I had that boy with me for two months when I went
to South India, preaching, and I thought it would be an asset to have a
young boy, but he was so misbehaved that it was too much problem. And the
same things that he was doing, in the beginning with me, telling lies and
misbehaving, he is still doing now and he does not correct himself never. He
has no effort to better his behavior or his conduct. He does not chant his
rounds. He rarely comes to the kirtana, or else when he comes to the
kirtana, he does not chant. He simply plays and makes fun. And it's very...
He has a very bad influence on the other boys.

(EdNote: Jagadish above made 7 accusations against Jagaman. Here
Yasodhanandana adds 13 more charges for a total of 20 accusations against
him. 1) so misbehaved; 2) too much problem; 3) doing the same here; 4)
telling lies; 5) misbehaving; 6) does not correct himself-never; 7) no
effort; 8) not chant rounds; 9) rarely comes to kirtana; 10) does not chant;
11) plays; 12) makes fun; and. THE WORSE ACCUSATION OF ALL: 13) bad
influence. Talk about trumped up charges. Here's their version of a "bad"
kid. This must make Yasodhanandana cringe to see how harsh he was towards us.
I maybe prejudiced against Yasoda for having been brutally beaten by him.)

Prabhupada: No, then he should be sent back. Or he can be sent to Bombay to
work ordinarily. Or Hyderabad farm. Like that. Let him work on the ground.

(EdNote: They now have made 20 accusations against Jagaman and still
Prabhupada repeats for the 3rd, 4th and 5th time to send him away: 3) send
back; 4) sent to Bombay; 5) Or Hyderabad. The "No" may have been as well, but
I didn't count it.)

Yasodanandana: He speaks Bengali. That boy was in Bengal before and he
picked up Bengali.
(EdNote: Interesting that Yasodanandana picks up on Prabhupada's
recommendation and starts tying to work with it. I think Jagadish would have
been a lot better off had he shared in the same mood-simply trying to
understand what Prabhupada wants and doing just that.)

Prabhupada: So he can go.
(EdNote: 6th time Prabhupada says, "he can go.")

Pradyumna: He's very intelligent, but he's just had a bad...
(EdNote: Here is the 21st accusation against Jagaman.)

Prabhupada: So he was in Mayapura?

Yasodanandana: Yes, he was in Mayapura before. He knows Bengali. He can
speak Bengali.
(EdNote: Yasoda is embracing Prabhupada's idea.)

Prabhupada: So he can go with the Mayapura preaching party as well.
(EdNote: Here is the 7th time Prabhupada recommends sending him away. This
time on a preaching party. Prabhupada has now thought of 4 different ways
Jagaman could be accommodated: Hydrabad, Mayapur, Bombay and the preaching
party. This was Prabhupada's response after 21 accusations by 3 different
leading men. Are we seeing a trend develop here between Prabhupada and the

Yasodanandana: We could send him with Bhavananda Maharaja.
(EdNote: Yasoda is trying to work with Prabhupada's idea.)

Prabhupada: Yes, that will be nice. He knows Bengali. Let him go to Bengal
and keep him under Bhavananda.
(EdNote: Prabhupada now confirms it and then restates it. 8) will be nice; 9)
Let him go.)

Jagadisa: I think that he'll be a problem wherever he goes.
(EdNote: So who is the one to break the momentum here? Well, it was not
Prabhupada, nor Yasodhanandana or Pradumna. It was Jagadish. Yes, Jagadish's
job description is to let Prabhupada know of these other considerations, but
only if Jagadish could have been so pressing about the abusive teachers.)

Prabhupada: No, Bhavananda will correct his problem.
(EdNote: Prabhupada dismisses Jagadish's rebuttal. You may count this if you
like. I won't.)

Jagadisa: I think Bhavananda won't want to take him because he knows he's a
(EdNote: Here is the 3rd time Jagadish rebuts Prabhupada's recommendation.)

Rupa-vilasa: Bhavananda told me he did not want to see that boy again.
(EdNote: This is the 4th rebuttal that Prabhupada hears.)

Prabhupada: Eh?

Rupa-vilasa: Bhavananda told me he did not want to see that boy again.
(EdNote: 5th rebuttal.)

Pradyumna: In Mayapura he had some girl...
(Ednote: 6th rebuttal and 22nd accusation against Jagaman.)

