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1. Similarly the messengers (Yamadutas) will deal very seriously
    with neglectful guardians.
1. Similarly the messengers (Yamadutas) will deal very seriously
    with neglectful guardians.
   The brahmanas, the cows and the defenseless creatures are My own body. Those whose faculty of judgment has been impaired by their own sin look upon these as distinct from Me. They are just like furious serpents, and they are angrily torn apart by the bills of the vulturelike messengers of Yamaraja, the superintendent of sinful persons.
   The defenseless creatures, according to Brahma-samhita, are the cows, brahmanas, women, children and old men. Of these five, the brahmanas and cows are especially mentioned in this verse because the Lord is always anxious about the benefit of the brahmanas and the cows and is prayed to in this way. The Lord especially instructs, therefore, that no one should be envious of these five, especially the cows and brahmanas. In some of the Bhagavatam readings, the word duhitrh is used instead of duhatih. But in either case, the meaning is the same. Duhatih means "cow," and duhitrh can also be used to mean "cow" because the cow is supposed to be the daughter of the sun-god. Just as children are taken care of by the parents, women as a class should be taken care of by the father, husband or grown-up son. Those who are helpless must be taken care of by their respective guardians, otherwise the guardians will be subjected to the punishment of Yamaraja, who is appointed by the Lord to supervise the activities of sinful living creatures. The assistants, or messengers, of Yamaraja are likened here to vultures, and those who do not execute their respective duties in protecting their wards are compared to serpents. Vultures deal very seriously with serpents, and similarly the messengers will deal very seriously with neglectful guardians.
(S.B. 3.16.10)
My dear Arundhati,
   Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated July 19, 1972, and I am simply surprised that you want to give up your child to some other persons, even they are also devotees. For you, child-worship is more important than deity-worship. If you cannot spend time with him, then stop the duties of pujari. At least you must take good care of your son until he is four years old, and if after that time you are unable any more to take care of him then I shall take care. These children are given to us by Krishna, they are Vaisnavas and we must be very careful to protect them. These are not ordinary children, they are Vaikuntha children, and we are very fortunate we can give them chance to advance further in Krishna Consciousness. That is very great responsibility, do not neglect it or be confused. Your duty is very clear.
   Hoping this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
(S.P. Letter to: Arundhati  30 July, 1972)
* NOTE * The following letter was sent to Puranjana dasa on the 13th of April 1999 for him to publish in his newsletter (PADA) . Puranjana dasa completely ignored this and many other important letters !
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Hare Krishna prabhus,pamho agtsp. i'm glad to see my letters to
pratyatosa das have catalyzed so much discussion,world-wide,practically
overnight. seems that a nerve has been touched,hmmm?

whenever we show Srila Prabhupada's beautiful letter to Mother Arundhati
from 1972,people are astonished as to how so many people could pretend
not to know how corrupt the leadership was ,and to ignore reality and risk
their children's lives by putting them in the hands of perfect
strangers!  Prabhus,i can only speak from my experience;if Puranjan and
others wish to speak from a position of theory or so-called
authority,that's their business (with all due respect) but i cannot
blindly acquiesce to their-or anybody's-dogmatic or authoritarian
conception,as Sri Gurudeva has instructed me voluminously to be "very
cautious in accepting anything". His Divine Grace showed by precept and
especially example that nothing and no one is to be blindly accepted,or
accepted on whim. Srila Prabhupada,for instance,gave ample warnings
regarding the lamentable sate of the Gadia Matha following the demise of
His great Guru Maharaja in 1936,and the history is well known by any
true disciple of HDG--as it is well explicated in Caitanya Caritamrta,in
letters,conversations,etc.,etc. Srila /Prabhupada has made no secret that
his Godbrothers,for the most part,succumbed to scoundrelism,at least just
after His GuruMaharaja's Disappearance,thus it's not quite in order that
our exalted Godbrother,Puranjana dasa would suggest that isgone could
cleverly (or any other way) pull off the same scheme. Perhaps puranjana
(pd) feels guilty that he didn't himself speak out against the attackers
of Srila Prabhupada back in the 70s when they were attacking Srila
Prabhupada and His movement? Whatever the case,it's not sane to suggest
that a "devotee" is someone so easily duped as to follow people who
identically mimic a group of spiritual deviants--and even build on said
deviation--just after consulting with such useless aparadhis at their
guru-killing headquarters! pd states in his April 13 news bull-a-tin
that as early as 1972 so-called devotees were attempting to illegally
usurp Prabhupada's mission for their own diabolical plan. (Interesting
also is that SP's letter to Arundhati is from the same year...?) Now
pd's own description smacks to me of treason,HIGH treason. So,why does
pd then speciously posit just after this revelation that "parents
molested children" were not implicated or "to blame" for their poor
progenies plight until the mid eighties 'sometime' when it became ok to
(start thinking?) think something might be a-miss?--and that only because
the press themselves  could easily see through the wizard of ozkcon's thin
veil to their corrupt innercore? that rotten to the (inner) core apple
of their highanuses? What gives pilgrims? in 1972 the gbc was disbanded

