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"tis folly to be wise where "ISGONE" is BLISS....

Stephen Lawrence Voith (Sanat das) ??
AND TEACHERS,INC., 95 Misc2d 548,  408 NYS2d 261,the COURT STATED THAT
NO RELIGIOUS GROUP IS ABOVE CRITICISM SO LONG AS IT IS LIMITED TO WORDS and does not deny the members of the group the rights and privileges afforded to others. In this instance,taking the statements by Voith in the context that he sets forth,THE COURT FINDS THAT HIS STATEMENTS WERE INTENDED AS CRITICISMS OF A RELIGIOUS GROUP, rather than statements intended to harass or annoy.......

Based on the testimony and the Findings of Fact herein,the Court finds the defendant
NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. CASE DISMISSED. This constitutes the Decision and
Order of the Court,entered this day upon notice to all parties."

DATED:  June 27,1996       
Judith A. Rossiter CITY COURT JUDGE

Dear Prabhu,

Pamho agt Srila Prabhupada.

One thing I failed to ‘discuss’ in my letter sent yesterday:

J. Stillson Judah’s commentary on Prabhupada’s Movement, which is diametrically opposed to E.Jurke Rogueford’s. I will discuss this at length in an upcoming letter,when I’m back home and able to cite both JSJ’s eminently [Prabhupada] AUTHORIZED study of Prabhupada’s Transcendental Movement [in his book titled HARE KRISHNA AND THE COUNTERCULTURE, vs. Ejurke’s obnoxious,Ravineraksa-fiendly Barf King Poranjohn rook,titled [pseudo] Hare Krishna in I’m Erika.

At the moment,I feel a need to turn my attention to ‘my’ ’96 Ithacka Court Case w/ the CockRochford SnakepraDIEa [dis] Members. For example,many people were VERY SHOCKED AND ASTONISHED when the [PIOUS] Ithaca Prosecutor avoided filing any more charges in that case on behalf of the Plainstiffs,uh Plaintiffs,namely Ravandra SvaRuruoop,Curt E. us Mouseart,Dr. Patel,Bill Schlenz,etc. Not only were leaders in the Cocrochford Club of God-killing Swine disturbed by the Court’s ‘stonewalling’ tactix,but especially the ‘powers that be-or were-‘ in SchmIthaca were also somewhat agitated and bewildered by the Court’s unwillingness to do this. Factually,as Mousart’s [ISGONE Lowyer] and Prosecuter Falkson’s correspondences reveal,many high ranking City officials were dragged into the fray-by Mousart-who eventually attempted to also pressure the court to ‘take action’,expedite the trial,question the verdict,and threaten further legal action. Among them were former Mayor Ben Nichols,current Mare,Alan Cohen,and Deputy District Attorney,Gary Sourdell [the trial spanned a period of time long enough to have included the terms of office of two Mayors!].

So,first I’ll submit the letters from Mouseart,and at least one from the City Prosecutor regarding these topics,and then I’ll submit my own letters that fully indicate why things happened the way they did…[NOTE: my letters also were submitted BEFORE THE TRIAL to both the Prosecutor and Judge,as well as the Mayor and District Attorney’s Office;three Attorneys admonished me NOT to send such potentially INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE PRIOR TO THE TRIAL that could be used against me,but I disregarded this material advice,upon consideration that PREACHING ALWAYS TOOK PRECEDENCE to any other activity,and because Srila Prabhupada explains nicely that a servant of the Lord [‘s servants] can disclose the truth openly even to an enemy…

But,because I had a little faith in the words of my spiritual master,and worked diligently to apprise and educate the Court regarding the hyPADAcriticull nature of the pseudo-Christ/Child-Swallowing CockORoachford SnakepraDIEya so the Court wouldn’t be mislead by the Curt again-become-a-Mouseart word-jugglery,the Truth prevailed,and The Judge kicked nicely on all Offenders’ faces,having accurately apprehended,assimilated,and realized [by deeds] the truth as first broadcast from the lotus lips of Srila PrabhupadaDeva…

So,herewith are those letters,in UNEDITED form,with a few comments AT THE END OF EACH by yours Truly.

January 21,1995 Kurt Mausert, Ass Choir

Attorney at Law

Lt. Vince Montecello

Ithaca Police Department

120 E. Clinton Street

P.O. Box 6557

Ithaca,NY 14851-65-57

Re: Aggravated Harassment

Dear Lt. Montecello:

I am enclosing a tape from the answering machine at 717 527-2874. This number is in the name of Lily Schlenz. The tape was played by her husband, Charles William Schlenz,thus making him the victim of harassment.

That phone is located in a house in which aSatsvarupa Ghostwammy was visiting. Please note that SdoG’s English name is Stephen Guarino.

The machine that recorded the messages also recorded several conversations between residents of the ISGONE farm,though such recording was accidental.

The relevant parts of this tape contain two messages left by Steve Voith. The first message is the first segment on the tape in which the message left by Mr. Voith consisted of him speaking into the phone while talking to his young child. Mr. Voith can be heard referring to aSatsvarupa Goswami as a "yucky demon", and asking his child, "Do we kick on his face? Is that why he has suich bad headaches?", and "You mean he's not a guru,he's a demone?".

Mr. Voith knows full well that the number he was calling belongs to disciples of aSatsvarupe GoShammy,and that his "guru" remarks would be considered extremely offensive….

The fifth segment is Mr. Voith leaving his second message {at approximately 6:00 PM as per the previous recorded conversation}. As near as I can tell,the message is as follows:

"This is Bellview Mental-inaudible-We are calling because we were informed that a Stephen Guarino is pretending to be equal to Jesus Christ. Um,we’ll be out very shortly with our representative to discuss this matter with your officials. Please hold him there if he is still there at this time. Thank you. Bye."

Mr. Schlenz strongly desires to file a charge separate from the ones that I,Mr. Blum and Ms. Back are filing. Clearly,this charge will be very easy to prove as Mr. Voith was foolish enough to leave messages. Mr. Schlenze’s card is enclosed with his various phone numbers,but the best number to call is: 717-527-2874. Mr. Schlenz’ devotee name is Baladeva. The Accusatory instrument for this charge may be sent to Mr. Schlenz for his signature at P.O. Box 367,Port Royal,Pa 17082.

You may still regard me as the liason between your department and the ISGONE farm even though I have returned to New York State. I cannot state strongly enough how important this matter is to the victims of these crimes. We are all grateful and relieved that your department is going to pursue charges.

As yet,I have not received my accusatory instrument or voluntary statement to sign. My P.O. Box is listed above,and my physical address is: 2 Sequoia Dr. Ballston Lake,NY 12019.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

Your truly,

Kurt Mausert

PS I am moving into my new office shortly,and will let you know my office address, phone and fax number.