Jagadisa: In my opinion, the best thing is to make an example and beat him.
(EdNote: The is now the 7th rebuttal to Prabhupada and the 2nd and 3rd time
Jagadish recommends, "to make an example" and "beat him. Most of all,
Jagadish states for the record that it is his "opinion." Not Prabhupada's. It
is interesting that Prabhupada was making them go through this many hoops
because corporal punishment had not yet really developed a strong
condemnation as yet throughout the world; still, Prabhupada speaks against it
very, very strongly saying in discussion that teachers that do beat should be
hanged. It's interesting to note how he deals with it here.)

Prabhupada: Yes, send him to farm, work in the field. If he does not work,
beat him. Murkhasya laktausadhih. (?)(Hindi conversation)
(EdNote: Prabhupada gives 2 to 3 more recommendations to send: 10) Yes; 11)
send him to farm, 12) work in field. You may only count that as one making
this 10 times Prabhupada said to send. So now after 7 rebuttals, 22
accusations against Jagaman, by 4 leading men and only after qualifying it
with "If he does not work" does Prabhupada finally say the big word: "beat.")

Yasodanandana: He was just in Hyderabad for that ceremony there, and he
caused such disruption in the whole temple that I don't think they'd want
him there.
(EdNote: Well, this of course is not strong enough so Prabhupada now gets his
8th rebuttal and Jagamans 23rd accusation.)

Jagadisa: The thing is, if we beat him here and keep him here, then all the
boys will straighten up because they will see that if they go bad, then this
will be their punishment.
(EdNote: Not good enough for Jagadish. He obviously does not like
Prabhupada's idea of sending Jagaman away. HE, Jagadish wants to beat Jagaman
here and now. Jagadish is pushing the very OPPOSITE OF WHAT PRABHUPADA WANTS
and so we find the 9th rebuttal to Prabhupada and the 4th time Jagadish
recommends to "beat him." Again, I ask, who is leading whom here? Jagadish
summarizes his idea-to terrorize the kids so "they will see…their
punishment." Who was the terrorist here? Jagaman or Jagadish? Who was setting
the policy here? Prabhupada or Jagadish? The fact that Jagadish pressed for
it shows that it was fair of Prabhupada to assume there was not corporal

Prabhupada: As you think, you can do. But I wanted to engage in farm work,
in digging.
(EdNote: And now the punch line: "As you think, you can do, but I want..."
This is either the 11 or 14th time Prabhupada says to do something other then
beat. I can go on, but the primary point is made. Much much of what we see
even in Prabhupada's discussions is the ideas and agenda's of others. In the
remaining part of this discussion, Prabhupada repeatedly pushes the
importance of accommodation vs. "force." When asked how to stop a boy from
lying, Prabhupada recommends association with elders and his father.
Prabhupada enthusiastically offers the guesthouse for as many students as it
can hold. He recommends for the kids to go to South India for the cool
climate there during the scorching N. India summers. Of course, the teachers
turned this into a military exercise of travel and "preaching." As for
Jagaman, he was not hit again much like the rest of us for the first time in
years. Jagaman did go off to Hydrabad and had one of the best times of his
life. The teachers under Jagadishh's authority found a great many ways to
torture us without directly beatings. This is all mentioned in brief in my
last piece called: Nirmal Stole My Day In Court. The remainder of this
conversation follows.)

I will send the complete transcript in the next post. It will come in 4 parts.
sanat: all i can say to our Dear and Fearless Godbrother [Raghunatha Anudasa
Prabhu] is this: "Do you have a body guard,prabhuji?!" [purport: You are
now making enemas,uh,enemies with the following [sssholes]: "the
Closet,uh CLOSEST ADVISORS",namely,Tamalt,SatsHeShettya,Ravinedraksa,et
al;Jagged edge GoRaksasa,NearMole and demonic witch ASSociates [like
ShreeMAD Bhogwatome das,and dozens of other militant stool eaders; the
U.S. Government,headed by Hillaryious Killnton,the Gov't Press
Ministry;Gov't Shiterati [like EJurke CockRoachford,and numerous other
demonekula-supporters. Please get a gun and or bodyguard if you ain't
got one yet,you may need it sooner than you think! These people are now
ALL hating you profusely [not to mention MayavadhiHogues and
SexW/Dogue-types like PranjohnPudASSura,etc.... You see,they ALL know
that if you were to turn up 'missing' it'd be hard for the authorities
to determine a Prime Suspect,because what you're now 'talkin' [ie the
TRUTH] is gonna be agitatin' so many folks. Really and truly,prabhu,just
like Sulocana,there are still dozens of suspects,and many people have
different ideas of 'other' people who had an interest in killing this
Saint. So,since you're stickin' it to these pigs so valiantly,just
thought i'd offer a little tip so you can 'make it to trial'...if you
know what i mean..prabhuji. Jai,thank you and GOOD LUCK!!

ys, sanat d ass

3. Srila Prabhupada Letters

To Aniruddha/ Feb.4 1969

"You are right when you say that setting a good example for the boys is
the best precept. There is a saying that an example is better than
precept. Our exemplary character depends o stricly following the four
principles,and this will conquer the whole world.

