But whatever propaganda, little, he has made,
 we must make some counter-propaganda.
 So what is this nonsense? So we must make some propa..., counter-propaganda. Because you spoke several things about him, but you
 did not make any counter-propaganda upon him. You have studied him, but you have
 never made any counter propaganda.

Prabhupada: Is it not?
Hamsaduta: Yeah.
Prabhupada: So what is the evidence that he is God? Anyone can say, "I am God." Then, anyone will be accepted as God?
Hamsaduta: Well, I think they take it just on the strength of this, whatever it is, experiences that they have. When they become initiated, they get some kind of experience. So...
Prabhupada: What is that experience?
Hamsaduta: They say they see some light and...
Prabhupada: Light-seeing, he becomes God?
Hamsaduta: Well, people are so... That's the...
Devotee: Propaganda.
Prabhupada: Then you have to make propaganda against that, that simply pushing two eyes... Anyone can push two eyes and there is natural some light. Is that the proof that he has become God? You are so foolish? And you say that God is, God has created the universe. So what he has created? What he has done, wonderful thing? That simply by pushing your eyes, you see some light, and you become God? You have become so foolish, European brain? You have no intelligence. Preach against him. What is the proof that he is God? Now, those who do not know anything about God, they can be convinced. Just like--what is called?--agnostic. The agnostic... Sometimes we say that there is a creator because everything, just we say, everything, whatever we have got in our experience, it is created. So this gigantic universe or one or many, there must be one creator. This is one hypothesis. So that creator, if I accept this man, whether he can create something, such wonderful? Has he done so? In this way, you have to make propaganda. So far our position is, we accept God, Krsna, on the authority, as well as by the action, both. We, we make hypothesis that there must be a creator. Vedanta says: "Yes, there is a creator." And Krsna says, He says: "I am the creator of everything." And when He was at, on this planet, He did so many wonderful things. And He is accepted by big, big stalwarts. Just like Arjuna accepts. He heard Bhagavad-gita. So before that, Narada accepts. Vyasadeva accepts. Great... Later on, big, big acaryas accept. So these are the proof. But what proof he can give that he's God, that we shall accept him God? Simply he shows some light. We have to make some propaganda. That will be our (indistinct). And he has to be... If we remain silent, then whatever he says, that means we are accepting. So we should not allow this man to grow popularity. We must make propaganda wherever meeting is there. I can kick on the face of this (indistinct). I can urine on the face of... What can he do. Let them. Let him come. If he's God, then let him kill me by his power. When I go to kick on his face, let him stop me, then I shall accept that he's God. So why don't you do that? He's saying God. You just kick on his face, if he can do something...
In this way, make some counter-propaganda. If we allow him to go on, then so many people falsely being misled.
Srutakirti: Someone showed me a small article in the newspaper the other day in London. At one of his meetings, he was speaking and someone walked up to him like he was going to hand him a bouquet of flowers, and instead he threw a pie in his face.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Srutakirti: He threw a pie in his face. He appeared like he was going to give him something. But he put a pie in his face.
Prabhupada: Pie?
Hamsaduta: A pie is a cake.
Srutakirti: A cake.
Hamsaduta: A apple cake...
Srutakirti: Pastry, pushed it in his face.
Prabhupada: Therefore, he became God?
Srutakirti: No! Therefore, I don't think he's very widely accepted as God.
Prabhupada: No. That's all right. But whatever propaganda, little, he has made, we must make some counter-propaganda. We must prove him... Simply pushing eyes, pushing eyes. And anyone can push one's eyes and there is some light within... That is called retina light or... What is called? And he has become God. At least, we, we should not allow the people to be in darkness and accept him as God. We have got our meeting. We shall say: That he is a rascal. Call him by all ill names. A cheater. He does not believe in the authoritative scriptures. And he has become God? What he has done? How you have become so foolish? God has created the universe, what he has created? A cake, creating, He's God?
Hamsaduta: Ummh?
Prabhupada: He has created one cake?
Srutakirti: No, no. No.
Hamsaduta: No, you misunderstood the point.
Srutakirti: One person walked up to him and he threw a pie in his face. As an insult, as insulting him.
Prabhupada: Oh. The man insulted him.