Next: Excerpt from the lengthy police report…


COMPLAINANT&'s;S NAME Mausert,Kurt Gerard

RD #1 Box 839 Port Royal,PA 17082 Phone: (717) 527-2874

Attorney for ISGONE FARM




01-15-95 SUNDAY 4:59 pm


Aggravated Harassment 2nd/PL 240.30 (1)






 01-15-95 4:59 PM Dispatcher Arsenault advised me that he had reviewed a phone call from C-I,who was reporting an aggravated harassment which occurred at an ISKON FARM in Pennsylvania. C-1 stated that the caller is believed to be S-1,and requested that this department contact S-1 in an attempt to cease the alleged phone calls. Officer Salino and myself responded to 308 Hook Place and met with S-1 and O-1. After advising them of the complaint,they related that they both had belonged to the HARE KRISHNA FARM and that S-1 had been the manager. S-1 reportedly uncovered widespread abuse and neglect of the farm animals and after going public with a report of same,was barred from the property. S-1 then had a falling out with the leadership and led several "book burning" vigils and other activities that produced even more negative publicity. S-1 stated that he has called the farm and spoken to friends on several occaisions but denied that he has ever made any threats to the members or organization and in fact claimed that he had felt that his life was being threatened by the [pseudo] Hare Krishna members in PA. S-1 also stated that he has had phone conversations with C-1 in the past and that they consisted mainly of C-1 threatening him with legal action ,etc. S-1 provided a letter that was sent to him from the FBI explaining that they had looked into his allegations of "wrong doing" at the FARM and possible threats against his person and that the FBI could find no evidence to substantiate charges against anyone. S-1 stated that the leader of the FARM and his "former" Goru is aSATS VARUPA and that the phone number that he calls is 717-527-4101. S-1 assured us that he had made no threatening calls,nor would he do so in the future.

01-15-95 8:00 PM- C-1 called IPD and advised me that at 7:24 pm,this date,he had received a phone call at the FARM from S-1,which consisted of the following conversation- "Is Madhu there?" "This is Kurt,can I help you?" "This is the Ithaca Animal Protection Society,and we are going to comer down there and give Madhu an enema!" C-1 was very upset and stated that he recognized the caller’s voixe as S-1 and demanded that he be arrested. C-1 went on to state that S-1 is a BookBurning,Raving Lunatic and that the FARM was on "Full Alert" in the event that the Madman should come down there. C-1 was asked about what physical threats had been made by S-1,and related that "S-1 has told other members things,such as "You should cut off the head of aSATSVARUPA," or "YOU SHOULD PUT A BULLET IN HIS HEAD". C-1 ADMITTED THAT THE ALLEGED THREATS WERE NOT MADE DIRECTLY TO HIM AND THAT THEY WERE MORE OF A NUISANCE THAN LEGITIMATE THREATS OF VIOLENCE. C-1 INITIALLY TOLD ME THAT THERE WERE ARMED MEMBERS AT THE FARM ON ALERT IN THE EVENT THAT S-1 SHOULD SHOW UP…

Next Document:

Letter from Mousert to Linda B. Falkson,IC Prosecutor,Dated 29 June,1995. {was in reference to a copy of a 20-page letters I had sent to NickiCuht [Nityananda das],GoneasYama dasa [BhuktiTirtha] and BTG Magazine—the letter to Nd especially suggesting that the leaders of demonekcon should have blood spilt in the streets for…being who they are…


Dear Ms. Falkson,

Enclosed please find two packages that Mr. Voith mailed to Dr. William DEADwiler. Dr. DEADwiler is a Governing Body Commissioner for isgone,AND IN PARTICULAR FOR THE Isgone farm IN port Royal and for the temple in Philadelphia.

I have reviewed the contents of the letters Mr. Voith has written. I note that they are not written to Dr. DEADwiler,but sent to him with what I believe is the intent to annoy or harass. At the very least these letters are written in a "manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm" in violation of Penal Law section 240.30 (1).

I draw your attention to the language in these letters that accuse Dr DEADwylter [and employing insulting plays on his name] of embezzlement,animal abuse,etc. My name is also mentioned [though Mr. Voith did not mail me anything] NEEDLESS TO SAY,THE ALLEGATIONS ARE ALL FALSE.

The delusional and self-important tone Mr. Voith employs causes me to be alarmed. The fanatical consciousness exhibited by Mr. Voith is typical of those militants who employ violence and then justify it in the name of some twisted interpretation of scripture or the Constitution.

I am more convinced than ever that Mr. Voith poses a danger to the safety of the residents of the ISGONE FARM and to Dr. DEADwylter.

Dr.DEADwylter may be reached at 215 247-8544 [his devotee name is rabidra svarururoop]. He wishes to file charges against Mr. Voith,and he desires an order of protection as well.

I have considered the defence of the 1st Amendment that Mr. Voith might offer to a charge stemming from these mailings. Since Mr. Voith did not address these letters to Dr. DEADwylter,the argument is that he sent them to him simply to annoy. Mr. Voith is clearly not attempting to correspond with Dr. DEADwylyter for the purpose of legitimate debate or discussion.

If you prefer that Dr. Frogwyler contact you or the Ithaca Police,I can ask him to do that. If I do not hear from you,I will assume that you will contact Dr. DEADwylter,and I will advise him to wait to hear from you.

Finally,the ISGONE FARM is holding its annual summer Wrath aYatra festival on the weekend of July 29. I believe that it would be a deterrent to Mr. Voith causing trouble at that event if he could be charged and arraigned on the remaininmg charges prior to this date. If that is possible,it would be appreciated. I will try to ensure that you receive the papers from Mr. Schlenz and Mr. Blum as soon as possible.

Your truly,

Kurt Mousert


Next item: Letter dated 25 March,1996 from Mouseart to Prosecutor Falkson…[via FAX & Mail]


Re: People v. Stephen Voith

Dear Ms. Falkson:

I am writing because I have not heard from you since your letter of December 21,1995. That letter of three months ago stated that a pretrial conference would be held on January 9,1995 [sic],presumably meaning 1996.

These charges were first brought to the attention of the authorities in Ithaca in January of 1995. It has been fourteen months and these misdemeanors have not been resolved.

I find it hard to believe that this is taking so long. The Office of Court Administration publishes goals and standards thst this time-line does not fit at all. And the worst part is that Mr. Voith has allegedly started his activities again.

You may recall that I sent you a package of written materials and a letter dated June 29,1995,in which it was related to you that Mr. Voith acted contrary to Penal Law 240.30 (1). He was accused of harassment via the mail for his alleged act of sending offensive material to Dr. DEADwylter in Philadelphia. I have no information that your office did anything about this incident.

Mr. Voith has again begun toi send such materials,arguably in violation of the same statute. Those materials will be forwarded to your office as soon as Dr. DEADwylie sends them to me for review.