now,pd states that these raksasas were at it as early as 1972,but why
does he omit that the first real conspiracy to KILL GURU AND BECOME GURU
took place in July,1967,one year after HDG incorporated /his fledgling
Matchless Gifts Movement? Yeah,that's the one where ole Currottenananda
(Keith hamasura) tried to become more than his spiritual master,and was
subsequently exposed as a "Bellevue resident". So,plenty of people knew
about this conspiracy;plenty knew also that several others  secretly
supported kd's renegade activities,such as Satsvaloosa,brahmanda,etc.
(and the general conspiracy to usurp funds and NEVER print Prabhupada's
Bhagavad-gita As It Is in its UNABRIDGED FORM,a thing which
both exasperated  and depressed Srila Prabhupada byHis own admission.
(Note: Bg wasn't published like that until 1972--whoah,there's that year
AGAIN!--and it was finally published by Macmillan...1972!-seven years
after HDG came to the west to preach the Gita in English! And,again,judge
a thing by the result:when the
JayadweightAswami/SatsHebhutawhole/RavandraDEADwiler-contingent finally
got their snakeskins on Bhagavad-gita in 1984--that famous Orwellian
year!--the nectarine milk-ambrosia which had sublimelly emanated from the
lotus lips of Sri Prabhupada-Vyasa-Krishna Dasa was immediately
transformed into poison by those rogue's snakelip-touch. Their orwellian
doublespeak was a curse for the universe,and the world has handily gone
to perdition ever since...

so the conspiracy began from the time these
unreliable,self-serving,duplicitous registers 'joined' the movement to
disrupt the pure devotee's preaching. Their intent was to hinder
Prabhupada's mission,the whole while angling and manoeuvring for
supremacy,this could've been seen by anybody who cared to only Deify the
beautiful Personality of Srila Prabhupada,and hear His perfect words,act
on them without,passion,prejudice or mental speculation....Prabhupada
later pointed out that at least His own godbros waited until their
Spiritual Master Departed before they began to carve up His Body (and
feast?),but the SDoG/Kd/RS/TKillerG/Han Scarry-contingent couldn't wait
at least for their Guru Maharaja to return to Krsnaloka before they
started carving up iskcon for their own gratification....

