By Sanat dasa

Sanat dasa making counter propaganda by exposing the pseudo-Krishna cult leaders  murder 

of Srila Prabhupada and Sulocana prabhu at Washington D.C. Ratha Yatra 1996.


Note: The following article is unedited.

Tamal's Cunning Usurpers' Party; (T.C.U.P.) Tamal is Tamal Krishna
Goswami,  a.k.a. Thomas Hertzhog, Prime Suspect in the Plot to Murder
Krishna Saint, HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Founder of the
Hare Krishna Movement

The Saintly Founder of The Hare Krishna Movement, His Divine Grace A.C.
Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, The Spiritual Master of the Universe
(Jagat Guru)   was poisoned and tortured unto death by a group of
[pseudo] disciples in 1977.

These miscreants, headed by Tamal Krisha Goswami (aka Thomas Hertzhog)
attempted to torture,harass,exploit and destroy everything and everybody
in and along their way as they posed as   "Representatives of God"   in
'Prabhupada's Movement'. (Hertzhog is the Cult leader of "Texas Krishnas", an unauthorized group comprised of former ISKCON TEMPLES CUNNINGLY USURPED BY HERTZHOG (TAMAL)

It's a well-documented fact that the following categories of living
entities--within ISKCON and outside the Movement--also experienced
(and,to some degree, are continuing to experience) abuse at the hands of
these false religionists: children, cows, women, devotees, old persons, and
the general public...
Although His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada decided INDEPENDENTLY to
Depart us in November,1977, it is clear from His statements beginning in
May of 1976 that He 'felt the pulse' of his Judas-disciples and
indicated His awareness of their demonic designs to "kill Guru and
become guru" long before He came to His own mature decision to 'retire
early' and go back to Godhead.
For example, On May 3,1976 in Honolulu, Srila Prabhupada made this
telling prognostication:

"So,as Krishna was attempted to be killed...And Lord Jesus Christ was
killed,so they may kill me also." [SP Conv.]

And on August 16, 1976, Srila Prabhupada also explained:

"...And as soon as he hears that the Guru Maharaja is dead, oh, now I am
so advanced that I can kill my guru and become guru, then he's

The immense body of evidence of a conspiracy by Hertzhog's Party to
murder the Saintly and world-renowned Spiritual Master of the Hare
Krishna Movement is conclusive and incontrovertible.
 ( and interestingly, one of Hertzhog's main supporters and accomplises
in the Murder Conspiracy , a guru named Jayapataka Swami, is reportedly
being sought by Indian  authorities for questioning in the strange death
of an inmate of the Mayapura, India Temple Complex, an ISKCON center
that the 'Swami' himself has been the Governing Body Commissioner of for
many years.

 Mr. J.Swami was key to Hertzhog's (and Cronies') plot to assassinate
Prabhupada since he was an American-born  Indian citizen, well connected
to the violent Naxalite Communist Party of West Bengal and its gundas;
It was no problem for this man (Mr. J. Swami) to arrange for poisons to
be prepared in India and subsequently to be hand-delivered to Vrindavana
[India], where Tamal [Hertzhog] and captors were holding our indisposed
Spiritual Master AGAINST HIS WILL IN NOVEMBER, 1977;

NOTE: While J. Swami controlled the ISKCON India properties in West
Bengal, Mr. Hertzhog was GBC of Vrindavana, India;
these two places are the main pilgrimage sites visited yearly by Krishna
Devotees from around the world, including tens of thousands of devout
Indian Hindus.

Therefore,  Hertzhog and J. Swami could directly control who could visit
(or not) and when.  Thus in October-November, '77 when Prabhupada sent
word that ALL His disciples should immediately come to India [from the
West]  to visit their Spiritual Master (who was possibly preparing to
Depart this world) and pay respects and receive Blessings, Hertzhog, J.
Swami and other Satanic 'disciples' cleverly changed Prabhupada's
message to say that only a handful of "senior men" should come see His
Divine Grace.

 As result, only a handful of devotees, friends and well-wishers made
the difficult journey to Vrindavana, India... to witness the SHOCKING
sight of their beloved Spiritual Master's emaciated form as He tolerated
the tortures and poisonings imposed by Hertzhog's Party of Usurpers...
And MOST of those few souls who did make the journey to gain darshan
with their Spiritual Father,  left India disturbed, angry and bewildered
by what they had witnessed regarding Prabhupada's passing and the
strange manner in which Herthog & Party interacted with the pilgrims--
particularly in how they guarded Prabhupada suspiciously and adamantly
denied the 'lesser' devotees access to their beloved Spiritual Master.
And, subsequently how rumours trickled out about 'poisoning', and
especially how Prabhupada had been denied repeated attempts and
importunings to be taken on local  Parikrama by bullock to the holy
places [which He clearly said would cure Him]  as HIS 'FINAL REQUEST';
but how instead Prabhupada's lifeless form had been taken on pilgrimage,
strapped onto a palanquin by Hertzhog's heartless hogs... Another "Last Request" 

denied  Srila Prabhupada by T.C.U.P
Srila Prabhupada: What does he say? They will kill?...That is my only
request, that at the last stage don't torture me, and put [me] to death...
[from SPC Vol. 36, November 3, 1977 tape recorded Room Conversation]