I phoned your office this morning and was told by your assistant [secretary?] that charges can also be filed in the "other jurisdictions". I considered that remark to be blithe and indicative of your office’s desire to not deal with this case.

We have been through this issue before: other jurisdictions filling charges against a resident of the State of New York will do no good. When is the last time you heard of another state going through extradition proceedings for a misdemeanor? In eight years of practice,I have never seen such a thing,and I’d wager you haven’t either.

I view this as an attempt to "pass the buck" to another jurisdiction. It implies that Mr. Voith can sit in Ithaca and commit crimes via the mail and via the phone and enjoy impunity because he resides within a jurisdiction other than the ones to which he is sending his offensive communications. I hope that the remark that was made to me today was not indicative or your attitude.

However,I must ask,is it the Ithaca City Prosecutor’s intention to harbor such an individual as if he has some sort of immunity because the ramifications of his crimes haven’t directly impacted upon Ithaca? I stand prepared to be convinced to the contrary,but as yet nothing of significance has happened to Mr. Voith [atleast not that I have been made aware of]. And as a result,he is at it again.

The victims of these crimes are in fear. They believe that Mr. Voith is a danger to them,and they have little confidence that the legal system can help. The local authorities tell them to report Mr. Voith in New York,and your office says report him in Pennsylvania. IF HE SPILLS BLOOD,WHO WILL BE TO BLAME?

Stephen Guarino [aSATSVARUPA Ghostwammy] will be in attendance at a seminar in April at the Gita Nagari Farm in Port Royal. Mr. Voith has made statements that allude to violent ideations in regard to this individual. ASatsvartupa Goeswammy has long been a favorite target of Mr. Voith’s. Mr/ Voith manages to keep well informed about Event at the farm,and I’m sure he knows of this seminar. Can we expect to have to go on the sort of security alert that we employed in January of 1995? If Mr. Voith feels free enough to engage in harassment via the mail,what else does he fell free enough to do?

The bottom line is that he should have been charged,tried,and hopefully convicted and sentenced by now. Yet he remains at large.

These crimes have their genesis in Ithaca,New York. If it is your intention to not bring these matters to trial,please just come out and tell me that. If you are not going to take action about new crimes that Voith allegedly engages in [procure charges & obtain an Order of Protection for Dr. DEADwylie], then state that position openly so that I may seek what redress I can find elsewhere.

There are a number of victims looking to me to keep them informed. I cannot do that if I do not hear from you. I would appreciate an update at your earliest convenience.

Yours truly,

Kurt Mouseart.

c.Dr. Willhelm DEADwylie the Turd,uh III



Next item: Letter Mouseart to Falkson,Prosecutor, Dated 26 March,1996


Re: People v. Stepehen Voith


Dear Ms. Falkson,

By now you must have formed the impression that just as doctors make the worst patients,lawyers make the worst complaining witnesses. I’m afraid that this letter will do nothing to change that view.

I have discussed the information that you related to me on March 25,1996 via our phone conversation with Dr.DEADwylter and with the other complaining witnesses in this matter [Dr DEADwylie is the Governing Board Commissioner for ISGonem in Port Royal]. They were dismayed and disappointed that the charges against their tormentor have been "decriminalized". After reflecting on our conversation,I share their feelings.

Your stated purpose in reducing the charges from "A" Misdemeanors to simple violations was that you wanted to avoid a jury trial. The fear of a jury trial came when you thought that Mr. Voith might be allowed to offer his wild accusations about ISGONE as some sort of a justification defense for his acts. You said that you asked the judge to bar this defense but that she reserved judgement.

A review of Penal Law section 35.00 through 35.30 [and specificallty 35.05] shows that there are no grounds for such a defense being offered in this matter. Unless your judge is inept,this shouldn’t be a concern. And even if it were a concern,I would suggest that there were two other courses of action that would have been preferable to such a drastic reduction:

1] Leave the misdemeanors intact until trial date. Before the trial,when the judge rules on your motion,then,and only then reduce the charges if the ruling goes against you [this is accepting your view that a jury couldn’t handle the evidence properly—a view that I don’t share];


2] Reduce the charges to Attempted Harassment 2nd or Menacing,both of which are B Misdemeanors. A defendant is not entitled to a jury trial on a B Misdemeanor,and his exposure would be 90 days on each count instead of a mere 15 days.

As it stands,Mr. Voith’s exposure has been reduced from 365 days on each count to 15 days. Regardless of the outcome of the Violation trial,Mr. Voith has already succeeded in getting reduced his LIEability by more than 95%. I don’t know how I have failed to describe the Hell Mr. Voith has put the victims through,but if I have succeeded in even a small way,you must agree that this light exposure is woefully inadequate!

I don’t know if there is any way that you can reinstate the Misdemeanors [at either an A or B level],but I must convey the desires of all of the victims that this be done immediately. They [and I] were also disturbed by this action being taken without consultation with us. As a prosecutor,it was my habit to atleast advise the victims before hand of any such negotiation. As a defense attorney,I see other prosecutors also engage in this habit. You gave me an assurance early on that such a move would not be taken,at least not without some discussion with me.

There are other charges that can be filed against Mr. Voith if you have only brought three charges so far [By the way,other than myself & Ms. Beck,please confirm who is the third victim whose charge has been filed. Is it Mr. Schlenz or Mr. Blum? This is very important so that I know who to produce at trial].

If it is too late to reinstate the Misdemeanors,and if Mr. Blum’s charge has not been filed,please file his charge as a Misdemeanor. Dr. DEADFrogwyler also has a charge that can be filed,to wit: a violation of 240.30 [1] as discussed in my letter to you dated June 27,1995.

You stated to me you had spoken with Dr. DEADwylie and that he did not express a wish to pursue a charge. In my conversation with him on March 25,1996,HE INFORMED ME THAT HE HAS NEVER SPOKEN WITH YOU. There must be some misunderstanding. He does wish to file a charge,and I request on his behalf that you send him a statement form to sign and instruct the police to file the charge.

If the judge allows Mr. Voith to mount some sort of justification defence,you will need a rebuttal witness to dispel his accusations, Dr. DEADwylurGuru has been a [RING] leader in ISGONE for nearly thirty years. He has a Ph.D from Temple U. in [ir] religious studies,and he is the Governing Board Commissioner for Pennsylvania. He has direct knowledge of the falsity of Mr. Voith’s allegations. I am trying to arrange to have him in Ithaca on May 13th and 14th.

In addition,I will soon be seeking a charge against Mr. Voith for his calls to Dr. Patel in Baltimore [we have a tape].

I hope that you are getting as sick of these case as I and the other victims are. I can assure you that the opnly way that we and the cases will go away is if Mr. Voith is prosecuted properly for Misdemeanors. It is up to you to stop a resident of your jurisdiction from committing these crimes. We will not stop asking you to do this until it has been accomplished.