If it was known that these people both individually and collectively were
deviating quite significantly so early on,if it was known that in 1972
the gbc was suspended by HDG,if it was known that Srila Prabhupada
Acarya expressly warned everybody about the debacle of the Gaudia math,and
how its leaders were compared to Ravana even in the /fifth /Canto
Bhagwatam,if it was known that SP didn't want the same mess introduced
in His camp---yet it was known that Kd,etc. had already attempted such
introduction of false acarya worship even in Prabhupada's presence,and if
it was known that Prabhupada's "DEparture" was very strange,that HDG had
summoned all Hs disciples to ?Vrindaban in Nov.,1977 and that key gbc
had wilfully intercepted,reinterpreted said messages,and prevented
everyone from coming,then WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE PLACE A SPECK OF
for ignoring all caution,all of the wide body of Prabhupad's
instructions,all the evidence about the GM,etc,etc.,and accept such
unadulterated nonsense,and furthermore,that such a vox populi mass of
fools would be free from reaction even if they were stupid enough to EVEN
IMPERIL their OWN PROGENY by sending them into the waiting arms of the
kirtananda child-swallowing band of hogs and dogs? Prabhupada said:
"because you have no bread,therefore you shall eat rocks??? Is that
sane???"  [Prabhupada REALLY said that,just the way it is written here.]
Actually,the disciples were never without bread,because they always  had
Prabhupada's books,and even each other to consult with regarding
application of Prabhupada's instructions,and chastisement of those who
wish to kill guru and become goru.

So,no,we cannot accept pd's/pada's un-sane rationalization which
conveniently allows people to blame others for their own stupidity,and
abandoning of their children. we can cite innumerable evidences to
support the Prabhupada-conscious conclusion. for example,HDG,when
referring to cheating gurus in general,and gurumaharaji in
particular,exclaimed how the false gurus themselves were such fools,but
how much more foolish were the westerners to be willingly fooled by
them,and to accept their nonsensical teaching. So,tkg&co. are fools,but
we are far greater fools for accepting them as successors to Srila
Prabhupada and Lord Krishna,not only blindly,but worse,after Prabhupada
spent so much of His blood to warn us not to go back to hell. Now we
have hell due to our own superlative foolishness,and rather than confess
our fault,we like to say these roguish ghuls in isgone are to blame.
no,fool,you made your own bed,now lie in it! you are yourself to blame
for diving in a shallow creek to cool yourself off! If you go to rascals
for treatment,don't yell so loudly when the rascal's prescription
worsens your condition! if the bona fide physician is ignored,then after
he's kindly and patiently written and re-written the same prescriptions
OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN,then why do you now howl so after taking the
advice from some quack? is that sane? (and,of course others wish to even
blame the physician himself,like some of the mislead gurucoolies,and
especially the so-called leaders,who,rather than admit that they have
wilfully cheated everybody raped and abused children and covered it up
(and,of course,also murdered their spiritual physician,Srila Prabhupada
Himself),go to the state-supported 'Sociologist'--E.Burke Rogueford,and
the state press ministry (New York Times/Larry Goodstein) and say:"Yeah
! Prabhupada's program was too austere,and we had to relieve ourselves
the only way we knew how,..what can we say? It's sad but true,we did our
best,Prabhupada made us gurus,he made a mistake,he asked us to
distribute his books too much,we got stressed,we raped kids,his
instructions are to blame..."

So the parents--the primary caregivers,KNEW or SHOULD HAVE KNOW how
untrustworthy the so-called gbc was,and therefore,if they themselves
weren't prepared to submit THEMSELVES fully prostrated at the gbc'gurus'
"lotus feet",say thousands of miles away in some 3rd world country or
wherever),and totally at the whims of such characters (and their
unknown--and always changing--underlings),then WHY WOULD THEY SUBJECT
themselves wouldn't have surrendered on such a total level to such
questionable dudes--people who conceivably would only have rocks to
offer,and not bread--so how could these alleged parents possibly have
justified doing so with their defenceless children? isn't this
tantamount (as per SP's July,'72 Letter to Arundhati) to "neglect" and
child abandonment" Wasn't "unwanted progeny/varna sankara" one of the
main things Srila Prabhupada warned us about in the BhaGAVAD-GITA?
BE FIRST CLASS JAGHAI/MADHAI TYPES? isn't there a purport in 5th canto
where SP talks about this cheating paradigm,and compares such societies
to monkey societies,and calls their culture a "sex cult"?