A conspiracy to murder Srila Prabhupada is PROFOUNDLY evident especially
in the direct (DISTRESSED) tape recorded statements of Srila Prabhupada
days before He passed away; clear statements in which His Divine Grace
discussed His poisoning [as well as its pernicious effects on His body
and mind] with the very raksasas -demons-  who were conspiring to
assassinate Him. [though,paradoxically, Srila Prabhupada kept His good
humour intact throughout His unprecedented ordeal of persecution, and
not only did Srila Prabhupada perfectly expose and describe these
"Ravana"-like, disciple- Murderers' intentions--thereby expertly kicking
on-ney,URINATING ON-their demoniac faces--but even more noteworthy is
how Prabhupada showed exemplary humility,tolerance, mercy and compassion
in that unimaginable situation by seeking to Deliver His very assassins
via spiritual and moral instruction...as well as by direct chastisement,
sardonic word play and recondite metaphor:

Tamal: This seems like suicide,Srila Prabhupada, this [PARIKRAMA]
program. It seems to some of us like it's suicidal.

Srila Prabhupada [w/boots]: AND THIS [being kept locked up in an
airtight room with rascals] IS ALSO SUICIDAL!!

Tamal [as Ravana]: Hm. Prabhupada said, "And THIS IS ALSO SUICIDE!!."
Now you have to choose which suicide. [Hisssss]

Srila Prabhupada [as External Vision of Supersoul]:  THE RAVANA WILL
[from Srila Prabhupada Conversations, Vol. 36, page 378, November
10,1977,four days before Srila Prabhupada Departed (from His
Ravana-Tamalice captors) and returned to the Spiritual Kingdom of
God,accompanied by Religion,Knowledge,etc.]

The Vedic Scriptures explain lucidly how the spoken words of the bona
fide Spiritual Master are 'Pramana', vibrations first spoken by the
Supreme Personality of Godhead.
Therefore, if any of the so-called leaders of Iskcon (who took part
directly in the abuses to their Spiritual Preceptor 23 years ago)  claim
to be actual disciples of Srila Prabhupada,then they will have to admit
their guilt and complicity at once [in Prabhupada's poisoning and
torture],  resign their positions and turn themselves over to the proper
law enforcement authorities for prosecution...(or do as Judas did two
millenia back...commit suicide.)

Many of the current  leaders of ISKCON are  also the prime suspects in
Prabhupada's tortured demise. Their names are: Thomas Herzhog (aka Tamal
Krishna Goswami, aka TKG), Jay Israel  (aka Jaya Adwaita Swami), Stephen
Guarino (aka Satsvarupa das Goswami, aka SDG), Dr. William Deadwyler III
(aka, Ravindra Svarupa das), Jayapatakea Swami, Bhakti Caru Swami,
Satadanva Swami, Adri Dharana, Bhavananda and etc. [English names  are
not known to us for these last five]
There are many other persons who had direct knowledge of this 'Crime of
the Millenium' , but who are not Iskcon leaders,and other individuals
who supplied poisons or made arrangements to aid and abet the
evil-doer/deviant disciples in different ways...such as the infamous Candra Swami,
who supplied poisoned medicines via J. Swami and Hertzhog's friend, Satadhanva
Swami, and who is currently serving a life sentence in India's Tihar Central Jail for a
murder related to the Rajiv Gandhi assassination

 In fact, anyone now serving in Iskcon is, at least, indirectly culpable
for Prabhupada's untimely death, because their masters (the current
alleged successors to Srila Prabhupada) have usurped the Mission,changed
the content of Prabhupada's books,driven out sincere followers of Srila
Prabhupada,looked the other way as dissidents like Sulocana and others
were murdered,   and they also tortured and exploited

At the present moment, the blind and fanatic followers of the false
Iskcon gurus, ie Hertzhog's Party have remained silent as their Betraying masters have shifted blame for their crimes onto Srila Prabhupada, as for example in the recent
Windle-Turley case-- the $400 million lawsuit on behalf of [former]
children who were abused systematically by their purported protectors. 

Thus the crime of physically killing the Spiritual Master has at once
been superceded by the more heinous offence of publicly DEFAMING the
bona fide Representative of God, Srila Prabhupada Bhaktivedanta.  This
b l a s p h e m o u s  act of   D E F A M A T I O N   has been perpetrated by Hertzhog's crew by their intentionally ascribing blame and culpableness to His Divine
Grace for crimes willfully committed  by themselves, His PSEUDO
disciples , which crimes--such as ritual child abuse--were performed by these
individuals (& their underlings) for more than two decades.
But it must be noted that TCUP's  crime of covering up their other
misdeeds , and even murdering  those WHO SOUGHT TO UNCOVER THE
SYSTEMATIC, RITUAL CHILD ABUSE (and, etcetera),  IS FAR WORSE than the original crime; and the leaders' persistent conspiracy to hide these
nasty deeds has become shockingly apparent by their ultimate non
sequitur [of total NON-ACCOUNTABILITY, ie. blaming it on their Guru,
Srila Prabhupada] : 'Prabhupada made us do it; Prabhupada's to blame!'
These transparently defective, and superlatively venemous
rationalizations have been created by the illusory energy, Maya, because
of these Offenders' opposition and rebellion to the Spiritual Master's
moral and spiritual instructions.
 Perfect Instructions voluminously and clearly delineated in Srila
Prabhupada's authoritative books, the Vedic Scriptures such as
Bhagavad-gita As It Is, Nectar of Instruction, Srimad Bhagavatam, etc.
not to speak of Srila Prabhupada's thousands of letters to His disciples
and unlimited Conversations and lectures; all of which say, "give up sin
(sense gratification), and revive your happy life by surrendering to God
and blissfully chanting His holy name!"... 