Yours truly

Curt Mouse Art

C: Dr.Wilhelm DEADwylyourRuru

Ms. Gail Beck

Mr. William Schlenz

Next: The main reason why The Prosecutor [and Judge] grasped the essence of what Mouseart and DEADwyler,ISGONE et al stood for,and acted appropriately,nearly ignoring these rascals,and,finally judging that we were innocent,and ‘they’ are liars,childmolester-supporters and demone-worshippers…

And it’s obvious that our letter to Prosecutor Falkson [a copy of which was given also to the Judge] was carefully studied by them,because,for instance, Mouseart had spelled out Asatsvarupa’s name atleast twice,but in her Decision,Judge Rossiter EXACTLY VERBATIM wrote my name play: "Satsvarupa das Goswami,a.k.a. Stephen Guruino. Thus the Judge also kicked on these rascals’ faces with her wry sense of humour…Actually,Judge Rossiter [who married Linda and I exactly one year after our Court trial,in a very sweet ceremony,one in which we distributed prasadam afterewards] changed her spelling of ‘Guruino’s’ name midway thru the Decision to Guirino [sounding like Queerino];she made this not-so-subtle change immediately after acknowledging that Queerino was probably a child molesting rascal…There are many other hints that the authorities gradually saw the truth in what evidence I had provided to them nearly a YEAR BEFORE THE TRIAL,and undoubtedly they must have done some further research to discover if what I was saying had merit or not…

So,here’s my June 13th,1995 letter to Linda Falkson [and Judge Rossiter]:


Dear Ms. Falkson,

Greetings to you. I’m sending you a copy of a letter I wrote to a journalist for a newspaper in Port Royal,PA concerning a case that is now in your office. That is the case in which I’m charged with Aggravated Harassment in the 2nd. I think that after you read this correspondence ,you will most likely conclude that Mouseret and associates not only have concocted their complaint against me,but in fact may be perceived as being the harassing agents. I’ve been a member—or rather I HAD BEEN A MEMBER—of Iskcon from 1977 till 1993,January,until I was ‘excommunicated’ from the religious [cult] organization.

In 1991,after my 11 year marriage in the Washington D.C. area broke up.i moved to the Port Royal,PA iskcon farm in order to contemplate what next to do with my life. I have three internationally adopted children,two from India,one from Russia. I helped my exwife set up an adoption business,and she has placed over 100 children into families in the U.S. I stay in regular contact with my children,and am also helping my fiancé with her three children from a previous [‘cult-dissolved’] marriage.

During the timeframe of Linda and I meeting and transplanting our family to Ithaca,we’ve also uncovered much corruption in iskcon,and have worked steadily to educate the ‘devotees’ and the public,so that these things can be dealt with,and the Hare Krishna Movement can purify itself and go forward in a healthy manner…

Aside from financial malfeasnce,we also uncovered ritual animal abuse,child abuse and neglect and many other unfortunate non-spiritual paradigms,most of which could be linked to ‘cult-of-personality’ worship,and ignore-ance of the spiritual master’s clear instructions on management and purity within the Institution,etc.

While for a short period of managing the Agriculture Department at Gita Nagari Iskcon farm,I uncovered systematic abuses that had gone on less than a year previous-abuses to the herd of ‘protected’ cows which are were supported by a public Corporation called Adopt-A-Cow. Tens of thousands of dollars are donated yearly for the express purpose of giving much needed attention and protection to Lord Krishna’s treasured pets,the cows and bulls. While managing the farm I personally got funding from some weathy Hindu supporters. I netted the Ag Dept. over $100,000 over two years. Because these funds were exclusively controlled by me-with support from the temple president-it didn’t take long to see how phony the ‘regular temple accounts’,AAC accounts,and Ag Dept. accounts were being irresponsibly,ney,CRIMINALLY managed!

By my knowledge of these internal affairs,naturally I became much disdained by the status quo leadership,especially their defacto leader,Dr. William Deadwyler III. Eventually,I was kicked out and off the farm [and all of iskcon] because I very loudly,and unapologetically shouted to the world what a bunch of phony spiritualists and willful cheaters the entire corrupt leadership of Iskcon was [and etc.]

Thus in August,1992 I began to write my first of a series of expose’ on the farm in particular,and isckon in general. The first booklet I published in December,1992 created shock waves in iskcon,and was also somewhat well received by the public—though not very well understood! I fought with iskcon’s nonsensical leaders in the press for several months;the culminating story came on January 24,1993 on the front page of the Sunday Edition of the Harrisburg Patriot. It was a significant article in that it was the first Sunday after Clinton’s Innauguration Party,and our ‘Cow Story’ was more prominently situated on the front page than Clinton’s [pathetic story]…

Following this coverage and media exposure,the many of the IPR leaders resigned and moved away [thuis giving our story much more credibility—atleast in the locals’ eyes]

One of the famr’s leaders,the most ‘implicated’ of the lot,was the Accountant of 22 years,Mr. Brad Walzer,who snapped under all the pressure and was whisked away to Danville Psychiatric facility.

The head of the farm,DEADwyler,of Philadelphia,became enraged that an ‘internal dissenter’ had caused him so much ‘bad PR’. He issued a two-page character smear on my person,and widely distributed it to all major iskcon leaders and ‘guru’s,etc. As an iskcon GBC Governing Body Commissioner Deadwyler wields [wieldead] considerable power. His character smear letter—which was also later presented by me to FBI officials because of their Extortionate Investigation regarding evidence that Deadwyler,Attorney Mouseart,etc. were possibly trying to arrange for my murder- alluded to violence in much the same way that Deadwyler had alluded to violence in a similar correspondence a few weeks prior to another dissenter being murdered in 1986. This was the Deadwyler/Satsvaruppa conspiracy to kill Soulocana for the latter’s explaining that these men weren’t gurus but were actually smarta Brahmins taking handouts from demons [and were also Guru-killers by definition…] Soulocana’s [Stephen Leslie Bryant] murder was given wide coverage in the book Monkey on a Stick [moas],and his Reform was falsely usurped by the Deadwyler ‘Guru Reform School’ cheaters…

So,Deadwyler’s hate-letter against me began a long saga which appears to be culminating here and now in Ithaca,with these flimsy charges being brought against me. [ie. Aggravated Harassment 2nd]

The irony of this situation is that a group of people who are publicly known for all types of harassing tendencies and harassing actions- including not only harassment of the public, but also harassment of their own people [who disagree with ‘them’] –are now coming to the Ithaca authorities with superficial complaints of harassment-agaisnt my person-though the main thrust behind these ludicrous charges is to scare me [us] into silence!

