Dear prabhu's please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Welcome to Volume 8 of our newsletter KICK ON HIS FACE. It's goal is to make counter propaganda against all kinds of bogus personalities and their philosophies. By making counter propaganda people are protected from being misled. If we remain silent, that means we are accepting bogus philosophy.

Your servant Sanat dasa


2. Reply to Mahatma's prabhu and Cull Injury's (Colin Jury aka Kulashekhara prabhu) letters 
To whom [or WHAT] it may concern:
The pademon das says Mukunda makes death threats against him (and so does

this is fanatic rhetoric.

Srila Prabhupada states clearly that when ANY living entity commits a
sinful activity,he gets a reaction

Therefore, when we act sinfully,we are causing our own suffering.
Material Energy is a Person;she acts as the shadow of the Substance
[Krishna],not independently. So when we're being punished--by the stick
of material energy,it may look like we're getting whacked by Durga,but
that is superficial.

Actually,Krishna holds the stick,and uses that stick to strike the
rebellious souls,so they may be rectified.

Just like a father,if he strikes a wayward son with a stick, it's the
father who is punishing, not the stick.

So, if PadaHead is feeling "threatened",it only reveals his awareness
that he has acted demonically and deserves to be punished.--he senses
THAT intuitively...

Sastra says asuric blasphemers like Time Lee das should have tongue cut
out,then be killed. /Bas. We don't say it,not me,not Mookunda.

Sastra  ONLY  is "threatening" TimeLeeRaksasa. He,by his own greatly
Sinful activities of supporting the blasphemous attacks on Srila
Prabhupada,Religion Personified, by admitting only his ecstacy of these
attacks being VERY SLIGHT has invited Durga Devi--in some form or
another,and under the potent control of her Lord (Sri Krishna) to chop
off Mr. TimeLee's ugodly head.

This is a simple, straightforward point. No ordinary living entity or
human being either made or enacted this stringent law,no human entity is
or has threatened personally Mr. TimeLeedas,only we've CORRECTLY
ascertained that he supports mad elephant offenses,is in league with
attackers of Krishna's pure devotee Representative,and therefore is
threatened only by Sastra,Guru and Krishna,and will undoubtedly BE

And furthermore there is no need for us to even inform the man about
this matter,but only tostop others from being mislead have we been
obliged to point out a fact of [spiritual] law.

Thus no one individual or individuals [ie. ordinary soul in human form]
has threatened TimeLee Pudemon in any way,that's an incontrovertible
fact,which is evident from an external analysis of the e'speech' of
those he's paranoid about.

The only PERSONS who are ethreatening him are 1) himself,via his
demonic attacks on Krishna's Heart (ie.Krishna's Pure Devotee...)    ;
2) Durga Sakti,who herself  stated in Srimad Bhagavatam that she is
fully prepared to cut out tongue and head of blasphemers, 3) Krishna
Himself,whose tenarms are there to punish such pudfaced raksasa,  4) a
Court of Law (and Yamaraja). Mundane law maybe used to punish
TimeLee,and Yamaraja will inflict very severe punishment after the
Divine Persons aforementioned take him to task sufficiently.
[ie. acting on Their insuperable THREAT [quote unquote]

And other sinful persons who will meet a similar fate:

E.Burke Cockroachford
nomal Hickey
Jaggededge Hicke
Laurie GOOdstein
s Windle and s Pam
tamalt Hurtshogs
all rurucoolies who support this case as it now stands w/blasphemy of
Srila Prabhupada
all so-called devotees who are in any manner of agreement with TmeLee &
Ass ociataes
Anyone who is happy about TimeLees VERY NOMINAL ATTACKS ON
statement s against this miscreant are VERY SEVERE...
All persons in general public who hear blasphemy of Srila Prabhupada and
do,say or think nothing to resist or counteract it...
All isgone attorneys who refuse to come to Prabhupada's Defence,and
assist us in a Defamation suit

Your servant,sanat

PS TimeLee is therefore threatening millions upon millions of people
with his attacks on Krishna's Devotee,Srila Prabhupada..

This should be seen as VERY SEVERE and capable of bringing VERY SEVERE
punishments to human society.