13th June,1972, to Stoka Krsna

My Dear Stoka Krsna,
Please accept My blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter
dated June 5,1972...

Yes,the proof of your teaching method shall be seen in the spiritual
improvement and fresh enthusiasm exhibited by the children. If they are
allowed to worship the Deity by practicing performing aratrika very
seriously,plus always be engaged in different various activities
centered around Krsna,then their education will be completely
successful. The children shoud always be instructed by taking advantage
of their playful mood and teaching them to play Krsna games like become
cow herd boys,cows,peacocks,demons,and in this way if they always think
of Krsna by playing just like they are actually present in association
with Krsna then they will become Krsna Conscious very quickly. In
addition,there should be a little ABC,then prasadam,then worshipping the
Deity,then more playing Krsna games,some kirtan,a little more ABC,like
that. In this way,always keep their minds and bodies engaged in
different activities because children are restless by nature so they will
want to change often.

I am feeling more and more the urge to retire behind the scenes and
translate these Vedic literatures for the greatest benefit for mankind
in general.  So I have given you my all senior disciples and leaders
everything so if you will kindly take this matter very seriously and do
my work for me I shall be very much thankful to you always. Of course,if
there are some questions which are of extreme importance and cannot be
answered by the GBC men...[What,like: "Prabhupada,we're not so
sure-SHOULD we molest and abuse these kids...or NOT?! Paalease,answer
this 'question of extreme impotence,uh importance',  'cause the
GayBayCay cannot answer,or aren't sure!"]

SP: ...then I am always very glad to advise and hear from my beloved
disciples. So for future questions about the Gurukula activities or any
other matters, you may refer them all to aSatsvarupa and HE IS ABLE TO

Hoping this meets you in good health,
Your Ever Well-wisher,
[HDG] A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami [PrabhupadaMaharaja]
(S.P. Conversation Oct 20,'75)

Srila Prabhupada: Then why you say it is mother's right to kill? ...Kick
simply n their face,on their nose. That is the only thing totreat with
such... Murkhasya latausadhih. Such fools in the society,they should be
hanged. Misleading the whole population..."INSANE ARGUMENT" How we

P.Krsna: But these demons,Prabhupada, they pose themselves as being very

SP: How they are religious?

PK: They cite scripture.

SP: (laughs) The scripture is also devlish...
Therefore the Bhagavata says,sva-vid-varahostra-kharaih samstutah. Here
is one big animal [one big PADA],and the small animals voting him
 SP: That's all. This is the society,animal society-the small animals praising the big animals.
That's all. All of them are animals only

sanat: So all these misleading, a very nominull blasphemous pudASSuras
assuredly should be hanged by a Vedic,God-conscious leader;then their
'small animals praising' society will come to their senses and perhaps
will finally divert their attention to the ONE [SP] Who kicks impeccably
on the rascullPADAs' faces...

Devotee: The big animals also prey on the small animals.

SP: Yes. Mutual praising society. That's all. "I praise you and you
praise me. I say you are very big;you say I am very big." That's all.
And compromise. "I don't criticize you;you don't criticize me." That's

Yes,so PADA doesn't criticize Roachford,who doesn't criticize PADA,who
do esn't criticize Dummoghost orGonnapotty,who don't dare criticize the
poor,hariBol-abused Satankulies,esp.nearMule Hickey [who's own father
can't criticize im because,hey,his fther is the one to abandon
him,neglect him,take false SinyAss,allow wife to slap the raksasa-brat
when he'd already been neglected and broke his demoneck [for offenses to
Saints in past lives],and JaggedEdge can't criticize
SatsValoser,because SatsHePrabhupadaMurderer knows well that both of
them promised Prabhupada they'd 'manage Gurukula',and VICE-verse
a,Roachford can't criticize BareKing Pranjohn (puranjana) because the Pussanjana
thinks Roachford has a tasty cockroach BoatHole [almost as yummy as
Tamalts?],and RavanaDEADwylieRuruSlugbrainedCowKiller Pabhu CAN
criticize all of them because,because because because because,because of
the wonderful things he [the Wizard of Ozkcon] does...