But now,the court is being used as a tool to censor dissenters. Muirdering dissenters seems just now to be out of vogue,after moas,David Koreshna,etc.,so instead,iskcon has encouraged its savvy and fanatic followers to become lawyers,so that all the sheep can be forcibly kept in line by a clever combination of the movement’s vast wealth and organizational power base and the legal tricks of this new army of attorneys. I’ve witnessed the same tactics in the church of Scientology. This is the ‘legal’ way to ‘make’ Monkeys on Sticks…ie. Keep people or individuals from feeling free to expose falsehood or to vigorously seek and defend the Truth.

Now, Deadwyler’s main friend and supporter at the IPR Farm happened to be my Ex-‘guru’,aSatsvaruppa Swami [aka Stephen Guruino] Guruino had run the farm until the moas book appeared,whereupon he resigned and Deadylie took over. But Guruino still had a large influence at the ipr farm as he had established and maintained his bookpress there for the past 15 years. Guruino also claimed almost every resident at the farm as his own disciple,or at least as an institutional supporter,or sychophant.

Thus several of my friends and family were restrained from entering the farm by Guruino’s llawyer/disciple,Kurt Mousert,KirtanandaRasa das,which proved that even as late as 1993 [and NOW we see,AS LATE AS 1995!] Guruino had a strong controlling interest at the farm.

Subsequent to my ‘attacks against the farm’s leadership’ Deadwyler influenced Guruino to attempt to dissuade me from further agitation,and to ‘make amends with the family’,thereby ending our ‘nasty family squabble’,and etc.Guruino gave it his best shot,but I told him that hypocritical,pseudo spiritualists made me vomit,and I would have to relieve myself from such vomiting-propensity by handily shouting about ‘it’ to whomever would care to listen…

This greatly angered the leadership,and more ‘Restraining Orders’ were issued keeping any of our supporters away from the farm [this was also mainly done because my ‘spies’ at the farm kept us well-informed of problems with the animals as well as dates of events when the Guruino-rogues would show up and we could more facilely [and BLISSFULLY] expose these rascals’ cheating propensities,etc. Shortly after these incidences,I publicly burned the offensive writings of Guruino. His buddy,Mousert called me from Nevada –where he was residing at the time—and threatened to harm me if I burned Guruino’s garbage books. I soon notified the authorities,and the FBI took it seriously,and came and placed as recording device onm our phone to trace any threatening calls from iskcon people….

Thus it’s ironic that the so-called leaders of the iskcon—who have been exposed and accused time and again of harassing,intimidating,molesting,robbing,beating and murdering dissenters [and the public] arer now seeking to brand an ‘internal dissed-enter’ [yours truly] as "harassing in the second degree". In fact they have harassed me,my fiance’,my Exwife,my friends as well as millions in the innocent public IN THE FIRST DEGREE!! They have used their once-bona fide organization in the same way the Pharisees of Christ’s time utilized the church’s resources. They’ve turned their temples into dens of thieves,and spiritual principles have been fully renounced for the Greenbacks. Purity,compassion,simplicity and selflessness have been supplanted by fax machines,Com lines [grapevines],real estate racketeering scams,’zonal guru franchises’,evicting widows from their homes,and all kinds of reprehesib;e and unmentionable misdeeds.

This is the sad,but unavoidable truth. We are not proud to tell this truth,AND WE ARE NOT-I AM NOT-IN ANY WAY ATTEMPTING TO COMPARE MYSELF TO LORD JESUS CHRIST in revealing to the world that these rogues are the modern-day equivalent of the Pharisees,and etc. But their misdeeds must be exposed if rectification is to come about-which is what I truly hope and pray for.

Their attacks on my person-for whistle-blowing- are simply their reactions to my ‘truth sessions’ regarding what thousands of persons have already experienced first hand [and what thousands of pages of documentation also reveal.] I have turned out to be these cheaters’ worst nightmare since Steve Bryant,and since they can’t answer my documents with their own evidence [to prove me wrong] they have instead resorted to personal attacks and character defamation. In essence they are saying in this Harassment charge that they have every right to destroy persons’ lives [I’ve given over half million dollars in money,time and service since 1977] and then to fully censor those individuals when they wake up and protest how they’d been duped [and how the REAL TRUTH had been diabolically suppressed,twisted and MISrepresented for so many years]…

Thus Satsvaruppa’s nickname is SatsHeDupedya or Satansvarupa,THE REAL FORM OF SATAN.

Thank you for your time.

Very Sincerely yours,

Stephen Voith aka Soulocana dasa anudas (sanat)


DECISION  95-18593


Defendant was initially charged with three counts of Aggravated Harassment 2nd degree. By stipulation, the People and counsel for defense agreed that the matters would be tried by a consolidated Bench Trial,as though the maximum charge was a violation of Harassment.

The People called four witnesses,including the three complainants. Kurt Mousert,identifying himself as an attorney admitted to practice law in the State of New York,testified that he telephoned the defendant on January 15,1995,on behalf of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and told him not to call the Krishna Farm in Port Royal,PA. Mousert stated that he personally received a call back from defendant the same evening at the Farm n which the defendant said that
he was calling from the Ithaca Animal Protection Society and that he would come to the Farm to give Madhu an enema. The witness identified Madhu as Morris Foley.

Defendant Stephen Voith denied ever calling Mr. Mousert directly and specifically denied doing so in January,1995,which testimony is consistent with a report he made to the Ithaca Police Department at that time. Both Mousert and Voith recalled that Mousert called Voith in July,1993,telling him to stay away from the Port Royal Farm. Mousert also testified that the Society had obtained an "Order of Protection" through the County Sheriff from a local court in Pennsylvania, primarily because the defendant had written and published a number of articles critical of the group and had staged some protests at or near the
entrance to the Port Royal Farm. According to defendant,on or about January 14,1995,he called and spoke with "Madhu", who at that time was sharing a cabin at the farm with Mr. Mousert. According to the testimony of both witnesses, Madhu serves as personal secretary to "aSatsvarupa" a.k.a. Stephen Guruino.

Mr. Voith testified that his conversation with Foley pertained to Guruino's health. Voith explained that he had previously served as personal assistant to Guruino,who suffers from chronic headaches. According to Voith,he mixed for Guruino a natural herb Enema that reportedly brought some relief from headache. During the telephone call in January 1995, Voith inquired of Foley if Guruino still experienced headaches and if so,suggested that he could again provide the enema remedy he had previously administered. The claim previously made by Mousert was that Voith called him and THREATENED to give MADHU an enema. In comparing the two versions of the statements,the former is merely unusual,whereas the latter is bizarre. Based on content alone,the version testified to by Voith is more credible. Mr. Voith did not appear to the court on the date of the trial to be so odd or troubled that he could have uttered as strange a statement as that alleged. The court also finds it more likely that the conversation in question took place between Voith and Foley,not Voith and Mousert despite Mr. Mousert's
testimony to the contrary. The court concludes that Mr. Mousert's testimony may have been a sincere,though MISGUIDED, effort to provide service to the Krishna group or to Mr. Foley. It cannot, however, provide the basis for a criminal conviction of Aggravated Harassment or Harassment.