These Killers of Guru FOREVER claimed to be Prabhupada's  "CLOSEST
ADVISORS".  Similarly, in the WindleTurley 'Child Molest Lawsuit',  it
is  ALLEGED  that  Prabhupada conspired with His "CLOSEST ADVISORS"  to
coverup their,  ie. CLOSEST ADVISORS' crimes against the Gurukula

and hypocrites by innocent, rank-and-file devotees, therefore their
statements are inherently untrustworthy and unreliable, to say the
least!  How can the statements of those who betray their Preceptor,
betray His disciples, betray the public, [ritually] torture and abuse
innocent children, embezzle and squander the Institution's immense
wealth, and etc.  [all of which crimes, including also murder-for-hire
(of dissidents)  were exposed and acknowledged in such public forums as
"MONKEY ON A STICK" [the 1988 book].

2. Child abuse accusations were manifold especially in "MONKEY ON A
STICK" and not only was smokescreen and prevarication the order of the
day ["We'll investigate..." said PR Swami, Mukunda, Michael Grant]   but
NEVER DURING the previous Expose's (conducted by media personell, FBI,
Sulocana, et al) did any of the Iskcon leaders attempt to blame Srila
Prabhupada or His teachings for these deviations. No. This unprecedented
Krishna Avatara, Srila Prabhupada, in Hertzhog & Co.'s hellish regime
was ironically initiated by Dr. Deadwiler [Ravinedra Svarupa] in
connection with E. Burke Rochford, the Sociologist from Middlebury
College, Vermont, who had collaborated extensively with Deadwiler in the
1980s on his  [Rochford's]  purely academic study: "Hare Krishna in
 Deadwiler had also used Rochford as a shield around 1992-93 as the
complaints of the abused kids [Gurukulis] got louder and more
persistent. Deadwiler had risen newly to power uplifted by the [phony]
reform he was credited with in "MONKEY ON A STICK"--a reform he stole
from Sulocana-- and he didn't want the impending 'Gurukula disaster' to
hinder his progress of becoming a new, Reform [school] 'guru'. Thus he
was sustained by fellow academician and 'concerned sociologist', EB
Rochford who lent his [authoritative] time to pour balming oil on the
kulis' troubled waters (which also emboldened Deadwiler in his New
Wine/Old Bottles Reform school Guruship Certificate  which had been
graciously bequeathed to him  by Mafia Don, Hertzhog, as reward for
Deadwiler's aforementioned 'chilvarous deeds'  of pretending to MOAS
authors that ISKCON under Deadwiler's watchful reform eye would become
free from all criminal elements, that all "autocratic gurus" would be a
thing of the past, and that all child abuses would be investigated
But suddenly the 90s came, the Kulis came of age, and started crying
foul, and Deadwiler consorted with his Machiavellian friends to solve
their problem-- as well as to keep the 'kinder, gentler, 1000 points of
[b]light-gurus' afloat. Rochford,Hertzhog, & Deadwiler convened some 
 "emergency gurukula meetings" 
 in Alachua, Florida as well as Philadelphia, Dallas and LA. The first
BIG meeting was held in Alachua in June, 1996. As pledges of monetary
reward were 'tearfully' made [to the victims]  by the rich [and
corpulent] Sinyassis and gurus present there, the three buddies,
Hertzhog, Deadwiler and Rochford hatched their plot to stay in absolute
power:  Their reasoning was tha since the abused kids wanted  to steer
away from DIRECTLY blaming their parents [for neglect and abandonement],
the leaders could continue with their tried-and-true mantra: 'Prabhupada
set this system up, what could WE do, the thing was defective from the
beginning... WE ARE VICTIMS TOO!'

In the Bhagavad-gita As It Is (by Srila Prabhupada) Lord Sri Krishna
explains that "for one who has been honored,dishonor is worse than

Therefore, the tortured demise of our Great Spiritual Master by His
purported followers is not nearly as dangerous for the world as is their
attempt to defame Srila Prabhupada by  attributing blame to Him for
THEIR OWN CRIMES  (of abusing the 'Gurukuli' children,and etc.), thereby
smearing His Spotless Character  and inducing the unsuspecting pulic to
hear the worst blasphemy of the Lord's Pure Servant.
The first act (persecuting Srila Prabhupada by poisoning Him,etc.)
deprived Srila Prabhupada of His 'physical' existence, whereas the
latter act--  that of character defamation--  is an attempt to
permanently marr His Divine Grace's  Spotless character,name and
transcendental fame (which name and fame were derived by His
single-handedly spreading the glories of the Lord all over the world.)