Thus Prabhupada states in His VERY SEVERE book, Sri Isopanishad, that
these TimeLee fanatic miscreants [guru-bui ness players]  ARE THE MOST
DANGEROUS ELEMENTS IN HUMAN SOCIETY and he and his Prabhupada-Defaming
band of demone friends will be finished very soon and then punished in
Yamaraja's Court.... this is a Real [ie.SPIRITUAL/scripturally-based]

2. Reply to Mahatma's prabhu and Cull Injury's (Colin Jury aka Kulashekhara prabhu) letters 
Dear Prabhu,please accept my so-called humble obeisances .
AGT Srila Prabhupada.

Yes,very good,i appreciated some of your sentiments, but you've missed
all main points.
1) Srila Prabhupada is being blasphemed.
2) This blasphemy originated from tamalt/A-satsvarurupe,and
RabiDEADwiler. ["CLOSEST ADVIORS" ,ie. #35 ,Turley case]
3) this blasphemy was encouraged by the Pudemon for years.
4) this blasphemy is supported and encouraged by the Pudemon today,who
is ecstatic about it ,and transferred that 'happiness'  to the
Plaintiffs,the gorukulies,who are imitating their
5) Prabhupada is to be followed,not imitated [and we're too busy trying
to follow to have time imitating,like PadaHead das,Cull Injury das
(Colin Jury) ,NulliniVoidhi,et al];
6) There is ONLY ONE 'KRISHNA',and that's Prabhupada: 'Prabhupada THE
7) there are only a few proven Prabhupadanugas,of whom Sulocana is
8) You and your bros have not to this day taken Sulocana's message
seriously,therefore speaking gentlemanly now is out of question,as
Sulocana's Gentlemanly presentattion fell on deaf ears,and pudemon is
the main person to ignore Sulocana,therefore,we will do the needful to
re-explain his message,and kick on the face of any blasphemer of Srila
Prabhupada who agrees with the poisonous mentality and demeanor of
9)  There is no unifying with raksasa gurukillers,there is no compromise
with attackers of Sri Gurudeva,and anyone who suggests this is ALREADY
SPIRITUALLY DEAD,though breathing and themselves barking [at the Lord's
Representative's caravan]

If you think we're promoting ourself,you are sadly mistaken. We're no
better than worms in stool,or possibly 'recovering' worms in
stool,perhaps 'prophet among worms',i only speak pompously sometimes
because i need to underscore the diseased mentality of the Kill Guru
Club,as headed NOW by pudemon,tamalt,Roachford,Jaggededge
Naturallly i know well that i will be castigated [when i 'talk big'],why
not? it's fun to see y'all get excited abou it...
your friends are saying Krishna Das [Srila Prabhupada] is your
tamalt-friend's sex-cult leader. So 'they' can spew out poison at God's
Representative,Srila GuruDeva Prabhupada,what to speak of the ease in
which jerks like me are written off; what can't be  said about a
stool-head like myself?  is it clear?
If,for instance,  Srila Prabhupada is a 'co-conspirator w/Rurus'  in
padaHead's book,as for example padaemone is happy about the hatchet job
done on SP  by Plainstiffs in Turley Case, then what am i in his-and
your-estiation [besides a total assjerk face crackpot and etc.? GEE,i'm
real shocked and surprised at you guyses predictable reactions?...[the
carrier of the lance is often attacked by the ones with the boils,but
alas,lance the boil we must,eh?...

So,but now y'all are stuck hearing the truth from a lowly worm,and you
can't really squirm too far,because of the turley case and the
internet,that's real sad... and i doon't care abut pud's  ignorant
protestations,etc. i just want the facts,and i will push them till the
enemies of Prabhupada are appropriately punished,because Prabhupada's
enemy means enemy of humanity,the cows and all living entities.

And the devil may cite sastra,as SP point out,so Pud's camp may go on
devilishly supporting raksasa tamaltPADA,and we will go on praying for
their imminent death  (of course,like you say,the material body is
already dead,and blaspemers like pudemon are spiritually dead,so in one
sense  pudemon has already been killed [by his own mentality] by
Prabhupada's arrangement...

But we were also contemplating something dramatic 'Antyalila'  for
padaHead  like GoreGodemon's 'disappearance lila',where Sri
Bhaktisiddhanta killed him on His (SBS) Appearance Day,that kind of a
cool and mystica  'pass-time-lee'  know what i mean?

So Prabhupada is THE ONLY devotee:  Prabhupada the Krishna (like Jesus
the Christ),and padaDead is nothing and nobody,like Nitai was,a
ferocioUS snake who needs goathead for offenses,and we'll be happy...
But he's Much worse than GooMaraji,much more insidiously padeadly. So
please be careful at this stage  the type of bed you make and have to
lie in.
Offend me all you want,i'm not even human,obviously,but if you end up
counted n TamaltPADA camp,you can then find out how many [DEADly]
friends Prabhupada has in the spiritual world who will defend Prabhupada
much more than i'm capable of...[did you read Isopanisad about Guru
BusinessMen,and their happy ending? You didn't know about this??