Srutakirti: Yes.
Prabhupada: So he should be insulted everywhere. Our men should go and do that, pie. (laughter) And when you have to (indistinct) He's God. Why can't you protect. He should have been killed. We have no such power. Otherwise, I would have obliged to kill him. Anyone says God, he should be killed. That is the example given by Krsna. He should be killed. No other remedy. Only kill him. That's all. Then this false propaganda will stop. Just like the Christians said: Jesus Christ, God. And how God can be killed by crucification? We do not discuss this point, but actually this is the fact. He was empowered man, that we can understand. But we cannot accept him God. In our history, God is never killed. God kills others. That we have got evidence. And ordinary men, they took him, and crucified, and nobody, other, of the opposite party was killed. So that makes a little difference. So far son of God, that we accept. Everyone is son of God. We accept him saktyavesa avatara, a living entity especially powered from God. That we can accept. So son of God we can accept. That is another thing. And where is the evidence in the sastras that God was killed? Big, big giant, God fought them and killed them. Ravana, Hiranyakasipu, Kamsa. Very, very great giant and demon. God was never killed by them. Is it not? Yes. Prahlada Maharaja said that: "What is this material power. My father was so materially strong. Even demigods and Indra, Candra, they were afraid. And He killed him within a moment. So what is the use of this material power?" And the God could not kill these crucifiers? As soon as they attempted to kill, there would have, He has, would have fought. He had to show some power. And they say that he agreed to take all our sin, and he crucified. Is it not? They say?
Hamsaduta: Yes, this is the idea.
Prabhupada: So God could not... Krsna says: aham tvam sarva-papebhyo... That God can, without dying Himself, He can immediately and, I mean to say, vanquish all sinful action. Why He should be killed for that purpose? Just like the Putana gave Krsna poison. But Putana was killed. And Krsna was never ki... Krsna cannot be killed by poison. Even Krsna's devotees are not killed by poison. Prahlada Maharaja. If we discuss in detail, we create animosities. Therefore we do not discuss because Christian religion is followed by large number. We do not wish to make... We say yes. He says: "Son of God." We accept it. That's all. To accept a person God, that requires great evidences from sastra. Especially. And when he's present, He will prove the statement of the sastra. Then we accept Caitanya Mahaprabhu, God. There are evidences... (break) You see. We don't allow anybody to pass on as God because we are presenting real God. We must make process. The real process is to kill him. But that much power we haven't got. We cannot do that. Otherwise, we would have done so. Nobody should be allowed to claim as God. And severe punishment for him. Krsna has shown this example. (break) We explain two, three lines from Bhagavatam. How much people appreciated. So we have to preach like that, the substance. Not the sentiment. But if we cannot, the sankirtana is sufficient. (break) ...anumana-pramana. Anumana, hypothesy, and pramana, sastra-pramana. Sruti-pramana. evidences from the Vedas. Evidences from authorized persons. And anumana also. That is not good evidence. But even if you take anumana, that if I make... This table is created by somebody. It is all right. But to find out that somebody is still further progress. Similarly, we have to accept that this gigantic universe... As I say that what is the purpose? If there is purpose, whose purpose? Who is acting? In this way, we have to make progress. We are passing on, on the street. If I say: "Here is a big building. So someone is proprietor." This is one guess. But to know the proprietor, how he has constructed it, that is another thing. But if somebody says: "I am the proprietor." And we accept immediately? Similarly if someone says: "I am God." There is no need of evidence. "I am God." The people have to accept like that? There is no need of sastra. How much degraded people have become that without any little evidence, they're accepting a rascal as God. How much degraded they have become. That is another thing. Because he has shown, by pushing the eyes, a light. That's all... We have to see that how much degraded the persons are. They have no even brain. What are the evidence, that he showed some light, and what else?
Hamsaduta: Some music.
Prabhupada: Some music.
Hamsaduta: They hear some music.
Prabhupada: Just see. That is the evidence of God. Where is in the sastra that by pushing eyes, Krsna showed some light, and somebody...? He never did with Arjuna like that. He showed His gigantic universal form. But He never showed some light. So what is this nonsense? So we must make some propa..., counter-propaganda. Because you spoke several things about him, but you did not make any counter-propaganda upon him. You have studied him, but you have never made any counter-propaganda.