Thus the Turley  ("Krishna Child Molestation")    Lawsuit, filed on June
12, 2000 in Dallas, Texas, is a nighmarish assault on Krishna's Pure
Representative by a combined effort of envious and malicious individuals
who cannot tolerate the Preeminent, Inimitable and worshipable stature
of the bona fide Spiritual Master,Representative of God  (and who
especially REFUSE EVEN NOW, at this late stage, TO ACCEPT EVEN AN IOTA
OF ACCOUNTABILITY for their eggregious, horrible crimes that they
purposefully committed    (and induced others to commit) in their
nefarious plan of destroying the vitality of Prabhupada's Govinda's
Movement by betraying the trust of Prabhupada's disciples  their

Five thousand years ago a similarly pure soul was harassed by persons of
demonic intent. Her name was Draupadi Devi,the Queen Wife of the Saintly
Pandavas. In fact,the entire family of Pandu had been persecuted by the
Kauravas. And,specifically,Queen Mother Draupadi's harassment was cited
by Lord Sri Krishna as THE cause for the holocost known as the Battle of
Kuruksetre,in which 60 million people were annihilated in 18 days,
(after which holocost Lord Sri Krishna installed His Pure Devotee,
Maharaja Yudhisthira, on the throne to rule the world righteously...) 
 The Vedas offer many,many examples of how whole dynasties,countries or
even  planets have met with similar dire consequences simply because a
great devotee of the Lord suffered at the hands of non-devotees, or
asuras, demons.

In December of 1998, we explained these same philosophic points to
India's Political Minister (Mr. Amitava Tripathi), and handed him the
evidence regarding the  conspiracy to murder Srila Prabhupada.  We
requested that he deliver this evidence to India's Prime Minister,
Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee, along with a petition to his BJP-led government
to investigate Prabhupada's 'murder' and to extradite the offenders
involved in said assassination to Indian soil, where they could stand
trial for the crime which they committed there, ie. in Vrindavana, India
two decades before.

We strongly pointed out to Mr Tripathi that just as a holocost ensued
after offences to the Pandavas had gone unrequited, so also the world
was risking dissolution on a grand scale if these offences to Krishna's
Dear Pure Devotee,Srila Prabhupada, went unpunished--and that "INDIA

Now, due to the Turley case, millions upon millions of people are
hearing unprecedented blasphemy of the Lord's Servant, and therefore the
reactions are becoming very burdensome for Mother Bhumi [Earth
personified] to bear. War, disaster, pestilence and hardships of every
kind are imminent, unless this situation is promptly amended and
mitigated. (Indeed, as we write this, the places of birth of TWO Pure
Devotees -Christ and Prabhupada- are under siege:  Nazareth is a site of
rioting,mayhem and murder (a Biblical prophecy), and Calcutta and many
holy places are experiencing significant flooding. Prabhupada is a
personality on par with Lord Jesus Christ--it's even been speculated by
many intelligent individuals that Srila Prabhupada IS the Christ
returned, or even the "ONE GREATER THAN ME"  whom Christ prophecied
would Appear-- but,in any case, it IS significant that the places where
so many offences to the Pure Devotees have been committed are now
reeling in disaster, AND BOTH SIMULTANEOUSLY!--and the whole earth
planet is at significant risk by dint of widely broadcast insults and
blasphemy directed at a Great Soul, ie. Srila Prabhupada, who is
blameless and Pure, LIKE THE LORD... )

So, we are pushing for full and total accountability for the crimes of
the rogue Iskcon usurpers,destroyers and Guru-killers headed by
Prabhupada Assassins and accomplises, Tamal Krishna
Goswhammy,Satsvarurupa Swami and Ravindra Svarurupe,. These rascals have
now been exposed forcefully for their crimes against God and humanity,
and their response is to at once lie, prevaricate and pass the buck.

 NO responsibility or accountability from THEIR side: T.C.U.P (Tamal's
[Hertzhog's] Cunning Usurpers' Party):

 "Srila Prabhupada fully supported our determination to remain
unrepentant swinefaced barking dogs. Whatever 'bad'  we did [so-called]
was really HIS (Prabhupada's] fault;he knew we were less-than-dog
homosexual paedophiles and NASTY managers; if he DID NOT  want us in
there molestin' kids, harassing devotees, pimpin' the women,neglecting
the cows, breaking up marriages, etc., then why the hell did he leave us
in there as 'next-in-line-Acaryas'?!  After all,Prabhupada said, '
Krishna's mercy is there for me [you] to spoil and squander,'  so he
knew we'd squander it,therefore HE must be to blame for our crimes,
since practically he sanctioned them by giving us the green light as
'nasty managers', etc"

 But THEY (TCUP) AND THEY ALONE are 100% to blame for their own crimes
of the spirit and of the flesh also. That fact will be soon impressed
upon them in a way that only the Supreme Lord has cognizance of .

As  Srimad Bhagavatam scientifically describes,  posing as king, leader,
"governor", etc. carries great responsibility in human society :


The clever Duryodhana and his party cunningly usurped the kingdom of
Yudhisthira, who had no enemy.  By the grace of the Lord, the recovery
was executed, and the unscrupulous kings who joined with Duryodhana were
killed by Him.  Others also died, their duration of life being decreased
for their having roughly handled the hair of Queen Draupadi.


In the glorious days, or before the advent of the age of Kali, the
brahmanas, the cows, the women, the children and the old men were
properly given protection.