Yes,they all say the others are 'very big',and they compromise...PADA
"Why do I,BareKing Pussanjan,have to COMPROMISE with Turdley and

And they can ALL compromise cooperatively for the mutual purpose [in
KrishnaSaint,Srila Prabhupada,is it sanat? And Turdley,the
lawyer-liars,will  enthusiastically "prey o all the small animals",all
the smallPADAs and RoachfordPADAs,tamaltpadz,hickeyRochsasaPodz,et al,is
it sanat?

But their compromise is ultimately so they can all enjoy stool,and
"getting fatty." Just like PADAhead thinks if he enjoys Tamalt's stool he
will enjoy very nicely, therefore he ignorantly works very hard every day
either at his sudra job,or writing nonsense for his "mutually praising
society",in hopes of "getting fatty" on tamalt's stool...

Srila Prabhupada: Yes. Everyone simply working hard like asses. That's
all. This is their happiness. Just like the hog,he's working verry hard
to eats tool,and he is thinking happy. He is getting fatty. Do you think
to work hard day and night and eat [tamalt's] stool is happiness?...

Whorryklesa:(harikesa) But if [not IF,you DO think THAT way!] I think I'm
happy,isn't that enuf?

SP: They think. That is another thing. But you do not know what is
happiness. Suppose I have arranged for so-called happiness. Then I'm
going to die also. Who will enjoy this?

Harryklesa [speaking for PADAklesa& ASSociates]: But I'm not worried
about it.

SP: That is the proof that you are a rascal. "Fools rush in where angels
dare not." That is the proof. The hog is thinking, "I am very happy."
Therefore he is hog. He is not a human being. Hog proves that he is hog
by thinking that "I am very happy. I am getting fatty."...
Therefore,they are rascals. /that is the proof. There is no happiness;
still,he's thinking, "I am happy." That is the proof that he's a rascal.

 Los Angeles  19th,May 1972 to Jaggadeesh

My Dear Jaggadeesh.

Rupanuga,aSatsvarupa,and Bali Mardan are coming here also,atleast before
the 27th of this month because I am giving them the sanyas order of
life...along with Karandhara. However,there is certainy NO URGENCY for
taking sannyas.  But if my senior disciples wish to take sannyas then I
shall give it. BUT THERE IS NO URGENCY. [perhaps the "URGENCY" in these
SatHeJaggedEdge Rascals was how they could evade surrendering and doing
the Gurukula and other Big projects. ie. 'Sannyas' means: Renounce the
Order of GuruMaharaja...]
SP: Still, you may come as there are many things which we may discuss
concerning GBC and other activities. NOW I WANT TO RETIRE. [Yeah,SP,and
SO DO THEY!!!! except where You want to 'retire' to write your books for
the improvement of the mass of humanity,they wish to retire for tamalt's
gobibhava rasalila studies...and to 'Examine' & ANALize the
'students'--after abandoning their wives and all responsibility on both
a 'material' and spiritual level,foolywing the absolute dictums of
Tamalt,whose vision they always held in the highest ASS Steam...]
SP...and you all appointed GBC men must do the work that I am doing. If
I did not travel there would be no nice organization [just like,if
'they' --these SinyASSease--did not travel there would be no LAUGHING
STOCK organization...]
SP: Traveling and preaching, that is the Sankirtana movement. But now I
am old man;LET ME RETIRE for writing books in my last years. [before
Tamalt and fri ends begin their Guru-extermination-Ruru

Your Ever Well-wisher,
HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Maharaja

aSatsvarupa: We have our temple in's on Girlie Street...and
we have a school there for children...called Gurukula. It's based on
Vedic philsophy that the children at a very early age...
how to avoid sinful activiities,knowing love of Krsna... So we have
about 30 children there now and Srila Prabhupada has come to
see how His devotees are managing the [HIS] children. He's given us so
much advice how to improve the school [which we've pushed into the mud
with our swine-hooves?]

(Vol 3 SPC)

Mahamsa: Pious people,they see that actually they are not giving any
spiritual benefit by converting them into Christianity. So they are
veryagainst this. They want some original Vedic school,Gurukula schools.

