"Prabhupada's not following your principles!!"
Dear Prabhu's please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Below is the transcript of Sanat prabhu's protest march from 1997 New York Ratha Yatra. Sanat prabhu charges two pseudo Krishna cult leaders namely Ravindra Svarupa and Bhakti Caru with murdering Srila Prabhupada and covering up thousands of child abuses.
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VYASA PUJA MEDITATION and gives us a practical example of real glorification of the Jagat Guru Srila Prabhupada.

If you wish to view the video clip it can be found on the following link.
It is a 7MB clip and will download in approx. 30-40 minutes.
Your servant Mukunda dasa.
P.S. It should also be noted that when Sanat dasa first informed Puranjana dasa and Nityananda dasa [author of Someone has poisoned me] that Srila Prabhupada had been poisoned by Tamal and co. neither of them accepted this truth. Nityananada dasa even laughed heartly when he heard that Sanat dasa had being badly beaten while exposing this crime at various Ratha Yatra parades.
Prabhupada's own statements didn't convince these faithless rascals but later these two false reformers accepted that Prabhupada had in fact being poisoned after hearing forensic whispers. Puranjana then did a small protest and tried to get the credit for being the first to realize and expose Prabhupada's poisoning.

 "Prabhupada's not following your principles!!"

Sanat: So Ravindra what do you all say about Tamal's trying to poison Prabhupada and Bhakti Caru and all these other guys.[Ravindra looks shocked, Bhakti Caru turns away looking fearful] Poisoning Prabhupada in November.
Ravindra: Hey, peace brother.
Sanat: I know but what do you feel about that. What's your response ?
Ravindra: Peace brother, peace.
Sanat: So you think it's alright that Prabhupada was poisoned by all these bogus gurus. You think that's ok? Now you want peace! Kill Guru kill self right? Kill Guru become guru.
Ravindra: There's nothing poison here but your little mind.
Sanat: Kill Guru become guru right? False worship, aggrandise Prabhupada's worship for yourself. [Sanat starts to talk to Hariasva] Hey Hariasva, Ravindra svarupa thinks it's good to be peaceful after his godbrothers poisoned Prabhupada in Vrndavana.
Hariasva: I like Ravindra svarupa.
Sanat: So you like the fact that he thinks it's a good thing to be peaceful after his godbrothers tried to kill Prabhupada?
Hariasva: I like him, i like him alot. He takes care of me.
Sanat: Oh, so we're talking sense gratification here. [Sanat to Ravindra again] And what about all the children who were molested. And your cover up and your false reform Ravindra Svarupa, what do you have to say about that ah? Guru needs reform right? Jesus Chirst was fallen.Yes, two thousand kids molested "sweep them under the garbage, take the money take the position, who cares let it all go to hell" [Sanat right up to Bhakti Caru's face] Right Bhakti Caru! Yes, yes, we know your guilty, smirk all you want. I love them but i can't embrace a tiger. If a tiger's acting enviously you still have to deal with it cautiously. No philosophy, lets debated come on! Kill guru kill self right? So Prabhupada's crack because he said that, and I'm repeating it so I'm crazy right? Prabhupada said kill Guru kill self, so i repeat it but am crazy right Ravindra, right! Children were molested i repeat it am crazy. Nobody should say that we should just worship Ravindra Svarupa! We should forget about all the children that were raped right? Isn't that correct Ravindra Svarupa? We don't care about two thousand children molested by your godbrothers, let them go to hell and let's reform guru after all "He needs fixing, he's broken, guru falls down" No philosophy can't debate, character assassination. Kill guru kill self, kill your disciples, right? [Ravindra bully boys start pushing Sanat] I didn't make this philosophy up Prabhupada spoke it, read it! Kill guru kill self.[Ravindra bully boys pushing Sanat and Prabhupada's picture on sign] That is perfection and as soon as he learns... [Sanat turns to bully boys]...that is Prabhupada why are you doing that!? As soon as he learns that Guru maharaja is dead now i am so advanced that i can kill my guru and i become guru.Prabhupada said that.Then he's finished.
Apa-iskcon follower:  [starts complaining to Sanat about his protest]
Sanat: I'm talking, I'm talking to the whole audience. This is brhat mrdanga [big chanting, big face kicking. Sanat then addressing crowd] It says right here, Prabhupada said "that is perfection and as soon as he learns that Guru maharaja is dead now i am so advanced that i can kill my guru and become guru!!" Right."Then he's finished" Prabhupada said that. Is Prabhupada crazy? Why don't you say it for the record Ravindra Svarupa. Prabhupada's crazy isn't he? He's crazy because he said that your not a guru, your a jerk.
Apa-iskcon follower(2): Heh, don't push anybody, take it easy.
Sanat: I can't push a spirit soul. Right Ravindra? Prabhupada's crazy because he said your not a guru your a cockroach. Right? You look like a cockroach and a snake.
Ravindra: How's the slut Linda and your little bastard kids.
Sanat: So answer the question.
Ravindra: Why don't you follow the principles then you can talk to me.
Sanat: Follow the principles, of worshipping cockroaches, thats your only principle. You want people to worship cockroaches. You don't want to worship Prabhupada, you want to kill guru and kill your disciples and send them to hell, right? And Prabhupada's crazy for saying that, that your not a guru. Right? He's crazy, say it! [Ravindra pushes Sanat's camera]
Sanat: Prabhupada's not following your principles!!
Ravindra: Get out of my face.
Sanat: Prabhupada's not following your principles, right? Prabhupada's not following.. As soon as Prabhupada follows and worships you.
Apa-iskcon follower(3): Can you stop
Sanat: As soon as Prabhupada worships you then he won't be crazy right? Right? [Sanat singing, loudly]Cockroach gurus can't take care of themselves. Cockroach gurus can't take care of themselves.
Police Officer: Get out of the parade.Out.
Sanat: Ok I'm out, I'm out. Ok thankyou officer, I'm out.
Police Officer: Good bye, good bye.
Sanat: Ok,ok where do you won't me to go?
Police Officer: That way,
Sanat: Oh, ok.
Police Officer: that way.
Sanat: I'm i allowed to go backwards.
Police Officer: Yes you can go faster than that backwards.
Sanat: Alright.
Police Officer: Keep going.
Sanat: Ok.
Police Officer: All the way down, don't come back in.
Sanat: Ok.
Police Officer: You understand.
Sanat: I'm I allowed to come back on the side walk?
Police Officer: Side walk, I don't won't to see you near the parade!
Sanat: Ok.
Police Officer: Ok.
Sanat: Alright officer, thankyou we're having fun though,we're having a good time. I love you!