Turning to the statement alleged to have been made to Ms. Beck,the Court finds that there was a conversation between Voith and Beck. Ms. Beck's recollection of that exchange was that Voith asked: "Is aSatsvarupa dead or does he just smell that way?" She testified that she replied "you are misinformed," and then hung up. AGAIN,THE STATEMENT IN QUESTION IS SO BIZARRE IN ITS CONTENT THAT IT IS INCONSISTENT WITH THE MANNER IN WHICH THE DEFENDANT CONDUCTED HIMSELF AND SPOKE ON THE DATE OF THE TRIAL. At that time, Mr. Voith testified that he had believes [sic]  that Mr. Guruino molested children on the Port Royal Farm. On the day that he spoke with Ms. Beck,Mr. Voith had actually called to speak with "Jeff". Ms. Beck answered the phone and apparently indicated that Jeff was not there. Mr. Voith testified that he then engaged Ms. Beck in a discussion about practices and beliefs,and asked her how she could worship someone who molests children. Voith explained during his testimony that under Krishna theory,any person who poses as Christ is spiritually dead. He testified that he believes that Guruino has attempted to do that and his query to Ms. Beck was whether Guirino [sic] was spiritually dead OR JUST SMELLED THAT WAY.

Finally,as to the conversation with Mr. Blum,it is alleged that Voith called Blum and asked if Mr. Blum thought his axe could split aSats Varupa's head. Mr. Blum testified briefly in Court,indicating that this seemingly macabre inquiry was the sum and substance of their phone conversation on or about January 14,1995. On the other hand,the defendant testified that Mr. Blum had called him on the date in question to tell him not to come to the Port Royal Farm the next day at which time there was to be a celebration for Guirino. After receiving that message,Voith testified that he returned a call to Blum and engaged him in a conversation regarding the allegations of child molestation,asking Blum how he could worship someone who did that.Voith again explained during his testimony that in Krishna writings,there is a passage regarding religious crusades,in which the phrase: take your axe and grind it,is used as a metaphor for a crusade for a belief. Voith stated that he used that metaphor in his debate with Blum but did not say that he intended to use an axe,that is, areal rather that a metaphorical axe,on anyone.

Witnesses Blum and Beck both stated that they did not prepare complaints immediately after the conversations but rather at a later date and at the suggestion of Mr. Mousert. It's quite possible that their recollections of the conversations were not fresh at the time they recorded them and were therefore incomplete. Based on the testimony and the demeanour of the witnesses,the Court cannot conclude that the defendant made statements without any legitimate purpose whatsoever,for the sole intent of harassing the complainants. THE DEFENDANT APPEARS TO BELIEVE THAT HE IS ENGAGED IN AN IMPORTANT DEBATE WITH FELLOW KRISHNAS ABOUT ISSUES THAT ARE OF GREAT IMPORT TO ALL OF THEM.  The Court notes that there was some testimony that the Krishna members receive many "hang-up" calls at the Farm that annoy members because they occur at late hours. There was no evidence,however,that the defendant made any
such calls. If such calls were proved to have been made by the defendant,then they could form the basis for a complaint and conviction. However,in this instance,they cannot.

In the case of HOLY SPIRIT ASSOCIATION FOR UNIFICATION OF WORLD CHRISTIANITY v. NEW YORK STATE CONGRESS OF PARENTS AND TEACHERS,INC., 95 Misc2d 548,  408 NYS2d 261,the COURT STATED THAT NO RELIGIOUS GROUP IS ABOVE CRITICISM SO LONG AS IT IS LIMITED TO WORDS and does not deny the members of the group the rights and privileges afforded to others. In this instance,taking the statements by Voith in the context that he sets forth,THE COURT FINDS THAT HIS STATEMENTS WERE INTENDED AS CRITICISMS OF
A RELIGIOUS GROUP, rather than statements intended to harass or annoy....

Based on the testimony and the Findings of Fact herein,the Court finds the defendant NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS. CASE DISMISSED. This constitutes the Decision and Order of the Court,entered this day upon notice to all parties.

DATED:  June 27,1996       
Judith A. Rossiter CITY COURT JUDGE

                                           Stephen Voith
                                           May 23,1996

Mr. Gary Surdell
Deputy District Attorney
City of Ithaca
320 Tioga Street
Ithaca,New York 14850

Dear Mr. Surdell,

Thank you very much for spending almost an hour with me on the phone on Wednesday,May 22,1996. I appreciate your openness and candor in discussing with me your experience with Kurt Mousert,a Complainant in People v. Stephen Voith on these several Aggravated Harassment 2nd Degree charges.

I want to thank you also for wanting to remain neutral in this case and to allow the Prosecutor's Office to handle it. I think that's prudent. Does that mean that Mr. Mousert [a.k.a Kirtan 'ananda' Rasa Dasa] was out of order in coming to your office in the first place? He seems to insult every person along the way in his attempt to have me censored and silenced. He appears to have already insulted Ms. Falkson's Secretary, Ms. Falkson herself, and even the Honorable Judith Rossiter (by calling her "inept" in a letter he wrote to Prosecutor Falkson.)

His statements to you that i "insulted" him are lies and fabrication--i'm convinced-- in an attempt to influence the Court in this
[my] case. I wish to ask you: Is Mr. Mousert's tirade the other day in Court (May 14,1996) the norm for a complainant? Is it acceptable to the Court that a man who has a complaint disturb the entire atmosphere of the Court,rather than quietly file a charge through the Prosecutor's Office at a designated time and place?!  Are the rantings and ravings of Mr. Mousert going to be prosecuted by the Court,and if not, can your Office investigate Mousert's behavior that day and contemplate criminal action?

If i were to have acted in such a manner as did Mr. Mousert that particular day,isn't it safe to say that i would have been physically restrained and probably arrested and charged with Contempt of Court? Do you feel that Mr. Mousert's behavior is the equivalent of Contempt? Do you feel that i would have a case against him for slander,character defamation, libel or whatever?

Mr. Mousert's statements to you,as you conveyed them to me the other day,appear to be all hearsay and unsubstantiated allegations; and that NONE of what he apparently told you had been part and parcel f his testimony in Court. (with exception,perhaps,of the background animosity and hatred.) None of the (alleged) mailings were his testimony either.
But,if you feel that he has a good case against me,and somehow the judicial system has failed Mr. Mousert (and therefore his insubordinate action of going to you to intercede on his behalf was justice), then i might feel the same way. Or at least i would pray that you would give me the identical opportunity to reveal MY evidence against the Complainants,and show you the mailings i have received from them that reveal not only an INTENT to harass,but AN ATTEMPT TO HAVE ME MURDERED b a fanatic disciple--exactly in the same pattern or manner in which a witch hunt was catalyzed against "envious attacker" Stephen Leslie Bryant in 1986 (Ten years ago yesterday!),when this KrishnaMartyr was writing his blistering,Truthful Expose' titled  THE GURU BUSINESS: HOW THE LEADERS OF THE HARE KRISHNA MOVEMENT DEVIATED FROM THE PURE PATH AS TAUGHT AND EXEMPLIFIED BY ITS FOUNDER HIS DIVINE GRACE A. C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA.