Srila Prabhupada: Yes. So that is,we have done already. aSatsvarua has
got practical experience. HE CAN GIVE YOU ADVICE. HE STARTED THIS
GURUKULA [and he'll FINISH IT also with his
SP:  Practically this
Gurukula I suggested,BUT HE BEGAN [WHOAH!,he 'began' it thinking he'd
become famous by it, but then he RENOUNCED it the moment it became a
headache,a burden in the neck,and SDoG realized the heavy responsibility
it would be,is it sanat? Is this what Srila Prabhupada meant when he
cited the theory of accepting only one end of the egg-laying chicken?
Take the rear end for the egg,but chop off the head so we don't have to
feed it?! Or like how SP admonished the 'GBC' men,saying they like the
big,big post,but won't want the punishment when they deviate?  Big,big
monkey [markata vairagyis?] big big belly,Ceylon jumping?
SP: Yes. So you can take practical advice from him.[SDemonG]

(April 19,1974)

From SDoG's HandRook for Krishna UnConsciousness,last page:

aSatsvarupa das Ghostwhammy was one of the original members selected by
Srila Prabhupada to form the Governing Body Commission of ISKCON in
1970. He remained as president of Boston ISKCON until 1971 when he moved
to Dallass and BECAME HEADMASHER,uh,master, of
Rurukula,uh,Gorucola,uh,whatever,THE FIRST ISKCON SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN.
[WHOAH! but how come SatVaBoathole Mahnaga didn't "remain there",as he
had remained at Boston temple from 1967 [when he opened it] till 1971?
Why did he capriciously abandon this schooland refuse Prabhupada's
exhorting him to take full responsibility for developing it?
Hmmmmmmmm??? could we have an answer to this queston from one of the
SatHeDupieGroupies?! Probably because SDog had to go to Gita Nagari and
interfere with ALL the married couples with his Imitate The
Acarya-Game,pushing his own worship at the exclusion of the children
there,and influencing his guppies to neglect the children as a matter of
principle...rather than engage in "CHILD WORSHIP" [and,especially,Cow

Srila Prabhupada: ...Now, what about our movement? It will stay or it
will go also like that?

Satsvarupture: It will stay. We already have another generation coming
up in Gurukula [whom we'll burn BIG TIME,so they inturn can team with
BareKingPranjonhSwine to burn the whole house into asses,uh ashes by
blaming SP for their Tamalt'stool-eating program...]
SDoG: The big danger,you say,is faction.

SP: We shall go straight or right? [ie. take the straight and narrow
path or,veer off in the faction-path derection...]

(June 19,'74)

Honolulu  6th,May 1976 Jaggadeesh das

My dear Jaggadeesh das,
...I am in due receipt of your letter dated April 29,1976,along with
photocopy of your letter concerning the organization of Gurukula.
You have some experience now with Gurukula,so your full-time engagement
should now be hw to organize the Gurukulas all over the world. Do it
very nicely and thoughtfully. ...In this way,you may make the Gurukula
program your portfolio and organize it throughout the world....

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

To Jaggadeesh/ January 22,1976

Jayatirtha has also written Me about the future of Gurukula. He was
suggesting to have Gurukula in Santa Cruz...It is my opinion that
considering all points,we will do best to move the Gurukula to India. In
the letter I have explained everything fully....Therefore I do not think

Before having a child,the parents should see whether they shall be able
to pay for their child's education. The GBC should make an injunction
that if they [parents] beget children,then whatever the expenses are for
supporting Gurkula,they must pay it. In another letter to Jayatrtha I
suggested how the parents can earn money for their childrens' support.
So, you can discuss everything together and do the needful.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

sanat: Just see! Herein lies much of the problem with the so-called
Gurukula system [esp. AFTER SP's Departure] If parents were getting a
free ride--so their sense grat would remain unhampered] and not even
having to bear the expense of GK,then naturally they would have little
interest in whether the place was being managed properly,or not,is it
And, gradually,many 'parents' would simultaneously lose concern for their
'charges',their 'issues'. This is natural. Apathy will definitely arise
when their exists no compeling interest or reason to be involved.

I can give an example from my own life. As many of 'my' readers know, i
aleady explained how i was severely abused [emotionally] in Catholic
Rurukula,yet still managed to grow up free from resentment toward
Christ,the 'Church',etc. ['course i didn't have the
sublime,uh,sublemonal,uh,subliminal ASSoc. of SriPADA Pussanjan to
expertly steer me into the dangerous Ravinedra ditch of GuruAparadh....]