1.  The protection of the brahmanas maintains the institution of varna
and asrama, the most scientific culture for attainment of spiritual

[NOTE:  Hertzhog [Tamal] and his Cunning Usurpers' Party  didn't protect
brahmanas, the Supreme of which is Srila Prabhupada;  rather they
cleverly usurped His kingdom (Srila Prabhupada's, WHO HAD NO ENEMY) ,
after first insisting that He, Prabhupada,  Depart untimely by their
poisoning and torturing His Divine Grace unto death.
Then they enthroned themselves as righteous heirs (and spiritual
masters), murdered other brahmanas who DEFENDED Srila Prabhupada (and
His Vani & Missionary activities) like Sulocana.
These rogue successors-headed by  Hertzhog, Deadwiler , Gaurino, J.
Swami, etc. worked overtime to destroy the Varna and Asrama Institution
reinaugurated by Srila Prabhupada by a paradigm of false worship  (of
false Messiahs, ie. THEMSELVES)  thereby further casting aspersions upon
brahminical culture and undermining its acceptance in society...

Srila Prabhupada's PURPORT:

2.   The protection of cows maintains the most miraculous form of
food,ie. ilk for maintaining the finer tissues of the brain for
understanding higher aims of life.

NOTE:  The cows in [former] ISKCON centers have been 'naturally'
neglected by Tamal's [Hertzhog's] Cunning Usurpers' Party, because these
rascals, upon rubberstamping themselves 'holy' gurus, wholly abandoned
the holy cow-- as well as other living entities-- as unwanted burdens,
though these miscreants cleverly utilized all such souls in their
propaganda purposes, ie. to make money, gain respect, and become famous


3.   The protection of women maintains the chastitiy of society by which
we can get a good generation for peace, tranqility and progress f life.

NOTE:  Women have been exploited and abused beyond description by
Hertzhog's [Tamal's]  MIS[CON]guided Misogynist Meglomania party.
 Srila Prabhupada taught by precept and example that women should be
protected and children worshiped ["MORE IMPORTANT THAN DEITY WORSHIP"] ,
but the false Prabhupadas [the ROBwhoPada's] - in imitation of their
Master - said: "chant 16 rounds [of Mayavadhi-induced mantra]  jabber
jappa, go out as prostitutes  'for your spiritual master', collecting
'laxmi', let the kids go to hell [or better,uh worse, lettem' go to OUR
Gorukula and we'll molest 'em real spiritual-like, and we'll later work
with the 'parents' and Mayavadh Sociologists like E. Burke Roachford to
blame it all on Prabhupada and His Teachings since we leaders [Gorus] &
mislead parents (and well paid sociologists) none of us should be to
blame since we  'followed Prabhupada's teachings' 
ie. judge His teachings by OUR results!!..."  ...


4. The protection of children gives the human form of life its best
chance to prepare the way of liberty from material bondage.

NOTE: Now  a Party of Tamal's [Hertzhog's]   well-trained TamalGoons
[ie. mislead Gorukulis]  are 'finishing' what Tamal's conning, cunning
Usurpers' Party began: destruction of the Prabhupad-ized Daivi
Varna&Asrama Institution. The Tamal-kulies, headed by Jagadisha Swami
and abandoned son, Nirmal Hickey, are seeking to discredit
Prabhupada-Brahmin's profound instructions regarding the implementation
of Lord Krishna's Institution of Varna and Asrama via Defamation and
character assassination;
essentially these Judas-Betrayers are blaming the Real Guru-Brahmana,
ie. Prabhupada  for the false  [Tamal-usurper Party's]  brahmanas'
demoniac deeds of misleading women, children, brahma-bandhus
etc,exploiting them, abandoning them and, in several cases, as the
Turley Lawsuit proceedings demonstrate, turning them into "twice the
sons of hell" as the original [Usurpers] Party was.

Thus by changing Prabhupad-Brahmana's instructions, and eventually
blaming Prabhupada for the bad results accrued thereby, a chain reaction
has been set in motion to significantly hamper acceptance and
implementation of the original  [ Varna & Asrama]  teachings in society.
Now, it is likely that for several subsequent  generations preaching
will  be difficult and significantly hampered as a stringent reaction to
the   'second generation's'  having been so deeply mislead-- and as
reaction to the ongoing poisonous propaganda engendered and disseminated

Where there had been love [Prabhupada-Krishna]  now there is hate and
mistrust. Where there was purity and acceptance, now there is hypocrisy
and disillusionment. And etc.
Simply because the praja, the Brahmanas, cows, children, women and old
men have been neglected, exploited, even demonized...by demons posing as
Devas.[ Tamal's [Hertzhog's] Cunning Usurper Party, T.C.U.P.]

Srila Prabhupada:

5.   The protection of the old men gives them a chance to prepare
themselves for better life after death. This complete outlook is based
on factors leading to successful humanity as against the civilization of
polished cats and dogs.

The killing of these innocent creatures is totally forbidden because
even by insulting them one loses one's duration of life.  In the Age of
Kali they are not properly protected and therefore the duration of life
of the present generation has shortened considerably. In the
Bhagavad-gita it is stated that when the women become unchaste for want
of proper protection, there are unwanted children called varna-sankaras.
To insult a chaste woman means to bring about disaster in the duration
of life. Duhsasana, a brother of Duryodhana, insulted Draupadi, an ideal
chaste lady, and therefore the miscreant died untimely. These are some
of the stringent laws of the Lord, mentioned above.


