2. Nityananda's poisoning of Srila Prabhupada




Sanat dasa burning satsvarurupa's books at Gita Nagari Ratha Yatra July 1993.
H.G. Sulocana prabhu on satsvarurupa's books
No devotee in his right mind should read even one page of "Lilamrta," and those copies that have already been distributed should be recovered and burned.
Such truths should not have to be spoken so openly, but it is necessary to make them clear in order to get his poisonous book, the "Lilamrta," recovered and burned.
As many of these books as possible should be recovered and destroyed. If not, the authors will be subject to sever punishment, both in this lifetime, and for many future lifetimes to come. And the innocent victims reading these books may have their material existence extended as well.
 2. Nityananda's poisoning of Srila Prabhupada

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Subject: Nityananda's poisoning of Srila Prabhupada

* NOTE * The following letter was sent to Puranjana dasa on the 19th of May 1999 for him to publish in his newsletter (PADA) . Puranjana dasa completely ignored this and many other important letters !



(FROM BTG, MARCH,1956 article by Srila Prabhupada titled
"Decoration of  the Dead Body")

Also from this article: "This path of spiritual realization is open to
all human being irrespective of caste creed colour and nationality.
Nobody is banned from it except the one who willfully goes away  from
this rightful path and commits a spiritual suicide."

Nityananda's book,(someone has poisoned me) which partially explains something about the tortured
demise of  Jagat Guru,Srila Prabhupada,is missing a confession by our
obsessed-with-death Godbrother,Nityananda dasa. namely and
specifically,his willful (and spiritually suicidal) conspiracy to
relativise the position of Sri Gurudeva via profit making of sales and
distributions of Stephen Guruino's (aka A-Satsvarupa d'ass')
guru-killing books.

Nityananda dasa (nd) has glossed over these heinous crimes (poisoning our
Guru Maharaja) and his willful cooperation with Ravinedra
svarupa,tamal,kirtanand,etc. in their conspiracy to kill guru and become
guru,destroy Prabhupada's transcendental mission,give a relative
conception to Sri Gurudeva,and make it difficult for us (specifically
myself) to gain the public's sympathy regarding Srila Prabhupada's
tortured demise (after all, if guru is as portrayed by SatsHeDupesSouls'
books and by the persos who imitated Prabhupada in their demoniac quest to
be worshipped as Representatives of God (while molesting children and
covering for each others' crimes), then why should the public care when
informed about the abuse suffered by our Guru Maharaja at these rogues'
hands in 1977 and beyond?

The answer? they don't ! they stare blankly,and meanwhile the 'reverse
analysis' of their reactions reveals they think guru means cheater...

this is the effect that Nitainanda's SDoG/V-jaya
na licking madness has engendered in this world. no joke.
But nd thinks SP's murder was a joke? Yes, he does! Why else would he
continue enjoying his senses via profits from the BBT-Bankrupting vomit
p-ruse of SDoG years after i warned him to stop it ? But now he
conviently (conspicuously?) omits any complicity in the ongoing murder
of Srila rabhupada's transcendental body? Tamal & Co.--with the tacit
support of dozens and hundreds of Prabhupada's alleged
followers,[attemted to) killed HDG once in 1977, but nd ,and friends goon
killing HDG 22 years later; then they even more conveniently strain to
take credit for this amazing revelation? The co-conspiators are now
entrusting to themselves the grave responsiblity of uncovering a crime
which they support(ed) and continue by their own ignorance and
self-hatred? This is incredible,but what  we see happening.

On Friday,April 20,1956 Srila Prabhupada writes the following in His
Back To Godhed Magazine:

The atheist does not believe all these authentic statemets of revealed
scriptures but they have their own theories of different views....THEY
AUTHENTIC....Some...say that the Author of scriptures or the sages and
the Rishis are great imposters and sophists of the firts order.

With this conclusion they come to the truth of their own imagination
with a net result  that they learn to cling to the temporary existence
of the present life without any care for future transmigration...and in
an irresponsible manner they go on indulging in the sense gratification
business in an unrestricted motion....