So,in essence,aren't these so-called parents whom pd wishes to so
facilely excused (while he goes on and on describing the sordid details of
Bhavanada's semen-swallowing lilas,ad nauseum),the very ones who have
mainly (by omission,eve?)  given the green light to the cretins he so
avidly exposes? Aren't these parents the very ones to this day
acquiescing to the tkg crowd by avoiding confrontation,lawsuits,etc.?
And that the only reason ANYTHING HAS BEEN DONE in challenging the
corrupt isgone leadershit is because the 'children' themselves came of age
and finally stared speaking out?

so how long do we have to let the main supporters of child abuse (namely
the parents/pita na sajyat) OFF THE HOOK? If pd says it's the
mid-'80s,we should accept such unsupportable idea? Hey! i spoke
conclusively in 1993 that tkg had murdered Prabhupada;and this
information was shared with pd;does that mean he wasn't innocent from
that point till July '97 when he finally took my message seriously?
So,what,if someone (say the parents of gurucoolies) wants to keep head
in sand for 10,16,35 years,that means there's no reaction? We have to
wait for sulocana's brains to get splattered before we ONLY BEGIN to
wake up and see there's a bit of a problem in paradise? If pd says
so,only? i don't think so!

not when children's lives  are at stake & the future of the hare Krishna
movement. you go risk you own life (when your 2-3 feet tall?) in hands
of larry gardner-snake,and these other child eating witches and
hobgoblins,then we'll see if you have  the right to subject another soul
to such 'austerity'. let's tell the whole truth and nothing but the
truth,ok folks?;otherwise,it's just another cult,and you're trying to be
the next PADA in line to be worshipped. and everyone has to explain
their position--and NOT capriciously--from the viewpoint of sastra. no
cheating and sentimental speculation. keep in mind that Prabhupada's
TIME. please forgive my unintentional offenses. my goal is only to
purify myself;because after all Srila Prabhupada said the devotee is his
own worst enemy. i am no exception. i am myself a gurukiller,because i sin
on strength of chanting. even in 1997   N.Y. RY festival ravinedra svaroop
pointed out (on videotape) :"there's nothing poison here but your little
mind!" i accept that,and i'll admit it here for the record: my mind is
the most poisonous thing i have personal experience of. i cannot say
that tamal,satshedupe,rs,et al are MORE poisonous than myself (though
there's a lot of gross evidence of them having acted in a superlatively
venomous manner),because I can't go inside their mind. however,I'm
capable of the worst guruapaharadh,the wild elephant offense on a more
or less continuous basis,therefore i need to write the truth for
self-purification (and to stay out of jail!) therefore,i ask that no one
take my offenses--as revealed herein--very seriously,seeing as what can
i write on paper that could compare to the offences my mind can generate
at a moment's notice?....the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. OM
tat sat    sanatana the rogue
ps. Srila Prabhupada's letter to Arundhati,as above-mentioned:

My dear Arundhati,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated
July 19,1972,and I am simply surprised that you want to give up your
your child to some other persons,even they are also devotees. For
you,child-worship is more important than deity-worship. If you cannot
spend time with him,then stop the duties of pujari. At least you must
take good care of your son until he is four years old,and if after that
time you are unable anymore to take care of him than I shall take care.
These children are given to us by Krishna,they are Vaisnavas and we must
be very careful to protect them. These are not ordinary children,they are
Vaikuntha children,and we are very fortunate we can give them chance to
advance further in Krishna Consciousness.That is very great
responsibility,do not neglect it or be confused. Your duty is very clear.
Hoping this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Two points come to my mind,Prabhu,as i study this letter again (the
first time i read it was in 1992 before me and  and some friends and
family were kicked off the Gita nagari farm with restraining orders for
being DEMONS (i.e.. not worshipping Uh-Satsvarupa's holy enema program and
Ravinedra's 'let's worship my yummy boathole 'cus I engineered a nifty
"reform" in isgone which kept Murlivadaka's murder of Druva das secret
for all these years,and what to speak of Prabhupada's,and we paid off
the gurucoolies real swell-program',etc.) Anyway,the first point that
pops up for me is that Arundhati (and what to speak of OTHERS)
evidently missed Srila Prabhupada's points,otherwise,why are there no
more correspondences to her from Srila Gurudeva? The other point is that
Prabhupada-deva  states clearly that it's OUR  great 'fortune' to have
the opportunity to associate with these "Vaikuntha children" and to take
the "great responsibility" to  "give them chance to advance further in
Krishna Consciousness",and NOT the other way around. Prabhupada does not
state that it's THEIR (the 'Krishna-sent,Vaikuntha childrens'') great
fortune to have our association,and rather His Divine Grace is
intimating that actually the kids are in an unfortunate position in that
even their own MOTHERS are a bunch of hippie cop-out-types;the
implication is already there:'if even the so-called mothers of these
"Vaikuntha children" are 'neglectful' or remiss in their progenies
welfare,what will be Krishna's children's plight in the hands of
perfect strangers,"even they are also devotees"?!

Of course,we know-to some small degree-what was their plight,and this
letter,which was ignored then,and is still ignored to this day because
the Satsvarupa/ravinedra svarupa/tamal club of gurukillers has minimised
Prabhupada's Divine Instructions,Letters,etc. even while claiming
that their own (vomit-prose and enema-produced) letters are to be
worshipped on the absolute platform ,was and STILL IS perfectly
prophetic in hinting at the disaster that will befall Prabhupada's
Mission if the Devotees,ie "Krishna's Children",ARE NOT PROPERLY
WORSHIPPED,if they are 'neglected',or if their care and Krishna
Consciousness are NOT TAKEN as a "great responsibility"...

This Srila Prabhupada's Letter is most significant also because it
points to the parents as being primarily responsible (and held
accountable!) for the protection and well-being of their charges.
Prabhupada never indicated otherwise to anyone. And just as Puranjana dasa
repeatedly invites anyone to prove that Prabhupada wants molesters in
charge of Iskcon and/or Krishna's children,and etc.,i now challenge
similarly: show me any evidence in Srila Prabhupada's unlimited
teachings that indicates that the parents of His Vaikuntha children do
not have primary responsibility in their children's protection and
This is my challenge to myself and to anyone who wants to first
accuse the Bhavananda/jayapotatoe-head'surlivadaka/Kirottenananda-types
as the primary 'bad guys'. They were what they were;but why were adult
parents sending their children to these creeps even after they'd
deviated from Prabhupada's  instructions,and stabbed HDG in the back by
declaring themselves His successors? (and etc.)

No one should say the [innocent] children 'wanted to be cheated',but it
may be proper to say that their [so-called] parents wanted to be
cheated! And whatever the case may be,the parents WILL BE HELD
BY KRISHNA'S GOVERNMENTAL OFFICERS,sastra states this unequivocally. I
myself will also be held accountable for my errors in (so-called)
parenting,so will every other person who has brought "Krishna's
children" into the world. "Judge a thing by the result",is exactly what
Srila Prabhupada,Lord Krishna and Lord Yamaraja will do in the end;it's
what's being done even now,though we're generally too dull to perceive
this fact. So the reform school has missed the point all along. NOT TO
(As above-mentioned), who abused Prabhupada's children to a superlative
degree,the first  persons looked at and scrutinised for accoutability
(in the lives of our children) are we the parents.