Hamsaduta: Well we have, whenever they come, whenever we meet them.
Prabhupada: No, whenever you are meeting, "this rascal is going on as God. This is mistaken. What profit...?" You have to speak there. What proof is there? So consult with Bhagavan dasa and begin this propaganda. I have no time... Therefore, I say: "I do not know this man. That's all right." To avoid. But in a meeting, and you are going sankirtana. People are coming, talking with you. So you make some propaganda, counter-propaganda. Although, practically, he'll be finished, there is no doubt. Two, three years. The Maharishi Mahesh yogi, also became very... Nobody cares for him now. (end)
[S.P. Discussion about Guru Maharaji, August 13, 1973, Paris]
Note: Srila Prabhupada has being blasphemed very viciously in the media in regards to the child abuse in sinister iskcon, WE MUST MAKE SOME COUNTER PROPAGANDA!!!  We cannot speculate to what degree this blasphemy has being broadcast, and thus try to minimize the importance of making truthful counter propaganda, Prabhupada says "But whatever propaganda, little, he has made, we must make some counter-propaganda" So whether little or big, there has being propaganda against our spiritual master, so there must be propaganda at a grass roots level, or as Prabhupada says "In this way, make some counter-propaganda. If we allow him to go on, then so many people falsely being misled"
So the people should not be misled into thinking Prabhupada was involved with the sinister iskcon cults crimes. As Sulocana prabhu said "It must be revealed to the world exactly who Srila Prabhupada is and how he has nothing whatsoever to do with the corruption going on amongst ISKCON's leaders today."
If we are more interested in imitating Prabhupada rather than following his clear instructions then we are fool rascal. Prabhupada is an empowered soul we are all mercy cases!!!  We will never be able to revive the Hare Krishna Movement!!! Prabhupada will revive it by his presence in transcendental sound vibration. We need only play our small screw like role and help others to receive the mercy of Prabhupada. (Original books etc..) Imitation will simply stop the flow of mercy and pollute us to such a degree that the obvious counter propaganda we need to make to defend Srila Prabhupada's honour will not awaken in our stone hearts and will shall remain DULL RASCALS SITTING DOWN.
There was two fight in the Indian history. One is Rama and Ravana, and one is Kuruksetra. And the hero is Vaisnava.  We are going to produce such Vaisnavas, not these dull rascals, sitting down. We don't want these Vaisnavas, sitting down rascals.  

Prabhupada: ...have discrimination because the British government, they think that the Ratha-yatra is becoming very popular.
Jayatirtha: Yes.
Prabhupada: That is the... It is actually rational discrimination. The Christians, they thought, "Now these Englishmen, they'll make Hindu religion very prominent." Because it is a fact. If we introduce such three-four celebrations, then Christianity will be finished. But what is there? Christianity, there is nothing. Simply some dry words. And actually, they're seeing, nobody's coming to the church. So in this way, if they some, relish something better, then whatever is there, that will be finished, also. Therefore in London we wanted to purchase a church.
Bali Mardana: A big cathedral.
Prabhupada: Ah. And they said, "We shall burn it down; still, we shall not give to Bhaktivedanta Swami." They said like that.
Bahulasva: Rascals.
Prabhupada: "We shall burn it down." They are seeing practically. After all, they are businessmen. "Shopkeeper's nation." They see practically that if such kind of movements go on... People are already, have no interest in the church. In Chicago, they wrote "American Hindus." They wrote in the paper. Then Hindu, Hindu religion will be prominent.
Bahulasva: The Catholic Church is a very wealthy institution, Prabhupada.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Bahulasva: The Catholic Church is very wealthy. They don't want to lose their...
Prabhupada: So what will wealth do? If it does not appeal to the people, what wealth will do? In Chicago also, the Christians came with some wooden signboard. You have seen?
Bali Mardana: No, I didn't see.
Prabhupada: "It is through Christ. It is through..." They were showing me. So that has been criticized by the newspapermen, that "Nobody cares for you." (laughter) Yes.
Bali Mardana: In New York also, we have to do negotiations very secretly because if they find out, they would not want to sell to us. They would be afraid.
Prabhupada: Oh, New York, there was Ratha-yatra?