Prabhupada may tolerate,because He's equal to Supersoul,never rejecting
[except envious serpants like pudemone,nitai dases,etc:

" I offer my respectful obeisances unto You,who are the personified
teachings of Lord Caitanya. You are the deliverer of the fallen souls.

So PadaHead thinks Prabhupada should be horribly defamed,but himself he
thinks (as do you and other sychophant Padaophiles) shouldn't be
criticized;therefore 'they' are- by definition -Apasiddhantic;  'THEY'
think they  [he,Pudemon] are more than Guru,guru is a pet for these
Ghostly souls:

Sri PadaDEADhead uvaca:

"come here guru,over HERE Petguruji,we need you now--for our sense
gratification,or to smash other non-PadaHeads with your teachings sos
we'll become famous...oh,thanks guruji,you can go now for now because we
guys]  don't now just need you,but please stand -by until we need you
GOOD guru,VERY GOOD guru,ok guruji,uh,well,we REALLY need you again now
(to hang for us in the village square,yeah,good pet doguru GOOD
boy,yes,well Gurupetji we have to now give you a bad name-and then hang
you;sit still Doguruji,SIT,while we think of some VERY NOMINAL bad names
we can pin you with before the world hangs you in the village
square,GOOD GURUPETDOGAJI,very obedient and tolerant,GOOD Abaya!)

And Petguruji, since we sort of got into trouble worshiping tamalt's
vani all these years,looking away as our abandoned children got molested
[whch happened because we were too mtivated for personal reasons to
follow your instructions,which we hid also or minmised or ignored] ,
yes,Gurupetji,then we were looking away for another 20 years as these
children grew up messed up w/no shelter; looking away for another ten
years as EJerk Roachford 'studied' these socio illogical abused ,and as
our kids started talking amonst themselves how to 'get help'; 
then we did the false-PADA 'compassion trip' for five or seven years;now
all that has failed,the Rurucoolies are comin' at us big time and we
need a fall-Guy,uh,umm,that's 'fall-guru' to take the rap;could you
please continue showing your immense compassion Sri PetGuruji,come on
over here so we can use your Divine Head for a padaHead shield,to
protect us from all the crap that we've unleashed into the ether so that
crap doesn't recoil and smear back on us [crapHeads]???
Palllease,PetGuruji.please,we'll try to be good next TimeLee,honest
(pure) anjan..                     .besides,petGurrMaharaja,heck,these
are only VERY NOMINAL smelling  crap- offenses,imagine what we could've
come up with if we'd really set our minds to spreading blasphemy,eh?
Anyway,everything'll be fine,and if you take this rap for us,we'll make
sure everyone hears the 'true' siddhanta on these issues: that happy and
ecstatic supporters of VERY nominal blasphemy [of Krishna's pure PET
Representative] are the Padabhus we SHOULD TRUST and emulate and
worship,and if anyone doubts that or criticizes such perfect
more-than-petGuru-padas,we wil have to send them packing to
Pada-loka...thank you,Srila Prabhupet Guru,ys pdemone"...

pee ass: Those who lash out at you,PrabhupetGuruji, with the
above-mentioned 'nominal' insults to you [which insults we'll inform
them are easily tolerated by you,as Lord Nityananda tolerated the
punishment of madhai and jaghai],such as the abused children,we will
embrace those children and feel great compassion for them;we shall love
them and nurture them [because they're paid-up 'patients'? ] because
they are PadaUp ,yes,but if any rascal sdog-phile comes out and lashes
out at pudHead pabhu,we will have to condemn these vicious snakes as
mad,crazed,demonic,offensive to Vicenavas,etc.  IS THAT OTAY<SRI
You can tolerate these insults to yourself because you are SP,the
DeadPetGuruji,but we are living PadaDeadHeads and no one should be so
presumptuous as to lash out at us...[esp.because we will never benefit
monetarily from them...] 
Yeah,those poor BASTARD Rurucoolies,they were SO MISTREATED,damn,what a
shame! We must just let them blame it all on you, SriPetGuruMaharaja,so
they will heal,and because,well,because they need SOMEone to look up to
now,to feel loved by,to respect,[and since we taught them YOU petGuruji
were the ringleader of persons out to harm them,well they've sort of
Demonized YOU,and WE are the only ones left to 'be there for them', and
so they need us,the world needs us,and DAMN anyone who tries to
undermine THAT conception NOW!!...yeah,any 'patients' lashing out at
us--esp. UNPAID ones--we will strait-jacket,kick and imprison,etc.,bt
those poor rurucoolies lashing SP w/VERY NOMINAL attack,since we can get
them toseriously pay there bills in future,well they will be
embraced,loved and nurtured as real family members who need us in this
dark hour...
So,to hell with PrabhuPETda guru,[because,hey,what can be done
now,anyway,he's already been publicly condemned and hanged in the
village square],,but now that we,PURE anjan Gurus are here to REALLY
CARE AND LOVE these poor lost souls [and lead them back to-hopefully-a
relationship with Sri PetGuruji] therefore TO HELL WITH ANYBODY THAT