Why don't  you meet with me and after you've FAIRLY seen BOTH sides,you will perhaps be in a much better position to determine "WHO's CRAZY" here. You have looked at Mr. Mousert's alleged evidence which he claims points to me as being an harassing agent (against him and his friends);please extend the same opportunity to me.

As i told you on the phone,i've spent over $22,000 over a four year period working nearly single-handedly to hold these culprits accountable for their deviations,corruption and criminal conspiracies. Nobody has exposed them with greater alacrity--at least not an INSIDER--since our Friend & Mentor,Steve Bryant. So,for me (and many of my friends and family) to see all that diligent investigative reporting culminate here in Ithaca with Mousert's rantings nd ravings in the Courthouse about my being a "madman",etc. is most unsettling. IS IT SIMPLY BECAUSE MOUSERT IS AN ATTORNEY that such uncivil behavior on his rt was condoned and  tolerated (in a Court of Law) ?

Anyway,i hope that you will give me a little more of your time to 'educate' you briefly on my extensive findings and to illuminate exactly WHY Mr. Mousert and friends are so "alarmed" by my disclosures within ISKCON and without. They are simply alarmed at the TRUTH,and cannnot tolerate that a former paeon (yours truly) has upended their cart,so to speak,and stifled their cheating paradigm.

As Hubner and Gruson state in their much celebrated book, MONKEY ON A STICK (MOAS), on page 390:


And on the inside flap of MOAS is stated:

"Like Helter Skelter,this book is infused with horror and suspense and informed by exhaustive research. MOAS is a spine-chilling look at the INSTITUTIONALISATION OF  EVIL  in the name of God. Investigative journalists John Hubner and Lindsay Gruson masterfully electrifying story of faith and betrayal, money and power, violence and obsession, murder and madness."

I think Ms. Prosecutor Falkson,The Honorable Judge and many others saw first-hand revelation of that madness and obsession recently here in Ithaca (with these obsessed followers of 'mad' gurus who feel themselves above the law...I'd like to apologize for the venomous behavior  of my former Godbrother also)...And even if you personally feel that 'my' behavior of publicly dancing and chanting the holy name is also 'mad',at least it is something which is enjoined in the revealed scriptures of the world FOR HUMAN BEINGS. And as far as my exposing the cheating 'gurus' of the pseudo Krishna cult (one of whom i was duped into following for a while), look what that very 'guru' himself says regarding CHEATING GURUS AND EXPOSING THEM in his 1978 book "Handbook for Krishna consciousness". On page 315, in a chapter called "Telling the Cheaters from the Teachers", aSatsvaruppa dasa Goeswhammy (Mr. Mousert's Goru since 1978) writes:

"There are no laws against pretending to be a great guru or even God Himself. So it's extremely difficult to stop the cheating 'gurus' and 'incarnations'. But Vaisnavas (devotees of the Lord) have to try, at least, to expose them.

Nowadays,the cheaters are so brazen that even when caught in the most scandalous behavior,they matter-of-factly admit they're cheating--because they know their followers will go on worshiping them anyway."

Even Mr. Mousert's own guru says to expose the cheaters. But he (Satsavarupa) turned out to be the biggest cheater of them all. AND he explains succinctly that the followers will remain in denial and go on worshipping the cheater "anyway." (But worse,they'll try to hurt kill or character-assassinate anybody so 'presumptuous' as to point out the defects of their alleged 'guru'...)

One other point i'll make before i sign off: Mr.Mousert and Friends have attempted to paint me as a  "psychopathological madman" and a "militant who employs violence and then justifies it in the name of some twisted interpretation of scripture" (letter dated June 29,1995 to Prosecutor Falkson). This is the picture that has been painted of EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL who has LAWFULLY exposed the cheating and chicanery of these rogues. (And look,if you will,at how much anger Mousert employs. Our Scripture states that as soon as one becomes angry and attacks with speech instead of wisdom such 'debater' defeats himself...) The book MOAS,as above-quoted, shows their militant mentality: They ('gurus' and
fanatic followers) have been authoritatively accused by outside,objective observers, of TWISTING THE MEANING OF SCRIPTURE to justify acting above the law. That's how they've justified attempting to incite their followers to have me killed MANY,MANY TIMES! (They've even attempted to drive over me with their cars while i protested at their centers of 'worshp'...) I have a tape in my possession of a bogus 'guru' in which he clearly says that blasphemers of (bogus) 'gurus' should have tongues cut out,then they should be killed,and etc.,and i'll be happy to 'share' this megalomaniac's (Tamalt Krishna  Ghostwhammy's) 'twisted scripture rantings'... But,amazingly,THESE ARE COMMON PLACE THINGS OPENLY
DISCUSSED AMONGST THESE DANGEROUS CULT MEMBERS [and their leaders---there demons within...]

But what's interesting the most is how people like Mousert will facilely utilize the heaviest statements in scripture against their own perceived enemies,but they will simultaneously squeal like a suck pig THE VERY MOMENT THAT ANOTHER [person] INSINUATES THAT THOSE SCRIPTURAL STATEMENTS APPLY ALSO ESPECIALLY TO THEIR OWN CHEATING GURUS... Or,they will ascribe violent ideation's to such references. As for instance the alleged tape recording they possess in which i sarcastically tell my daughter: "Kaitlin Devyani, Sweetmost, DO WE KICK ON THE DEMONIC FACE OF SATSHEDUPEDYA,OR WHAT?! IS THAT WHY HE HAS SUCH BAD MIGRAINS?" ... Their witness,Charles Schlenz [BVD] ,admitted that he wasn't particularly alarmed by the statements on that tape,and in fact those words are metaphorical or philosophical,meaning "to disgrace" your opponent. (especially when said opponent is a cheating, so-called guru,etc.) Of course,then Mr. Schlenz then went on to say that other things i allegedly said said [or wrote] to other cult members DID alarm them. But those 'other' alleged statements were only hearsay,and were not actual statements made in any of the complaints brought before the court by the complainants.

Thus the tape recording served no purpose other than to introduce more hearsay into the proceedings.