Bali Mardana: No, no. For purchasing the church.
Prabhupada: Oh.
Bali Mardana: They're also afraid that we will take over.
Prabhupada: But that is not yet finished.
Bali Mardana: Well, it is going on now. The one building is finished. Other building is still... Until we are living there...
Prabhupada: That, one Japanese gentleman wrote in a paper that "This Movement, as it growing fast, within ten years the whole world will become Hindu ."
Bali Mardana: Jaya. (laughter) (break)
Prabhupada: So even it is as it is, they may take in palanquin, but there must be a protest meeting continuously. Protest meeting and the Indians should approach the Ambassador that, "Represent our case to the Queen that Hindus are being harassed." This should be organized.
Bali Mardana: And also newspaper.
Prabhupada: Also newspaper. There must be...
Bali Mardana: They can make advertisements in the newspaper.
Prabhupada: Yes. That "On certain plea only, they have stopped our most important ceremony." In this way agitation must go on. And our men, those who took part in political agitation, they should go there and speak everywhere, that "It is religious discrimination."
Bali Mardana: They should have a protest meeting in front of the Parliament building, with signs.
Prabhupada: Protest meeting must be there. How to organize? At least, a protest meeting should be done in such a way that the whole world may know that the British Government stopped the yearly Ratha-yatra ceremony of the Hindus. That should be organized. What can be done? You are not very strong GBC's. There must be vehement protest meeting.
Bali Mardana: They can protest in front of Downing Street, in front of the Prime Minister's residence.
Prabhupada: Yes, protest meeting, go on, organize. Go, all of you. What is the talking here? They have seen that the movement is growing more important. So this is discrimination. In England the Church is very strong. They have organized like this. You quote the publication, "There is no alarm." Of course, it is on the plea of police protest, police objection. The police objection means one's religious ceremony should be stopped? What is this? Simply for some technical mistake, now they can warn that "You must do it. Otherwise it will be stopped." How is that? No. That means this is police government? Does it mean it is police government?
Bali Mardana: Police state.
Prabhupada: Police state? And why they are declaring Commonwealth and, British Commonwealth. So if it is governed by the police, how it is Commonwealth? There should be very strong agitation. And all the Hindus will join. So who will organize it? Don't make it childish. It is very serious. (pause) Police should have taken task when the rules were broken by Mahadeva. Why they did not take action in that time? They did not say anything. Police, if there is discrepancy, violation of the rules, they should have taken immediate action. Why they did not take? Now they have manufactured by conspiracy that "This movement should be stopped. Now take this plea." This is going on.
Bali Mardana: They could even have been paid off.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Bali Mardana: Perhaps they were also paid off to stop it.
Prabhupada: Paid off or not paid off, it doesn't matter. But actually it is stopped. And if we simply cede, then there is no future hope of this movement. Better, in spite of their "No" order, we shall take the...
Bali Mardana: Take the ratha there.
Prabhupada: Yes.
Bahulasva: Take it anyway?
Prabhupada: Yes. And let them be arrested. That is the real thing.
Bali Mardana: That is better.
Prabhupada: So you go all there, and perform this.
Bahulasva: Jaya Prabhupada.
Prabhupada: Yes. (pause) Make the ratha as it is and keep it on the Hyde Park. Don't move it, and hold meeting. Don't go the Trafalgar Square, but organize huge meeting there. Don't move it. "Under protest, we are not moving, but this is discrimination." Organize like that. Have the ratha standing there. Unless the order is given. And go on holding meeting. That will be the right answer.
Bali Mardana: They can bring the ratha in on a big truck.
Prabhupada: Ratha, we start from the Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square. So the ratha must be there. We'll not move. And simply hold meeting, unless the order is given. This is the right course.
Brahmananda: They should have a meeting until the order is given.