Isn't this accurate,pabhu

You proably don't even grasp the point? that's too bad,i feel for
you,because your kill guru,become RuuruuPADA-philosophy is most

J.Stillson Judah wrote a nice book,have you read it: HK and
Counterculture? Very nice,and Srila Prabhupada liked it very much. So do
we like it very much. In it was the prediction made that after HDG
passed away,there would likely be schisms,and this point was opined by
many devotees at the time. Therefore,it's openly known that as early as
1967 even,plans were being made by different envious pada-types to usurp
control of the Mission. This was very premeditative and purposefull. But
you seem to have missed this? And 'Prabhupada overlooked this' ???
If you think this,perhaps you can know why you ahve so much difficulty
with sadhana,etc.,as you mentioned.
You purport to know Prabhupada's mind,and i say to  you: padahead
should also stop his false advertising. When he is DEADpada,though,then
such false advertising and self-glorification may cease,and people can
again innocently and openy approach the Divine Teachings of Srila
But the tamaltpada demon pada's are such a great anomaly and
anachronism,that many 'devotees' are too confused even to get the 'light
of the Bhagavat' for themselves. Too much masquerading and noise. but
that will end soon,real soon...

So Sri Judah Prabhu,after living with the devotees for two years,wrote
the following anti-pada idea:

"I have approached this subject as an analyst rather than as a critic,a
fact that owes much to my encounter with the Society. After first
watching the devotees chanting and dancing on the streets of Berkely...I
participated in their devotions each week for more than two years...Two
salient characterisics of the Movement are that I have RARELY DISCOVERED

is it clear????? ARE we CLEAR??????????

If not,then please don't talk of unity. Prabhupada is the ONLY
authority,bas,and your friend pudasura thinks HE is the
onlyauthority,therefore his [dead,pet] guru,ie.Srila Prabhupada can be
openly defamed--as ALWAYS encouraged and supported by both tamalt and
padaHead--but NOBODY BETTER [nominally] JACKBOOT nr. pudemone...right?

So mr. padeadHead,nitaipada,can give his 'different interpretation',and
we will only agree with the authority of bona fide Guruji,Srila
THAT is the unifying principle of our group,soon to be incorporated as
Iskcon Hare Krishna in EXILE [and all nitaipada will be permanently
friends will not be allowed...
And we have MANY friends and associates,and children,whoare very much
unified under shade of Prabhupada's lotus feet,and when your pudemones
get their fate,we will experience great bliss and have a feast!

THIS is real unity,but that's ok,don't take my [or Judah's] word for
it,fine,there are certainly other 'authorities' than myself who-in a
unified manner-will enforce the 'correct interpretation' of Law...that
you will find out...
And devils may go on citing sastra,that's alright too;there's nothing i
or anyone can do to stop your friends in their fashionable mode of
making themselves 'guru',that's their freewill,to advertise themselves
as 'liberated' [for going to hell]  everyone is his own guru,that
business was going on before Prabhupada entered the picture,and has gone
on full tilt since His passing,who can stop it.
Kill guru,become ruru pada,go for it,who's stopping you. we  mind our
own business,but when you attack the pure devotee,don't scream like
stuck pigs when we act like fire to chastise you?