Thus we can understand that what has gone around will come around;  the
TCUP-folks , Hertzhog, Deadwiler, Gaurino, et al , etc., who attempted
to murder Srila Prabhupada and His Institution, who did kill Sulocana,
who did insult innumerable chaste ladies, (DISCIPLES AND DAUGHTERS AND
GRANDAUGHTERS OF HIS DIVINE GRACE SRILA PRABHUPADA , THE LORD'S TRANSCENDENTAL REPRESENTATIVE) , who did kill and insult brahmanas, children, cows, the elderly , these unfortunate men will find themselves
neglected at the end of their miserable, miscreant lives.  The younger
persons will come in and realize what rascals these rascals are, and
there will be no shelter or relief for such aparadhis (offenders)  who
will also undoubtedly die untimely ("bring about disaster in the
duration of life") , which reactions "ARE SOME OF THE STRINGENT LAWS OF
Yes, their [sychophant] disciples, whom they 'maintained' [so their own
false prestige would be maintained and upheld]  for many years, will,
once these false gurus grow old and grey, totally neglect them.  Just
like the family members gathered around the dying materialist  (as
powerfully depicted on the pages of the Bhagavata Purana) , who facilely
discard their father or husband when he can no longer duly provide for
them, similarly, once these Guru-killing, cow-torturing,
child-swallowing,  women-insulting (and hating) raksasa-gurus reach
their fag end, they will  undoubtedly strongly taste the stringent laws
of the Supreme Lord the moment their once fanatic disciples eschew their
[heinous] association for the higher [sense-grat] tastes of being
themselves worshiped and adored... Then they can meet up with all the
other Duhsasana-Miscreants on their own special little planet [DOWN

[above quotes taken from Prayers of Queen Kunti, SB 1.8.5]

Srimad Bhagavatam also explains how the above five creatures are
identical with the Lord, and what results are there for those who abuse


The brahmanas, the cows and the defenseless creatures are My own body.
Those whose faculty of judgement has been impaired by their own sin look
upon these as distinct from me. They are just like furious serpents, and
they are angrily torn apart by the bills of the vulturelike messengers
of Yamaraja, the superintendent of sinful persons.


The defenseless creatures, according to Brahma-samhita, are the cows,
brahmanas, women, children and old men. Of these five, the brahmanas and
cows are especially mentioned in this verse because the Lord is always
anxious about the benefit of the brahmanas and cows and is prayed to in
this way. The Lord especially instructs, therefore, that NO ONE SHOULD
BE ENVIOUS OF THESE FIVE,especially the cows and brahmanas....Just as
children are taken care of by the parents, women as a class should be
taken care of by the father, husband or grown up son. Those who are
helpess must be taken care  by their respective guardians, OTHERWISE THE
GUARDIANS WILL BE SUBJECTED TO THE PUNISHMENT OF YAMARAJA, who is appointed by the Lord to supervise the activities of sinful living
creatures. The assistants, or messengers, of Yamaraja are likened here
to vultures, and those who do not execute their respective duties in
protecting their wards are compared to serpents. Vultures deal very
seriously with serpents, and similarly the messengers will deal very
seriously with neglectful guardians. [SB 3.16.10]

It's important to note herein that whenever we've gone out into public
carrying signs which declare that T.C.U.P. [Tamal's (Hertzhog's)
Cunning Usurpers' Party]  tortured His Divine Grace unto death and
created an entirely DIFFERENT movement [to mislead and contaminate
people],  the innocent bystanders generally approach us with an attitude
of : "Wow, well yeah, I guess THAT DOES explain a heckofalot, yeah,
umhmmmm, bunch of creeps, WHAT WOULDN'T THEY DO?!"

 "Good for you! Yeah, don't let them stop you; you have a right of
freedom of speech, keep up the good work!"

 [these very type of responses are video recorded from demonstrations
done in the U.S. and Canada beginning in 1993 up till 1999]
Supersoul confirms the truth of these matters simply by  how people in
the general public immediately grasp these issues (regarding WHAT REALLY
WENT WRONG IN ISgone) and  affirm the truth from their own experience or
from their intelligent grasp of the issues, and express gratitude to us
for having the courage and determination to publicly expose these
heinous crimes and to kick on the "SERPENT" faces of the perpetrators of

An example of HOW these crimes are still being perpetrated [at least in
coverup form] is amazingly found in Hertzhog's [Tamal's] 1999 'TKG's
DIARY', in which he--in a negative sense--ADMITS POISONING SRILA