Prabhupada: Yes. "Until the order is given, we shall hold meeting here. Daily." And tell them that "It is, it is police government. Then we should, we should give up British connection." Agitate government that "It has become a police government." Best course will be like that, that "As usual, we shall keep the ratha there. We are not moving." And hold on, go on protest meeting, doing. And keep them there. Let them arrest and go to jail. That is the real effort. (pause) Or one thing do... Sati sartham samacaret. Therefore I wanted to start this politics. There say, "It is, it is our custom. Unless the ratha is there, there is no ceremony. So you have asked to palanquin. We shall make the ratha here, standing. And after holding our ceremony we shall take the Deity in palanquin and go to the Trafalgar Square. And go to the Trafalgar Square and hold meeting there. But the ratha must be there. It will not move. It will stand here. We shall take the Deities in palanquin and go to the Trafalgar Square." In this way, take police permission, and after going there, along with the ceremony, protest.
Brahmananda: In Trafalgar Square.
Prabhupada: Yes. Trafalgar Square.
Bali Mardana: They cannot object if the ratha is not moving.
Prabhupada: Yes, that's all. That "You, objection... Our ratha will not move. It will simply stand there. The Deity will go in palanquin to Trafalgar Square and come back." They cannot object. But the ratha must be seen. And people must know that the rascal police government has stopped it. Go, everyone, and do it. The ratha must be exhibited, even though it does not move. And the Deity will be moving in palanquin. And come back again to the ratha. Is that all right?
Bali Mardana: Yes.
Prabhupada: Can you execute all this?
Bali Mardana: Yes.
Prabhupada: Do it. Ratha-yatra ratha is there, but the police did not allow to move. That's all right. We shall not move. The Deities, three palanquins, taken together, procession will go to the Trafalgar... That is, that is allowed. But the ratha must be exhibited. It will not move. So what is their objection. If the ratha stands in the same place, without movement, then they cannot have any objection. As they have passed, the Deities will move, and we'll come back again. Is it any... Eh? What objection can...?
Bali Mardana: That is approved for the route?
Prabhupada: Eh?
Satsvarupa: Yes, they can walk with the palanquins over the route, to Trafalgar Square.
Prabhupada: Yes, that's all right.
Bali Mardana: That's approved?
Satsvarupa: Yes.
Prabhupada: Ratha will not move. Then when we will get sanction, it will move. And for the sanction we must go on protesting. If you can take these steps, then do it. Otherwise, sleep. (break) ...with Hamsaduta.
Bali Mardana: I can talk to him.
Prabhupada: Yes. Talk with clear brain. The idea is given. (break) ...be able to do it alone, or we shall go. Or even if he does not say, you go and all organize. It is very important thing. And things are going not right there, and you shall sleep here. That is not good.
Bali Mardana: So shall we also make protests?
Prabhupada: No, first of all organize this. Then we shall protest.
Bali Mardana: Protest at the meeting.
Prabhupada: Hah. Don't say about protesting now.
Bali Mardana: Now.
Prabhupada: Take this, tactfully, that "All right, our ratha will not move. But this is our ceremony. The ratha will stand there."
Bali Mardana: So they should get written permission for the ratha to stand there.
Prabhupada: Yes. "Ratha will stand, will not move, unless you sanction. But it is the, one of the part of the ceremony. There must be ratha. How you can stop it?" And from the ratha the palanquin will go to the Trafalgar Square. As usual, we hold our ceremonies and come back. So what is the objection? And if they say, "No, you cannot even keep the ratha," that means there is conspiracy.
Satsvarupa: Yes.
Prabhupada: That means there is conspiracy. So we should be politicians also (break) ...somebody protested that "Your Krsna consciousness movement makes the people dull." And now, you have not seen the Vaisnava. There was two fight in the Indian history. One is Rama and Ravana, and one is Kuruksetra. And the hero is Vaisnava. We are going to produce such Vaisnavas, not these dull rascals, sitting down. We don't want these Vaisnavas, sitting down rascals. We want Arjuna or we want no one. That is Vaisnava. That is wanted.
Jayatirtha: It's time to go back. (break)
Prabhupada: ...that if we remain rascals, then that Gaurasundara's example will be followed. One day you'll again become crazy and close up everything and smoke. That's all. My Guru Maharaja used to say, prana arthe yanra sei hetu pracara. "One who has got life, he can preach." The dead man cannot preach. So you become with life, not like dead man. Without life... Just like all my godbrothers. They are dead men. And therefore they are envious of my activities. They have no life. If you want to make easy-going life, showing the Deity and then sleep, then it is a failure movement.
Bahulasva: Jaya Prabhupada.