Anyway,my parents later on enrolled me in a Military Academy in the
South for 'character development', which i entered in 5th grade,the
earliest grade at the school.

My parents had MANY other responsibilities,having 13 children at the
time,yet they still drove me [and my older brother as well all the way
from Bethesda,Md to Charlottesville,Va [130 miles] to Fork Union
Military Academy,to help me get 'orientated'. My parents went around and
met all the teachers,the House Mother,the Administration,visited all the
buildings,spent a weekend there making sure the place was as good and
proper as it was advertised to be,etc.
I felt secure in this new environment as a result. I also wrote y folks
regularly,and they made sure i wasn't too much in anxiety,etc.
WHY? Well,THEY WERE PAYING FOR IT,so at least from an economic standpoint
they insisted that they get their money's worth...particularly because
there were a bunch of other institutions which also boasted excellent
features and credentials,in case FUMA was full of cockroaches needing
fumagation. As Srila Prabhupada has many times pointed out: WHEN YOU PAY
FOR SOMETHING IT BECOMES PURIFIED. [plus,my folks had already invested
tons f money,time and energy into providing me with a 'comfortable'
mleccha upbringing,so why would they not oversee such an important thing
as indoctrination,uh,education. This is sense.

Therefore,these people worked in tandem to abandon and harass these
children,without a doubt. The bogus Prabhupada-stabbing GBC [CH]EATERS
said to the Parents [CHEATED]: "Look,guys,your kids'll be JEST FINE,you
try to pay as much as you can and/or we'll suck it off your temple,or
whatever,don't vorry,we are SOOOO service-minded that your kids'll get
just the kind of 'unconditchional love' that would make
SatsHecitfacedanandaPADAsvarupa reach for an herbal enema [while he
contemplated his next 'Authorized BiographiCULL'
notes...Why,everthing'll be jest thuper!...
And the parents thought: "Yes!!! Devotional service IS completely FREE
from all anxietes! Just see how Lord Krishna is rewarding me [US] for
our pure,unalloyed attitude of surrender and pious life!!"

No,it became a disaster,as the parents obviously [in most
cases]--listening to and lookig toward Tamalt's load us feet--became
increasingly DETACHED from being involved in their childrens' life...

To Jayatirtha/ January 22,1976

...So let all the grhasa who wish to execute business... support
Gurukula.... The parents must take responsibility for their
INDIVIDUAL PARENTS. I am not in favor of taxing the temples. The parents
must pay for the maintenance of their children. Neither can the BBT be
expected to give any loans.  Now the BBT 50% for construction is pledged
to the projects in India--Bombay,Kuruksetre,Mayapura. The profits from
the businesses should first go to support Gurukula and balance may be
given for the local temple's maintenance...If the grhasthas want to do
book distribution,they should be given a commission of 5 to 10% of which
part MUST GO TO GURUKULA. For any others who are engaged in important
Society projects,they must get something for maintaining their getting
that free.

sanat: So these parents DID NOT maintain the GK nor their children. It all went
to hell,and now the parents are teaming with some of the abused children
and also combining with 'internal' enemies like PADA,E.Jurke
Roachford,Tamalt etc. to blame Srila Prabhupad and jeopardize the entire
society. But this is not sane or rational or 'legal',but these folks are
so expert at whipping up hysteria and getting emotions to the point of
'vitriolic hyperbole',that they will likely succeed in their demonic
quest [and thereby push all of humanity to hell in the
process...Anyway,Srila Prabhupada does not approve of PADAs,et al
tactics or reasoning:


My Dear Jayatirtha das,

...It is a good case in our favor. We are printing books in Germany in
the German language. So why the money is frozen? Some good lawyer shuld
be gotten [SP has 'begotten' many 'good lawyers' in His true
followers,spiritual lawyers who can accurately cite HDG's Lawbooks where
and when necessary...]
SP: It will be good publicity and at the same time we will have the
books. Whether the money was collected illegally or legally,the money is
being spent in Germany; it is not going outside so why it is being held
up illegally. Let it be spent in Germany. That is our money,there's no
dispute. It is not the aim of our Society to mislead the public; you can
show them our aims. Maybe some workers have done like that but we are
trying to enlighten the whole world and the people of Germany with good
knowledge. You can show them the full set of books that we are going to
print in the German language,and use all of the professors' quotes to
show how authoritative our books are amongst the scholarly circle
throughout the world. So it is not the aim of our society to exploit
money for drinking,illicit sex,etc. These are not the aims and objects of
our society. If some individual did wrong,THE SOCIETY IS NOT HELD
RESPONSIBLE. The Society's aim is to build men and women of character
and knowledge. We live a simply life based on the aims and objects of
our Society. aif some individuals have done wrong,it shouldn't
jeopardize our entire community. People accustomed to all nasty habits
have joined our Society and are leading pure,happy lives. They want to
take the money from us,but who will take payment of all that money that
we collected to fulfill the aims of our Society? Convince them
that,nevermind,in your opinion it was collected illegally,but it is
being spent in Germany for a good cause...Let the money be paid to the
printer,whatever it may be it is being paid to the German people. In the
meantime print the books,that will save us. When the educated circle
supports our movement,THERE IS NO DANGER. [yeah,and when the 'educated'
E.Jurke Roachford's 'conspire' with the 'educated' "CLOSEST
ADVISORS"-RavinedraSnakerupas,to blame their 'nasty habits' and
eggregious actions on Srila Prabhupada--and dozens of abused
children,their parents and 'Big Animal'-bros like PADA join in the
Choir,THEN there is much DANGER!! it sanat?]

SP: We have already printed some books in German language.

So what is the loss on their part? We are spending the money in Germany.
Print the books;get the government to pay the bill (allow us to spend
the frozen money for payment of the books;if the court decides that we
must pay the money to the government,then atleast we must be able to
print the books,pay the bill,and after selling the books we can pay the
government as a last resort. Our mission is for enlightenment.

You will require an intelligent lawyer Collect the opinions and standing
orders from all over the world and present on our behalf very nicely.

Your ever well-wisher,


To Jayateetha  January20,1976

Regarding ISKCON Gurukula presently situated in Dallas--the gurukula
must be based on the principle of renunciation--vairagya vidyha nija
bhakti yogam. Bhakti is based on the principle of the renunciation of
material desires beginning from the earliest age. Kaumaram acaret prjna
dharman bhagavatan iha. From the very beginning,a boy must be trained to
perform devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead,and not
to be attached as the fruitive workers,the karmis,to the so-called
fallible soldiers....The karmis are attached too much to their
bodies,children and wives,who are like fallible fighting soldiers who
must ltimately be destroyed. Although they are sufficiently
experienced,they still cannot see this.

Therefore our young men must be trained at the earliest age not to be
attached to so many things like the home,family,friendship,society and
nation. To train the innocent boy to be a sense gratifier at the early
age when the child is actually happy in any circumstance IS THE GREATEST

Here some other nice ones:

Aniruddha Dec. 5,'68
Satyabhama Dec. 27,1968
aniruddha feb 4 1969
Satya Mar 30,1969
Yoges july 19,1970
yoges oct 4,1970

To Jaggededge:  May 6,'76:


Dixit Sept 18,'76

...little learning is dangerous,especially for westerners. I am
practically seeing...the policy is KILL GURU and be killed himself...

INDIRA  August 15,1971

So far your son leaving u,his parents,at 5 years,that is not necessary.
Especially our Krishna conscious children,THEY ARE ALREADY LIVING IN AN
DEVOTIONAL SERVICE. Other instructions are for those not engaged in KC.
Any family engaged in Krsna's service is living NOT in this material
world. Such a home is considered as Vaikuntha. That is the verdict of
Bhaktivinode Thakura.

Satseshitfaced/ oct 9,1971

THE IMPORTANT MATTER is that the children are taken care of nicely.
Bhavanonsense was talking with Me that in New Bindoberman students were
very much neglected. Therefore they were immediately transferred to NY.

SDoG jan 29,1072

The GK pgm has My full approval AND I AM REQUESTING YOU TO DEVELOP IT TO
[and make amends for ALL SDoG's mutitudinous offenses committed up to
THAT point?]
THEM THEY WILL TAKE VERY SERIOUSLY [hence,the GituhgNiggardle children
went to BhavaPaidophileananda's 'Shram and learned the PADAophillie
ANAList's Special Jagged Edgeucation;then,when they returned to GN what
had been "taught to them" they did "take very seriously",and
consequently these poor abused kids engaged "very seriously" n "training
the [other] children"  that which was "taught to them."--is it sanat?!]

Chaya feb 16,1972

...Every parent wants to see that their children are taken care of very
nicely THAT is the first duty. [i guess these folks are not 'parents'
then,is it not?]

Annirrudha jan 10,1972




4. "One should at once quote from scriptural authority to back up what he is saying."