Judas-Tamal [Hertzhog] ISCONIAT's  guilt and complicity as MASTERMIND of
the plot AND EXECUTIONER OF SRILA PRABHUPADA is as transparent as
daylight through polished glass- in his new tome, "TKG's Diary".
Especially when one considers that Tamal Krishna Goswami [Hertzhog]
published ALL his diary documents more than a decade ago, in which
mention of Poisoning of our Spiritual Master is  conspicuous by its
absence (as was Prabhupada's statements of being slowly tortured unto
death and held against His will in a suffocatingly stagnant room in
Vrindavana,India in November,1977 similary conspicuous by its absence in
Gaurino's [Satsvarupa das Goswami's] seven volume  "GBC AUTHORIZED
'biography' " of Srila Prabhupada. A poisonous account [allegedly of
Prabhupada's life] published in the early 1980s (UNauthorizedly) using
all of the facilities of the famous Bhaktivedanta Book Trust- thereby
catalyzing the BBT's precipitous decline into insolvency....
Tamal's main first "Diary" of  "THE FINAL PASTIMES OF PRABHUPADAS LIFE", written and published sometime in the mid-80s, called  'Antya Lila'
glosses over everything controversial, fully ignores Prabhupada's
[andHertzhog's, ie. TCUP's]  discussions about being poisoned and
tortures, and gives the reader the impression that Prabhupada passed
away blissfuly in the presence of His "loving,trusted,intimate
disciples", His alleged "CLOSEST ADVISORS", of whom Hertzhog [Tamal
Krishna Goswami- TKG] was foremost... That by Hertzog's account:  it was
Prabhupada's strong desire that these [TamalGoons] Secretaries become
His empowered Successors, Representatives of God, Infallible, and etc.;
NOTE: at the time of the publishing of Tamal's "Final Pastimes Diary" or
"Srila Prabhupada's Antya Lila",  the Conversations [SPC] HAD NOT BEEN
PUBLISHED, rather they [along with Prabhupada's 8000 letters and
correspondences] had been cleverly suppressed and hidden by TCUP;
Later, Sulocana would sacrifice his life to liberate these amazing
documents, and the GBC only authorized a limited 1000 copy edition of
the Conversations [ hundreds of which are mysteriously STILL MISSING IN
ACTION, especially all of 1967, which was THE YEAR that Hertzhog's
Guru-Cronies, Kirtananda and Hayagriva attempted to usurp the Iskcon
preaching Mission by stealing Bhagavad-gita Manuscript and preaching
against Prabhupada's formal teachings, etc...]; and the GBC NEVER
PRINTED THE LETTERS IN THEIR UNABRIDGED FORM, and instead had Gaurino [Satsvarupa] deprecate them as "dangerous" in his 1990 " Prabhupada
Appreciation" [!!!!]

Anyway, it is a documented fact that when Tamal's first Diary, "Final
Pastimes of Srila Prabhupada" came out, no one knew about the ACTUAL
FINAL PASTIMES  of  Srila  Prabhupada.  Nor did anyone have an inkling
OF TAMAL's AND TCUP's conspiracies to murder His Divine Grace and Usurp
His Institution after declaring themselves His natural heirs-Successors
(and cleverly hiding Prabhupada's Letters and Conversations- which
correspondences and Conversations refuted their claims-based on
Prabhupada's own Will and Testament, Conversations, Management
Directives, etc.,etc.) 

Therefore, even up to1991 and '92, about 15 years AFTER Prabhupada
Departed us, no one could have a clue that the original 11 Heir-Gurus
(and their supporters,apologists and accomplises) were foisting a big
lie upon the world, in general, or that Hertzhog [Tamal] was lying about
Prabhupada's "Antya Lila" in particular.
And Tamal was confident that his re-writing history was a fait accompli,
and would NEVER be challenged....But by 1993, after we  stumbled upon
enough anomalies in ISKCON to set us wondering--and investigating--what
was wrong in paradise, ie. ISKCON  and after we seriously cracked open
our new volumes of Prabhupada's Conversations (and also got  hold of the
UNABRIDGED LETTERS of Srila Prabhupada, which had been printed
UNDERGROUND in Mexico, 500 copies only) we were brought quickly upto
speed by the Absolute word of the Person Bhagavata, Srila Prabhupada,
who explained HIS OWN ANTYA LILA--and etcetera-- far differently than
what Tamal and fellow Wizards of Ozcon had concocted in their
self-serving Diaries, which were simply put:  Murder Cover-up books

The Real Conversations of Srila Prabhupada fully contradicted Hertzhog &
Gaurino's [Tamal's and Satsvarupa's]  wishful accounts.     Therefore
these Conversations were conspicuous by their absence in those fictional
works by Guru-killing authors, Thomas Hertzhog, a.k.a.Tamal Krishna
Goswami, and Stephen Gaurino, a.k.a.  Satsvarupa das Goswami...

But then suddenly, inexplicably Tamal & Co. are citing those November,
1977 Conversations in....1999?!? (and NOT 1985 or '86 when his first
alleged biographical Diary was published??)  And they were cited in the
context of Hertzhog being accused [BY US] of murdering Srila Prabhupada
via arsenic poisoning. 9And, incredibly, the Preface to "TKG's Diary"
was penned by Dr. DEADwyler [Ravindra Svarupa] who was the ALLEGED
big,big, reformer in "Monkey On A Stick", and had vowed to 'clean up
Iskcon' of all its criminal elements, "autocratic gurus", etc. [!!]

 So, to refute the "offensive notion" that Hertzhog [Tamal], far from
being the "hand-picked Successor" to the great Disciplic Lineage of
Spiritual Masters tracing back to Lord Sri Krishna, the Supreme
Personality of Godhead, was, by stark contrast, now being credited with
First Degree Murder of Srila Prabhupada (the Greatest and ONLY Master to
magnanimously come to the West in many millenia- and who came simply to
emancipate humankind from the shackles of illusion) as well as willful
destruction of Prabhupada's Legacy, The Internatonal Society For Krishna
Consciousness, Tamal now comes out WITH YET ANOTHER ANTYA LILA, "final pastimes" of Srila Prabhupada [!!!]; his 1999 "TKG's Diary"--and, as above
mentioned, threw this book quickly together in anticipation- and apprehension- of Nityananda das' shocking book, "SOMEONE [named Tamal] HAS POISONED ME"

Therefore, the fact that there WAS NO MENTION OF THESE FINAL
CONVERSATIONS IN BOOKS PURPORTING TO ACCURATELY AND "AUTHORITATIVELY" COVER this time period and those happenngs is most damaging, revealing and incriminating of Hertzhog and his entire mafioso Party of thugs and villains

And all these 1977 Conversations with Srila Prabhupada especially FULLY
INVOLVED Hertzhog, ie. TAMAL KRISHNA Goswami- TKG, and to a lesser
degree, Gaurino, [Satsvarupa Swami] ; yet nary a word about these
'poison conversations' of October and November, 1977 issued forth from
these prolific writers' pens UNTIL AFTER we went public with the
DOCUMENTED TRUTH OF PRABHUPADA,s DEMISE, and also  just before Nico Cuht [Nityananda das] published his 400 page book titled SOMEONE HAS POISONED ME, which book offers nearly unlimited evidence that Tamal and TCUP
indeed 'murdered' Srila Prabhupada via arsenic poisoning ( along with
their unlimitedly venemous association...) 