Saint Sulocana [a REAL Prophet]  wrote these ambrosial words 15 years

"It must be revealed to the world exactly WHO Srila Prabhupada is
[PadaHead says: CMG-ringleader:HAPPILY<VERY NOMINAL?}
AMONGST ISKCON'S LEADERS TODAY. That is what the media likes to print
and so that is what people generally think is the real Hare Krishna
movement. But Prabhupada's motive was pure. This is clearly evident
when you see how He dealt with people in their strengths and weaknesses
on a practical,day-t-day basis. In other words,unlike the new 'gurus',He
practiced what He preached. When this is seen,t will become next to
impossible for persons who do not possess true spiritual realization and
purity to "fool the innocent public." Of course many persons will
continue to lump Srila Prabhupada n with these bogus gurus [such as
padaHead,Roachford,tamalt,hickey,etc.?] but at least the sincere seekers
will be able to understand WHO IS WHO.
There is a crying need to increase and even rekindle LOVE FOR PRABHUPADA
from His own disciples. These unscrupulous new 'gurus'...openly claim
that the ony real disciples of Srila Prabhupada are the ones who accept
the new rurus as bona fide saints [yes,sorry mr. pud,we can't allow you
to continue your charade]. This is nonsense. Prabhupada  makes it clear
in His Letters why 99% of the devotees leave the Society:
"Nasty,personally motivated" leaders. That's all. There is no other
reason. With proper leadership,anyone can be happy and find shelter in
Srila Prabhupada's real Movement
[but w/nasty,personally motivated criminals like pudHead fanning flames
of blasphemy of Prabhupada,who will find shelter anywhere--outside of

"...So in reality,the loyalists who have stayed in ISGONE ALL THESE
YEARS<SUPPORTING THESE RURUS in their game of imitate a Saint,ARE THE
REAL OFFENDERS to the pure devotee-not so much those who simply go away
in utter disgust. All of SP's disciples and followers should again feel
encouraged to take up the real mission of SP. We must not let these
rurus discourage us any longer ...  [so we shouldn't accept the
disgusting Saint-imitation of padahead,or be discouraged by his
so-called "nominal"  attacks on the Spiritual Master--rather we should
pray to the Lord to give him his early liberation to padaloka...]

"An effort should be made to clean up ISGONE AND REMOVE THE INFLUENCE OF
PERSONALLY MOTIVATED LEADERS [ie those Deadpadas who will hang their
guru in hopes of future gratification]. In other words,we should fully
awaken the devotees to the politics and duplicity going on behind the
facade. In this connection,some devotees have been criticizing us for
taking on the function of isgone "poison finder" [just see! padaemon
attacked Sulocana the identical way he's attacked me: Pademon: "Don't
call Tamalt "Ravana'",he said in 1997,and ETC....] Some of these
[padaHead] critics no doubt assume that we are just as ill-motivated as
the persons we are exposing...

"Many people are familiar with boils. Boils are due to impurities in the
blood stream,and if Iskcon is seen as the bodyof SP,THEN RIGHT NW SRILA
together to murder Prabhupada's Vapuh,and now to kill Him by Defamtion,
The Anti-Prabhupada Deaf&Muteshun Assoc.?]... It is rapidly coming to a
head,which is the danger point. This can be ignored for some time,which
is what most devotees are doing  [yep,these Mahatmas ignored it for 15
years,and they are again ignoring to act,esp. in relation to
pud/Roachford/demonkulies smearing of SP...]..So even though the
devotees of SP may be very busy with their various engagements and
responsibilities,both within and without "Iskco",ultimately they will
have to stop everything to confrot this boil....But the real question
remains: How long can we be patient before the [Spiritual Physician's]
body dies?...
"It may not seem very relishable to many devotees [like padademon,who
was luking in backround with profound personal ambitchin]
,still someone had to do it sooner or later. Otherwise,the deadly poison
called personal ambition will have easily burned "Iskcon to ashes".
Knowing this,we see this expose' as the only way to save SP's
legacy,which,in the absolute sense,is His very life... "  [but now we
shuld sit by idly while Prabhupada's LIFE,His Fame is undermined by the
pudaemons who think they are more than Guru Maharaja,and that Prabhupada
should be killed again and again via VERY NOMINAL Defamation?? 
Is this your idea of UNITY,pabhu?

your worm-in-stool servant, sanat d

ps  i wasn't the one to mention to Turley about Nair,that was

pps Mr Kuleasnakesare said how much service he rendered,and thati've
more or less done nothing,am nthing.  That's very nice. So now he must
get more reaction also for letting it all gotohell;and for supporting
tamaltPADA who has defamed his Guru. Yes,tamalt takes over all the
temples,your crew blames Prabhupada,and get a nasty result,no one can
interfere with your free will,not even God...