Prabhupada: Now, I have given the solution. The ratha must be there. It may not move. That is another thing. It will stand. The Deity will move on palanquin accordingly. Take this sanction. And then, coming back, hold big meeting, protest meeting. Ratha must be there. It will not move. The movement will be by palanquin. I think... I don't think there is any difficulty. How there can be any objection? Reasonably? There cannot be any objection. Let the ratha stand there, and the Deity moves according to your sanction... What objection can be there?
Jayatirtha: Unless there's a conspiracy, there should be no objection.
Prabhupada: Yes. Yes. That will disclose their conspiracy. "We abide by your order that without your order our ratha will not move, go to the Trafalgar... That's all right. You have allowed palanquin. That's accepted." Do like that, tactfully. First of all, take the sanction. In America, in... They have appreciated. That Reverend Powell. No, there is no objection anywhere. Why this rascal, falling-down nation, British, they're objecting? Apat-kale viparita-buddhi. They are falling down, they will commit offense and discrepancies more and more so that they will be nowhere. I think after this Queen, this monarchy there, the so-called monarchy will be also finished. Because her son, her husband, both of them are hippies. The Queen's husband and Queen's son, the Prince of Wales, both of them are hippies. So this monarchy will be also finished. (pause) What that Mahadeva is doing there in Africa?
Brahmananda: He's not doing very well.
Prabhupada: He's a rascal, and he was given in charge. Another rascal, Syamasundara. What he's doing, sitting and..., only?
Brahmananda: Just sitting and writing things that cannot be understood.
Prabhupada: Writing where?
Brahmananda: In the temple.
Prabhupada: And the other?
Brahmananda: He's doing all right.
Prabhupada: Let him stay there. Don't allow him to come out. Yes.
Brahmananda: He was planning to leave any day.
Prabhupada: No, he cannot go. Then we shall charge you all theft charges.
Brahmananda: Which?
Prabhupada: Theft charges. He's, he stolen money, and he has stolen something in Bombay also.
Jayatirtha: Prabhupada, they still have so many debts from last year.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Jayatirtha: They still owe money for last year's festival, so many thousands.
Prabhupada: Yes. It is... And even somehow or other, he goes out, then he should not be allowed strictly either in our, this temple or that temple.
Brahmananda: Yes.
Prabhupada: Let him go to hell.
Brahmananda: Actually, he was planning to see Revatinandana Swami.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Brahmananda: He was planning to go and visit Revatinandana.
Prabhupada: Now, the Revatinandana and this man and Syamasundara is making a clique. I can understand. What they are planning, that also I know. But I don't wish to disclose it. So if these things come, then how this movement will go on? Politics, diplomacy, fraud, cheating, these are the general qualification of the western countries.
Jayatirtha: Sitting?
Prabhupada: Politics, diplomacy, fraud, cheating. These things are the general qualification of the western people. Do you admit or not?
Devotees: Yes.
Prabhupada: If they are, these things come within our movement, then it will not be succesful. Tat-paratvena nirmalam. One has to become purified. Even sometimes we have to take... But that is for Krsna's. There must be now checking that all these rascals may not join and spoil the movement. You should not admit.
Bali Mardana: Yes.
Prabhupada: They can come and go.
Bali Mardana: We should not make a haven for rascals.
Prabhupada: Eh?
Bali Mardana: We should not create a haven for rascals.
Prabhupada: Yes. So how it will be done unless you GBC members become very strong and with good brain? Now, first of all save this situation. This is only solution, as I have suggested, that "The ratha must be there. We are not moving." And take lawyers. And the Deity will be moved. And we'll come to the ratha and go back. That's all. And we shall abide by all the rules. That's all. They saw it that in open sunshine thousands of people, ten thousands of people or more than that, fifteen thousand people, they stood on the Trafalgar Square for three hours. And they do not go to the church. So they must have seen there is something. Otherwise, how people taken so much interest. And there is, actually.
Bali Mardana: Yes. Just like in the San Francisco paper they admitted, "This is the most popular festival."
Prabhupada: Yes, yes. San Francisco also. Fifteen thousand people attended my lecture silently. So they are seeing now there is something in this movement, and if this movement, it is allowed to go on without any objection, then Christianity will be finished. That is the conspiracy behind it. That lecture is recorded? The, which I gave in the, that society of the priests and...