So we see that nd,who has promoted the guru-killing pseudo biography
(etc.) of A-Satsvarupa d'ass,among other poison-wares, has made his
compromise with many other self-deluded souls all of whom are forming a
"mutual praising society",and who are now to be believed to be desirous
of 'restoring the mission (quote unquote). How can the poisoners
themselves,who are in exact league (if not worse!) with the alleged
USURERS CLUB of totalitarian gurus,ec.,themselves RESTORE anything o
sanity?! This is a hoax, but one that will undoubtedly be embraced by
many who wish to create another cheating clique to go on with the
business o false society fiendship  and luv... And how do we know this
to be a fact? Easy. look at motives; also by REVERSE SPEECH ANALYSIS.
ESPECIALLY,LOOK AT THE HISTORY. For instance,Sulocana was killed because
of the fanatic writings of Nityonanda's pal,SDoG. Sulocana,a saintly
follower and defender of Srila Prabhupada was and IS hated vehemently by
nd. This is unusual since Sulocana gave his life explaining via Srila
Prabhupada's suppressed letters and conversations tha tPrabhupada's
movement was poisoned by nd's co-conspiring snakebrothers. so,just to show
how much he hated Sulocana Prabhu (and Srila Prabhupada?) nd NEVER
advertises the sublime philosophical writings of Sriman Sulocana
Prabhupadanuga,but rather gleefully supports the guru-killing regime of
SatsHeCheatsYa even while pretending to be a reformer himself. this is
IDENTICAL to what Rabidog Svarupa (rs) did in monkey on a schtick. he
pretended to be against the "authoritarian"  gurus (like tamal,etc) just
so he could himself get a ice following and some decent sense
gratification,and then he later proved to be BEST FRIENDS with these
alleged wrongdoers (as for instance how rs wrote the forward to
TKillerG's diarreaha recently) Yep,so nd is identical to rs in this way.
he poses as a reformer,but the partakes of the very poison (and
disseminates it) that he formerly pointed out to be faulty. IS THIS SANE
BEHAVIOR? well,not on the spiritual platform it's certainly not;but for
a politician it's quite the norm! (And the Prabhupada poison issue is
the one that's gonna sink their stone boat,no matter how much nd and
ass-ociates try to prevaricate,rationalize,demonize and
'harmonize'.--more about that later) anyway,as i was saying,nd cleverly
kept a 'mutual praising society' in the backround by stroking the
sathedupie-groupies,while simulataneously lambasting the more demonic
rurus,sustaining an us and them mentality,a thing nd is quite
RECENT SPECULATIVE TREATISE,Someone {like Nityananda?] Has Poisoned Me.
Yes,nd is still giving good marks to  SDoG,and very bad ones to
TKillerG,etc. This works well for him,since most of his supposed
supporters on this poject are strong sympathizers and apologists for that
mst devious of the deviant,recalcitrant pseudo
spiritualists,A-Satsvarupa,namely Isa das,mahaBody das,and many other
rascals and fools. SatsHeCitFacedAnandapadaSvaroop,the architect
(according esp. to Puranjana Prabhu) of the vast body of poison paper
writings supporting the rakshasa regime of Prabhupada-murdering hellians
since 1976 and beyond, is embraced to give glue to this new fledgling
society of cheaters and cheated that nd hopes against hope to finally
gather together. This is natural,since he (nd) has sold so many of the
rogues apostate litteratures. He avoided selling Prabhupada's Ambrosial
Conversations and letters;he avoided (like the plague?) promoting the
Classic Guru Bidness by Saint Sulocana Maharaja,but he thought murdering
Prabhupada 10 or 20 years after tamal and demon associates pulled the
advertisig,selling and distributing SDemonG's vomit books is cool??? We
wanted the bread,but nitainanda gives us rocks instead???  Perhaps this
explains why nd couldn't figger out that Prabhupada was murdered until
nearly the millenium had expired? Yeah. if he had been selling
Prabhupada's Conversations,studying them,explaining them,re-doing or
working them into a more economical format,etc.,then perhaps this
'issue' would have become relevant when it was more relevant? But,by
selling tons of garbage books instead by the person most envious of Srila
Prabhupada's enviable position (namely SDoG),nd and company derided the
position of guru,derided the holy work of Sulocana and others,created a
bad image for Prabhupada's society,and made Prabhupada's tortured
treatment seam irrelevant to the masses--or even to the intelligentsia.
For instance,Bhakticaru,a murderer of Guru,has made tv series in india
allegedly about Prabhupada's life (adapted from SDoG's biobarfy),and
this production has engenderd contempt and derision in many millions of
peoples' eyes for the pure devotee. this is a fact. Now,on December
3,1998 i met personally with the Political Minister to Atal Bihari
Vajpayee (India's Prime Minister) and presented our evidence regarding
/Srila Prabhupada's murder. He appeared to be uconcerned,though by
speech he acknowledeg our presentation. This is one of man examples we
can cite that reveals apathy amongst most people when confronted with
the facts of this case. Another example is our presentation during
Wratha Yatra in Toronto,in July of 1997. Our huge placard read: "WHY WAS
read by literally thousands of hindus-yet very very few registered any
kind of meaningful response. (incidentally,both incidents were carefully
videotaped,so now unbiased persons can witness who the actual idividuals
are who have forced a change by going in the front lines,experiencing
VERY DANGEROUS REACTIONS from nd's friends around the world who couldn't
tolerate somebody fiercly exposing their "mutual praising society"--and
had to attack us out of their nd-precipitated ignore-ance and hatred,the
same way that nd's account of our God-inspired deeds are (thankfully)
conspicuous by their absence in his self-serving depiction of
Prabhupada's murder...a fact which reveals the profoundness of nd &
Co.'s unpristine motives in 'solving' the IsK-Cons Piracy of
Prabhupada's transcendental Body...