and why is this point sorely missed? (Srila Prabhupada didn't miss it in
His letter to poor Arundhati!) If our children ended up f cked up and
walking-disasters,no one is (primarily) more to blame than the
children's primary care-givers who are mentioned by sastra to be the
parents. "No one should become a father or mother,guru,etc who cannot
deliver their charge from the cycle of repeated birth and death,and
deliver their child to the louts feet of the bona fide spiritual
master,His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Maharaja!"
That's clearly stated,and unequivocally clarified in Srila Prabhupada's
July 30th,1972 letter to Arundhati-Mata. Thus,why isn't Puranjana
dasa,and et al writing the book titled: "CHILD ABANDONERS (ABANDONED TO
PARENTS?"  the problem the next generation  from now through 10k years
will not be rectified unless and until its rightfully acknowledged
that WE parents are primarily responsible for our children upkeep,and
how they turn out;the Sastric reference to the parent/guru paradigm
cannot be argued;the first guru in society is the parent,mother and
father,Srila Prabhupada explains that consistently,and uses His own
upbringing to repeatedly stress this point (though i've NEVER seen anyone
refer to that in discussing the situation of Prabhupada's  spiritual
children's being abused 'iskcon'). Even Srila Prabhupada dedicated
Krishna Book to His Father,Gour Mohan De,whom HDG attributed credit for
Prabhupada's primary 'spiritual education. Srila JagatAcarya
Prabhupadaji writes:

To My Father,Gour Mohan De (1849-1930)

a pure devotee of Krsna,who raised me as  a Krsna conscious child from
the beginning of my life. In my boyhood ages he instructed me how to play
the mrdanga. He gave me Radha-Krsna Vigraha to worship,and he gave me
Jaganatha-Ratha to duly observe the festival as my childhood play. He was
kind to me,and I imbibed from him the ideas later on solidified by my
spiritual master,the eternal father.

Thus Prabhupada reveals that the first responsibility for a child's
upbringing lies with  the  father (and mother),and that the  parents  are
not just primary 'material' care givers. No Rather,they are the best
well-wishers of their children,always vigilante that their beloved sons
and daughters have the best possible facilities for spiritual
emancipation,so they can surmount the ocean of suffering and return back
home back to Godhead.

Certainly,also,the point  will no doubt be made by later historians that
Sri Gour Mohan De (and his pure devotee wife) ,because of their ardent
love for their transcendental child get the credit for Srila
Prabhupada's being properly directed to the lotus feet of the perfect
Messiah Spiritual Preceptor,Srila Thakura Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati
Gosvami Prabhupada,the Spiritual Master of the Universal Gurudeva,our
Srila Prabhupada Maharaja! So,we can see that if the parents are good,the
children turn out good,and everything auspicious along the way
automatically takes place by the parents good wishes,supervision and
unerring vigilance. I know this from experience also. In remembering the
abuses,for instance,that I suffered when in Catholic school in 1960 and
'61,in retrospect I feel my parents were not in touch with how much I
suffered at the hands of my teachers. (Not that this is really bothering
me now,but my point is: the parents are the ones who are always
accountable for the experiences of their children,and at every step they
have the choice to be vigilante and protective of their offspring-or

Teachers in gurukulas notwithstanding,the onus for protection falls on
the parents. This is absolutely true in all circumstances,however the
point is rationalised,or prevaricated. If parents of children in these
isgone schools had really monitored their child's education,tested and
retested the teachers,the environment,etc.,stayed in contact with other
parents (and their children),formed a PTA,parents-teachers
committee,been interactive on all levels,kept up
correspondence,challenged the school,etc.,if and when problems came
up,went directly to the proper law enforcement authorities when even one
criminal act was perpetrated,made their own "monkeys on sticks" when
even one hair was maligned on the head of even one child,then they
would've been doing their duty as "God-sent parents",they would've done
their "God-given duty" to Srila Prabhupada,and all This nonsense could
have been avoided. And Iskcon would have still a good name. But now,even
Srila Prabhupada's name has been maligned because the parents for so
long and so consistently avoided their responsibilities (in deferring to
the false poison snake worship of Satsvaloser,tamal scorpion weed and
RavinedraDEADwyler svaroop,etc.),and finally reports of what has really
been perpetrated to thousands of Prabhupad's spiritual children over a
two decades period have made it to the surface,and widely publicised in
the press.But,the chief deviation is that the parents ignored Srila
Prabhupada's direct instructions on all levels,and created their own
. Because of their wholesale neglect (even while they
remained silent about Prabhupada's tortured demise,the murder of
Sulocana,who tried to explain the whole deviation,and finally the abuse
and cover up of abuse to their own children),now the press is 'logically'
blaming Prabhupada,ie. His 'teachings' are responsible for this mess?
That's exactly what E.Burke Rogueford and Larry Goodstein said in the
front page Oct. 9,1998 New York Times article on the subject of rampant
ORGANIZATION because his followers (except Sulocana and a few others)
wholesale disregarded his teachings,offended their guru,worshipped
cockroaches,snakes and future aids viruses as "God's
Representatives",and the parents of all the children didn't in any way
check this nonsense (while being nonsense themselves?);and worse,they
looked the other way while their "blessed children" were practically
cannibalised,sodomized,and abused in every horrible manner. The worst
crime of all? the parents' collective and individual indifference. This
indifference to their Spiritual Master's sublime instructions as well as
to their blessed children has created a holocaust,which is quickly leading
to the destruction of this planet. Without strong,Prabhupada-conscious
preachers,the world has fallen into the worst nightmarish degradation,and
very soon war will most likely engulf the planet.