Satsvarupa: The fathers?
Prabhupada: Yes.
Satsvarupa: Yes, I...
Prabhupada: So you can hear that lecture, how it was. They appreciated so much. We have no disrespect for Christianity. (pause) At least, expose our so-called Indian ambassador and others... Approach them, that "Help us. What is this? What for you are here?" Even they do not allow by agitation, make the movement very important. Make profit this side or that side. That is businessman. The businessman makes profit when the price is going down and when the price is going up. They make their profit. That is businessman. Just like our Tripurari, he goes on selling his book in any condition. He finds out some means how to sell in this condition. This is intelligence, how to deal in different circumstances and make profit. That is brain. And if you make condition, "If these conditions are there, then I can make business," that is foolishness.
Brahmananda: You told me that when I came from Pakistan to India. I was complaining how difficult it was, but you said that a businessman makes profit in any circumstances.
Prabhupada: Yes. That is business. They are... Police has no eyes to see that the Bala-Krishna (Guru Maharaji) is regularly cheating. Any man can understand.
Jayatirtha: Yes.
Prabhupada: There is no stoppage of that... Yes. And here, stoppage. Just see. It is clear conspiracy. It is not that police. Police cannot be so powerful that he can stop. If there was any discrepancy, why did not they take step that "You have done... You have violated the rules." They should have prosecuted us. Now, without saying anything at that time, now want to stop it.
Jayatirtha: It's just their tactic.
Prabhupada: It is tactic. They're factually seeing that "These people, they have brought some Jagannatha and thousands of people following it. And nobody's coming to our church?" It is very common sense thing. The church is being closed. And all the young men, they are joining. Not old men, old fools. No. All young, flourishing, young men are joining. So they want to stop it now. (pause) Take it. (break)
Madhukanta: ...regard, Srila Prabhupada, you said that we are making counter-propaganda against maya, and that maya will make propaganda very strong.
Prabhupada: Yes.
Madhukanta: So we must become very sincere devotees or...
Prabhupada: Unless we are very sincere, we cannot cope with maya. That is not possible. If you remain a servant of maya, you cannot conquer over maya. You must be very sincere servant of Krsna. Then you can conquer. Mam eva ye prapadyante mayam etam taranti te. It is clearly said. Otherwise you are subjected to the tricks of maya.
Bahulasva: Unless one surrenders to Krsna.
Prabhupada: Then you can get rid of maya's tricks. Otherwise, you may dress yourself like anything, but you are simply maya's servant. Bhaktivinoda Thakura has sung one... Ei ota kalir chela: "Here is another disciple of Kali." Nake tilaka galai mala. "He has got tilaka on the nose and mala, kanthi, also." Sahaja bhajana kache mamu sange lana pare bhalo: "And he's, he has become a Vaisnava by illicit sex." This is stated by Bhaktivinoda Thakura. "Here is a Kali's chela. He has dressed like a Vaisnava, but he is doing his bhajan with illicit sex." Sahaje bhajana kache mamu sange lana pare bhalo. You know? There is a class of sahajiyas?
Bali Mardana: Yes.
Prabhupada: Yes. Vaisnavas. Just like, dress like Rupa Gosvami, loincloth, and, but three dozen women behind him.
Bali Mardana: Yes, gopis.
Prabhupada: So Bhaktivinoda Thakura: "Here is a disciple of Kali. He has tilaka and he has kunti and he's doing this nonsense." Eita kalir chela. (pause)
Bahulasva: So the purport is that one must strictly follow the principles?
Prabhupada: You do not understand that?
Bahulasva: Yes.
Prabhupada: You are asking after twelve thousand years? I am speaking always that. And still you are questioning?
Bali Mardana: Should I call immediately or wait till after class?
Prabhupada: Eh?
Bali Mardana: Should I call Hamsaduta immediately or wait until after class?
Prabhupada: That is, you use your discrimination. What I can say?
Krsna-kanti: Jaya Srila Prabhupada.
Devotees: Jaya Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! (end)
[S.P. Morning Walk, at Marine del Rey, July 13, 1974, Los Angeles]