Dear Prabhu's pamho, All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

When speaking in spiritual circles, one's statements must be upheld by the scriptures. One should at once quote from scriptural authority to back up what he is saying.

The Vedas are known as sruti because this knowledge is received from authorities. The statements of the Vedas are known as sruti-pramana. One should quote evidence from the sruti--the Vedas or Vedic literature--and then one's statements will be correct. Otherwise one's words will proceed from mental concoction.
(S.B. 7.13.23)

Srila Prabhupada says that when we speak in spirtual circles we should at once quote from scriptural authority to back up what we are saying, otherwise our words will proceed from mental concoction.

This is something which Puranjana rarely does, rather he will ramble on and on and never suport a single statement he makes with Srila Prabhupada's quotes. If one scans over his rantings he will find many mental concoctions, which are in fact offenses to Srila Prabhupada.

His latest offense is in regards to Srila Prabhupada's statements about World War 3 and the use of Nuclear weapons.

PURANJANA: Mukunda keeps recycling his points that Srila Prabhuada had once said that there MIGHT be a world war between Russia and the USA.....So, Srila Prabhupada said that there MIGHT be a war between Russia and the USA, but it seems Russia's war machinery is out of date now and cannot even be maintained? How will they want to start a war, even from a practical point?

So Puranjana says Srila Prabhupada said MIGHT, let us look at what Srila Prabhupada actually says:

Prabhupada: Yes. All Western adventure to keep people in darkness. And that is going on. Now it will be smashed by the next war. Next war will come very soon.

Tamala Krsna: (Surprised) Oh!

Prabhupada: Yes.

Tamala Krsna: Next war...?

Prabhupada: Your country, America, is very much eager to kill these Communists. And the Communists are also very eager. So very soon there will be war. And perhaps India will be the greatest sufferer.

Tamala Krsna: Greatest...?

Devotees: Sufferer.

Srutakirti: Sufferer.

Prabhupada: Because America is aiming to start the war from India.

Devotee: Oh!

Prabhupada: Yes. Because India and Russia, they are...

Brahmananda: They are... Friendship.

Prabhupada: No. Side by side. If the war is started from India...

Rupanuga: So India will become...

Prabhupada: And the Russians are ready here already, I have heard, with soldiers and... Not soldiers. I mean to say.

Hamsaduta: Missiles.

Prabhupada: Yes. They are also vigilant.

Visnujana: Will that help our preaching, Prabhupada?

Prabhupada: Preaching will be very nice after the war when both of them, especially Russia, will be finished.......

Prabhupada: Yes, they are getting. They are already getting. The Pakistan will start the war with India. And then everything will be...

Devotees: Oh! Whew!

Devotee: Pakistan will start a war... (devotees talking among themselves.)...

Tamala Krsna: Will this war spread to many different countries and continents?

Prabhupada: The actual war will be between America and Russia.

( S.P. Morning Walk Conversation (World War III) April 4, 1975, Mayapur)

He says the actual war will be between America and Russia, not might.

Your servant Mukunda dasa.

 "They must be used.
 There is no doubt about it."
Paramahamsa: The theory nowadays is that by the proliferation of atomic weapons, that Russia has so many weapons, China has so many weapons, the United States has so much...
Prabhupada: Everyone now. India has also.
Paramahamsa: They're all afraid of using them.
Prabhupada: They must use it. That is nature's arrangement.
Paramahamsa: Yeah, right. History.
Prabhupada: Yes. That is nature's arrangement (chuckles) that you all die. That is nature's arrangement.
Tamala Krsna: When someone gets some power he wants to try it out. Just like there was that demon. Lord Siva gave him power: whoever head he touched, the head would fall off.
Prabhupada: Just like in your country there are so many cars so that a poor man like me has car always, not an inch move on leg. So because there is so many. There are so many cars. So there are so many weapons now. That must be used. That is a natural sequence. They must use it.
Bahulasva: That is why they have wars, just so they can use up the weapons.
Prabhupada: Oh yes.
Paramahamsa: The only difficulty is that if one person uses the atomic weapon, that means entire, it would be entire waste of mankind. So everyone's afraid of using the ultimate.
Prabhupada: Well, anyway, they must be used. There is no doubt about it. Therefore we can say there will be war. It is no astrology. It is natural conclusion.
Tamala Krsna: Common sense.
Paramahamsa: That'd mean total destruction.
Prabhupada: Well, total or partial, that we shall see. But they must be used.
( S.P.Morning Walk July 18, 1975, San Francisco)