There is still hope though.We need to get this (above) message out,tell
the whole truth and nothing but the truth,the parents have to wake up,go
to their children and admit their mistakes,be willing to admit this
publicly,and then work to change Iskcon back to the way our Acarya left
it. All false gurus and GBC's must be expunged forever from Iskcon
soil;all documented crimes punished (including mulivadaka's conspiracy to
murder Dhruva dasa to prevent the latter from exposing murli's raping of
him In the mid-'80s at Gita Nagari farm),a fund should be set up to
support all sincere followers of Srila Prabhupada who were abused by the
isgone monsters (both young gurukulies and we who joined the kula of the
guru later in life),and all facts properly explained to the press and
public. The real monkey on sticks have yet to be made,and when they are
revealed,the impression will be powerful: you mess with Krishna's
children,you gonna pay--BIG TIME!.... THAT'S ALL,FOLKS!

further points RE Srila Prabhupada's July 30,1972 letter to Arundhati:

In early 1992 i purchased the Sri Siksamrta,this i did while managing
the gita nagari ag dept. the letter in question was posted by me on the
temple bulletin board,which i did because my only purported supporter at
the farm,a tejuprakash das,was planning to send his second wife's indian
children to brindaban rurukula. i had already attempted to verbally
dissuade td,and finally i put up the letter for him-and everyone else-to
read. he became immediately hardened against me (us in the ag dept) and
the letter disappeared from the board. soon td was siding with our
avowed enemies,and after a few  months 'they' found a pretext to remove
me from 'office',and gradually dismantle much of the work we had done for
the cows. Within a few months td in fact slipped his kids to the
rurukula;he meanwhile was building a house there,and simultaneously i
went to the press and reveled what had been going on at the farm,etc. td
had to answer our charges,though he had wanted to avoid the conflict by
resigning as temple President,and slipping out the back (to india)
eventually he did purchase his tickets to vrindaban,and moved his family
there. Suddenly his children got deathly ill,and had to be taken out of
vrindaban to a hospital in delhi. eventually,td also got very sick,and
he had to return to the states for treatment. i heard that he took a
long while to recover his health...

Prabhupada's letter is perfect. no one should doubt the pure devotee's
words;they are infallible.
my own wors are fallible however,and i ask you and anyone else whom i
may have offended due to my presumptuous demeanor and puffed
up mentality. sometimes i go off the deep end and take myself too
seriously,forgetting that Krishna resides everywhere as the
Supersoul,and is giving everyone intelligence to surrender unto Him.
These things will be gradually purified as i continue attempting to
render service unto His Divine Grace. vancha kalpa tarubyas ca krpa
sindyu byayeva cda patitanam pavanebyo vaisnavaebyo namoh namah. ys
sanatana das.