Yes,so nd avoids the Conversations,avoids Sulocana's works,which shined
the light  on the kill guru,become goru regime effected by sdg,promugated
by rs,nd and others;but he embraces the SDoG venom,which helps to erode
the public's reverence of the bona fide guru,then later he sees which
way the wind is blowing,jumps on the "Hey,an you believe that maybe
Prabhupada was poisoned-bandwagon,and musters all his political wits
together to simultaneously meld together his mutual back sratching
clique of satshedupies and assume no culpablity in the murder conspiracy
himself! brilliant,isn't it? think again! Srila Prabhupada says (as
explained by pada in the betrayal) that the gbc may want the credit for
some good thing,but they may avoid the bad reaction from their demonic
deeds;similarly,nicki cuyt may cutely like to say he's exposing the
'poisoning',but he seems to convenently deny any responsibility in the
poisoning himself. this is contradictory and irrational. the laws of
nature dictate that without repentance-sincere repentance of a criminal
act,the actor must assume full liability for the reaction or punishment
to the crime. That's inescapable. As the above quotation of Srila
Prabhupada indicates:ALL members of a murder conspiracy get the same
result;no exceptions. thus if nd took part in an aspect of supporting
the murderers,selling their wares for a profit,rubbing elbows with the
followers of the murderers,apologising for the murderers,not requesting
stiff punishment for the murderers,etc.,etc.,then he cannot avoid
reactions himself. so in nd's case,for him to have any lasting potency in
revealing other members of the conspirqacy,he's got to show some
integrity first and reveal his own part in the crime(s). Since he used
his newsletter to promote and sell the guru-killing litterature,he
should use the same means to repent those actions,to admit his wrong and
to ask forgiveness from those he cheated (for his own sense
gratification);he should plainly admit that what he did is tantamount to
murder of the guru-IN KNOWLEDGE. Furthermore,he should write a new
prefatory note to his book and fully explain his own role in poisoning
Prabhupada's movement,destroying faith in the innocent,and falsely
posing as a spiritual authority for name and fame. that's only the
beginning. there's much muchmore that needs to be done in order for nd to
escape reaction and begin to look trustable to the informed individual.
much more!

but unfortunately,this action will probably not be embraced by him and
others,at least not in this life. nature will undoubtedly prevail,and
much more cheating will be enacted,especially in relation to the
'Prabhupada poisoning' issue.

when we informed nd in july,'97 that we'd been several times brutally
attacked in wash dc while protesting Prabhupada's tortured death,nd
laughed cotentedly. it had the same ring to it as when in 1995 Curt
Mousert (aka kirtananda rasa das) also laugthed joyously at the prospect
of my going to jail on the six charges of aggrav. harassment 2nd he and
SDoG's impotent followers had me charged with for (allegedly)
threatening to chop off SDoG's stool-brained head with my broaDAX
because he would probably get relief from his mayaGrains that way?
anyway,Mouseface thought i was goin' to the slammer,and that elicited
some mirthful laughter in the idyot; nd,who also hates us because we hate
satsvarupa (sdemong) and exposed him in court like no one had ever done before,thought
it was good that we got beaten at RY (another one of those {videotaped}
minor facts conspicuous by its absence in his poison pushing book) so,who
knows,perhaps when Sulochana was assassinated nd had a good chuckle?
Then he increased his SDoG book sales to celbrate? then it was time for
more gina licking? wow,the demons DO have perverse ways!
to be continued in volume 15.