To be continued

                CITY OF ITHACA
                118 East Clinton Street
                 Ithaca,New York 14850

Office of Linda B. Falkson              Telephone
CITY PROSECUTOR                 (607) 272-7584

July 10,1996

Kurt Mousert,Esquire [Ass Choir?]
421 Bay Road
Queensbury,New York 12804

Re: Stephen Voith

Dear Mr. Mousert:

Please find enclosed herewith the Decision of Honorable Judith Rossiter regarding the above-captioned case. The Decision speaks for itself.

On a related matter,I am in receipt of your latest letter,dated June 15,1996 (but received by my office almost two weeks later.) In answer to your question,as I'm sure you know,I'm very familiar with the Dietze case,and its progeny. That is why the officer was instructed to charge under the Harassment section (3) "course of conduct" section. It is much harder for the defense to make a motion to dismiss claiming 1st Amendment protction when the defendant engages in a COURSE of harassing conduct,as opposed to one utterance.

However,I am concerned about your statement in your letter of June 15,1996 that the latest event is only  "a second act" (the only act since the trial) and therefore does not constitute a "course of conduct." You may not recall that in your voluntary statement given to the police back on May 14,1996,you claimed there were a "total of three passes close to our cars", in which Mr. Voith "sang insults directed at us." If it's now ONE act RATHER than THREE,you are correct that it would NOT constitute a "course of conduct" under the law.

I do not find your "analogy" about a Contempt charge to be "helpful". Notwithstanding your statement, the mens rea  for Contempt is intent,it is NOT a strict liability section.  (see section 215.50). The issue is not limited to the simplistic question of whether there was contact between Mr. Voith and yourself. The Factfinder has to consider whether Mr. Voith deliberately intended to either question or defy the authority of the court ,offend it s dignity,or evade justice. PEOPLE v. GOMEZ 108 Misc. 2d 480 (1981).

You inquire as to why I intend to file at most Harassment as opposed to Contempt. As stated in your voluntary statement, Alan Hays, Officer of the Court and a most trustworthy and ethical person,was a witness to the events. He told me that all he observed on the date in question was Mr. Voith walking through the City Court parking lot chanting in the Krishna tradition while playing his finger symbols.[sic] Mr. Hays did not hear any reference to you or to your party. Obviously,this
exculpatory information has to be immediately made available to the defense,when and if a charge is filed. Under the circumstances,how could the interests of justice be served by charging Mr. Voith with a Misdemeanor?

I am surprised that you state that you would be satisfied with a "plea to Harassment...and a sentence of community service or a fine." As you may recall,on the date that you made out the voluntary statement YOU WERE SCREAMING AT ME SO LOUDLY AND THREATENING ME that the "new charges against Mr. Voith better not be reduced" that one of the Court personnel had to send an Ithaca Police Department officer into the courtroom to make sure I was safe.

You state in your letter that you are concerned about being "victimized". I'm sure you're not the only one with that concern. As you can see from Judge Rossiter's Decision, she found Mr. Voith's version of events "MORE CREDIBLE" than your version. (see Decision, page 2) The Judge further stated that "Mr. Mouserts testimony may have been a sincere though MISGUIDED EFFORT TO PROVIDE SERVICE TO THE KRISHNA GROUP or to Mr. Foley." (see Decision, page 2)

Before you write me yet another letter,you should keep in mind that I turn all letters over to the defense because I consider the letters to be ROSARIO. (You may recall Mr. Hays was rather successful in his cross-examination of you using one such letter to make you admit you wanted Mr. Voith arraigned at a certain time to keep him from demonstrating at an upcoming Krishna festival.)

Finally,I don't recall any "research" that you did for me with regard to the issue of jurisdiction. I do recall telling you I was not filing any charges until I had phone records indicating that the phone calls in question were actually made in the City of Ithaca.

If you want to discuss these matters further, please call me. I am sorry that Mr. Voith is demonstrating against your organization and that you find it so upsetting,but it is not a situation where Ithaca City Court can provide  you with the type of assistance you desire,nor is it a situation where we can provide assistance to Mr. Voith who has allegedly expressed interest in filing an intimidation charge against a member of your group present at the hearing.

Very truly yours,
Linda B. Falkson

cc: Mayor Cohen
      Deputy District Attorney Surdell
      Alan Hays,Esq.




THEREFORE ALL THESE Mahavegati-foolish persons are risking receiving severe reactions,and may lose chance for human life for millions of kalpas. THIS IS NO JOKE OR EXAGGERATION. [in King Nrga Story of Krishna Book,it's therein stated that simply for wrongly handling the property of the bona fide Brahmana [ie. Srila Prabhupada] one will remain a stool worm for 60,000 years...So,just imagine how hellish will be the next
life for those who 'mishandle'Srila Prabhupada's 'property' of HDG's REPUTATION AND GOOD NAME..... This is sense,and i pray that these MahaVagueVats of Tea wake up SOON and repent this their indulgences in MayavadhiPADA Rochshashaisms,and work on behalf of Bhaktin Goddess Mother KaliS WORDPOINT TO CHASTISE all these miscreants [and their demone parents,  "closest advisors" ,media,litter-ati, gov't people etc.] instead. TIME TO WAKE UP....EVEN NOW, is it so nat?!

3. y2UKhaos is here!

[reactions to turdley are definitely being underscored by recent events in uk]

Prabhu,thngs are looking dire now in uk,and no relief;a recent US energy statement said that US has just shipped 1.2 min barrels deisel to uk--AMAZING,since supplies are critically low here at home!!!!!!!!! You
know this means that because of election year here [which affects things ALOT MORE THAN IS ADMITTED OR REALIZED] the Dems are uneasy about economic fallout if uk grinds to halt,and stock mkt. suffers
everywhere...; but this above action [1.2 mn brrls] is like abandaid on cancer--and the fuel will not be 'realized',ie utilizable by uk for two weeks,minimum--but it's delivery reveals how dire the problem in uk is!!
Your gov't will soon have to impose martial law--DONT GO ON STREET OR BE SHOT [possibly!] when folks see the petrol ain't flowing; and then people-sensing that this predicament is allthe fault of uk gov't-will then get EXTREMELY UPSET,and start kickin' some major booty. [i just read a uk article that said that 'Depot's promised fuel did not receive it at all',thus forcing shutting of many schools,etc....yes,TRUST NO FUTURE,i t's a fact that govt bluffs and is bluffing; your country appears to be an example Krishna will use to demonstrate the severity of reactions incurred from blaspheming a Pure Devotee. US will be following soon-even worse,esp. when cold arrives and cities lose gas and oil---whew! i shudder at thought;and india/pak will soon also get  "THEIRS"....

(also,quite possibly,all of europe could soon be ingulfed in civil unrest...)


p.s. i want to finish letter to Clinton,need your help,as this letter will be included as Addendumb to Cow Letter,esp. for benefit of Press;i wish to send it along with IJ article and other documents,and if you could assist that would be good,since i dont have capacity to amalgamate so many things,etc.