Dear Puranjana prabhu,
All the concerned devotees.
All Glories To Srila Prabhupada. Please accept my humble obeisances.
That the so-called devotees victimised Srila Prabhupada's so many Gurukulis is tragic. Even more so is 
those in the guise of devotees still operate in the institution as (mis)leaders so called gurus defying Srila Prabhupada's July 9th letter. It is unfortunate that that some of these victims blame Srila Prabhupada. I wish to clear his name. Please help me to send the message across so atleast those victims who blame Srila Prabhupada instead of *actual perpetrators* may  understand that Srila Prabhupada is NOT to blame but it is his many so called disciples ( dressed as vaisnavas but *envious* of Srila Prabhupada's position as Diksa Guru for the whole ISKCON) who had every evil intentions to go against his discipline usurp his position, properties and disciples.
Below shows just some of the misunderstandings or even in many cases open defiance against Srila Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada clearly stated many times "I never said that".

74-05-08.    Letter: Govinda

   The enclosed newspaper story, "Krishna followers freed from police harassment," is just further testimony of the great victory made by Caitanya Mahaprabhu in Chicago. I understand that the Chicago area is the most lucrative place in the world for distribution of our books and that you have done very careful work in getting all permission. Therefore this rumor that within a few years there will be police repression and people will have no more money to buy books and sankirtana will stop is completely bogus. Whoever told you that is a rascal, saying it in my name. I never said that. Rather sankirtana movement will expand, continuing so long as we are sincere.

 74-08-08.    Letter: Satsvarupa

   Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated July 26, 1974 and your Vyasa Puja Offering. It is very encouraging that many professors have purchased books for themselves and are considering to order them for their students. I very much like this program of the standing orders. Try to increase it up to 50,000 such orders from the libraries. I have written to Bali Mardan Goswami in this connection. Regarding the remark that distributing a book to a professor is 100 times better than to a ordinary man, I never said that. I said it was very important.

 74-09-25.    Letter: Sukadeva

   Regarding your question that if I have ever said that the Society authorities must suffer for the devotees under their protection, no, I never said that.

 74-12-12. Letter: Gopijanavallabha:

   Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated October 27, 1974 and have also seen your letter addressed to Brahmananda Swami dated November 21, 1974. I never said that what Taitiriya was doing should be overlooked because of getting the buildings. Anyway where are the buildings? Bali Mardan says he will know who she is in the next 8 weeks, so just see he has made her pregnant twice, thrice, and he does not know who she is?

75-03-18.    Letter: Hanuman

   Please accept my blessings. I have received one letter from Narayana dasa, saying that he has been informed by some of your men that you are GBC there and that he must subjugate to your authority. I never said that you were the GBC there. You cannot say that.

76-09-11.    Letter: Sukadeva

   As far as the problems mentioned in your letter, especially the comments attributed to you, I may clearly say that I never said that.

76-10-22.    Letter: Sudama

   I never said that your troupe should come to Bombay for the opening. That is not very necessary.

76-10-23.   Letter: Gurudasa

   I never said that you should go undercover for preaching in Eastern Europe. Everything should be done openly and very carefully. Krsna will protect your efforts.

76-10-25.   Letter: Vidya

   In answer to your questions; 1) Tulasi is one devotee who appears wherever there is devotion to Krsna. 2) Tulasi's body is spiritual. 3) Yes, jewelry is alright. 4) If possible. 5) Tulasi leaves should be offered to the Deity. 6) If possible. 7) Yes. 8) Yes. 9) You may cut the dead branches, but what is the necessity. 10) I never said that. 11) No. 12) Yes. 13) Use the wood for beads as far as possible, the balance may be placed within the earth. 14) I said no chemical sprays. 15) Undisturbed means what? 16) Use common sense and if you have none then consult with others. 17) No. 18) Don't try to introduce something new. The most important thing is the love and devotion.               Conversations

Mahendra: Eating maha-prasadam is also fasting.

Prabhupada: Who says?

Mahendra: You said that to Paramahamsa Swami once.

Prabhupada: And you heard from Paramahamsa.

Mahendra: No, I was in the room. It was when he was trying to observe Caturmasya.

Prabhupada: I never said that.

Mahendra: Oh, okay, I must have heard wrong.

Prabhupada: If there is service and, on my fasting, service will be stopped, then I can take. First consideration, service. Now if somebody feels weak, he can take maha-prasada, render service.


760731rc.par              Conversations

Bhagavan: The boys, they should learn how also to cook?

Prabhupada: Huh? I never said that. Why you are bringing that question? I said the girls should be. Cooking is not boy's business. But cooking is not a very difficult art. If they want, the boys can... (coughs) There are so many, in the Bhakti-rasamrta sindhu it is stated, how Radharani was qualified. So these things should be taught to the girls. If the girls are taught to give service to the husband to the greatest satisfaction, there will be no disagreement.

 75-09-02.Omk              Letter: Omkara

   Please accept my blessings. I have seen your letter dated August 17, 1975 and have noted the contents. I never said there should be no more marriage. By all means legally you can get married. How can I object? They misunderstand me. Unless it is there from me in writing, there are so many things that "Prabhupada said." I have no objection to marriage, but to bless it by a fire sacrifice, that I am thinking that if they don't stay together, then it is not good. But if they can remain together for one year, then there can be fire sacrifice. But changing three times in a month husband and wife, that is not good.

Finally Srila Prabhupada knew these Most Dangerous "spiritual masters" and also warned this in his books:


Madhya 1.218  The Later Pastimes of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu

   Srila Narottama dasa Thakura says, chadiya vaisnava seva nistara payeche keba: unless one serves a Vaisnava, he cannot be delivered. The spiritual master initiates the disciple to deliver him, and if ... two brothers, Rupa and Sanatana, who had just been initiated by the Lord. When a Vaisnava sees that another Vaisnava is a recipient of the Lord's mercy, he becomes very happy. Vaisnavas are not envious. If a Vaisnava, by the mercy of the Lord, is empowered by Him to distribute the Lord's ... is, if they are truly Vaisnavas. One who is envious of the success of a Vaisnava is certainly not a Vaisnava himself, but an ordinary mundane man. Envy and jealousy are manifested by mundane people, not by Vaisnavas. Why should a Vaisnava be envious of another Vaisnava who is successful in spreading the holy name of the Lord? An actual Vaisnava is very pleased to accept another Vaisnava who is bestowing the Lord's mercy. A mundane person in the dress of a Vaisnava should not be respected but rejected. This is enjoined in the sastra (upeksa). The word ... or neglect those who are envious or jealous. There are many jealous people in the dress of Vaisnavas in this Krsna consciousness movement, and they should be completely neglected. There is no need to serve a jealous person who is in the dress of a Vaisnava. When Narottama dasa Thakura says chadiya vaisnava seva nistara payeche keba, he is indicating an actual Vaisnava, not an envious or jealous person in the dress of a Vaisnava.

 Isopanisad 12                          

  The pseudo religionists have neither knowledge nor detachment from material affairs, for most of them want to live in the golden shackles of material bondage under the shadow of philanthropic activities disguised as religious principles. By a false display of religious sentiments, they present a show of devotional service while indulging in all sorts of immoral activities. In this way they pass as spiritual masters and devotees of God. Such violators of religious principles have no respect for the authoritative acaryas, the holy teachers in the strict disciplic succession. They ignore the Vedic injunction acaryopasana--"One must worship the acarya"--and Krsna's statement in the Bhagavad-gita (4.2) evam parampara-praptam, "This supreme science of God is received through the disciplic succession." Instead, to mislead the people in general they themselves become so-called acaryas, but they do not even follow the principles of the acaryas.   These rogues are the most dangerous elements in human society. Because there is no religious government, they escape punishment by the law of the state. They cannot, however, escape the law of the Supreme, who has clearly declared in the Bhagavad-gita that envious demons in the garb of religious propagandists shall be thrown into the darkest regions of hell (Bg. 16.19-20). Sri Isopanisad confirms that these pseudo religionists are heading toward the most obnoxious place in the universe after the completion of their spiritual master business, which they conduct simply for sense gratification.

Thank-you very much.

In the Service of Srila Prabhupada,

YS      mahesh