Thus Hertzhog, Gaurino and Deadwiler [Tamal,  Satsvarupa  and Ravinedra
Svarupe] and all their demonic co-conspiring friends in the
TCUP-Movement WERE OBLIGED TO finally [after 22 years]   ADDRESS THIS
THEIR CRIME OF THE MILLENIUM OF CRUCIFYING THEIR SAINTLY MASTER, though their acknowledgment came begrudingly, and only AFTER we were brutally attacked in different pseudoKrishna parades for courageously exposing
this CRIME, distributing the documents [FROM PRABHUPADAS CONVERSATIONS]
which revealed the prima facie, incontrovertible evidence of
Hertzhog-Tamal's Party's deeds and their two decades' coverup... and by
carrying huge signs that concisely revealed these matters to the
inquiring minds of the general public...word got out into the ether
quickly of Tamal-Judas Party's real program.... that they were so
ambitious to take Prabhupada's seat that Guru-Hatya (murder) was not a
problem for them (though even in that situation, Srila Prabhupada
dexterously urinated in their snake faces...exposing their openly stated

These folks have all along acted as though they are above the law, above
GOD's Law, and appear to have not the slightest remorse for their sinful

On page 390 of the Expose'-book, MONKEY ON A STICK [1988 by Hubner &
Gruson] is written:

"If Srila Prabhupada had chosen an acarya to succeed him, it surely
would have been someone the spiritual master considered a brahmin. Since
there were no brahmins in the movement, Prabhupada chose eleven of his
leading administrators and businessmen, ksatriyas and vaisyas, to be
rtvik gurus.

"When they [ISKCON] made the gurus gods on earth, they made a tremendous
mistake," says Professor J. Stillson Judah, author of  HARE KRISHNA AND
THE COUNTERCULTURE.  "Each [guru] could do no wrong, so each could do
whatever he wanted to do. Each was free to define what was right.

"That's called antinomainism," Judah continues. "A religious figure
believes he is empowered by God, so he believes he is above the law. HE
CANNOT BE CRITICIZED,because he is a representative of od on earth."

The gurus did their best to promote the myth they were all infallible,
but infighting soon turned their collective
We-have-transcended-the-material-plane mentality into low farce. The
first to act on his belief was Tamal Krishna, the guru of Bombay, the
Southwest United States, and Fiji. In the Spring of 1980, Tamal began
proclaiming himself Prabhupada's successor. He stopped teaching the
Purports Prabhupada had written to interpret the Gita and started
teaching his own. Prabhupada's Purports were full of errors, Tamal
claimed.  Tamal not only wanted obeisances from his disciples (people he
had initiated) and from his godbrothers and godsisters (devotees
initiated by Prabhupada), he wanted the other ten gurus to bow before
him, too.

Most other gurus responded, "How can Tamal behave n this way when it is
I who should be the new acarya?" They warned Tamal to tone down, and
when he did not, the other gurus hauled him in front of the GBC. Tamal
was stripped of his guruship for a period of one year.
"When we got the gurus, we got eleven different ISKCONs," says Ravindra

"There were some real unfriendly tensions between the gurus right from
the start. They [the gurus] propped each other up because if the power
of one guru was threatened, they all felt threatened. But when somebody
finally fell, they turned on him and destroyed him."

Now, just see how dispicable ALL these false gurus and  'Governing Body'
members are that they have "turned on him [Srila Prabhupada]" and wish
to destroy His Spotless Reputation. 

Such betrayal of trust will not go unpunished. And  the citizens of the
state are also being put into difficulty, ie. having their TRUST
BETRAYED  by being obliged to hear public broadcasts of Defamation of a
Great Soul by these 'Closest Advisors', ie. ISGONE Governors/'gurus':

"The Sanskrit word visvasta-ghata refers to one who breaks faith or
causes a breach of trust. The mass of people should always feel
protection because of the government's protection. Therefore, how
regrettable it is for the government itself to cause a breach of trust
and put the citizens in difficulty for political reasons... Indeed, the
hellish conditions already described await the sinful men responsible
for such suffering. One who betrays the confidence of a living entity
who takes shelter of him in good faith...is extremely sinful. Because
such betrayals now go unpunished, by the  government, ALL OF HUMAN
[ S Bhag. 6.2.5-6 ]

As above described, five kinds of defenceless entities who had taken
shelter of Prabhupada's Movement "in good faith", had their confidence
betrayed by the false Messiahs [under Hertzhog's tyrranical,
"autocratic" rule], which tyrants first betrayed Prabhupada-Brahmin and
subsequently defamed His Divine Grace by publicly attributing
culpableness to Him  for the other defenseless entities the T.C.U.P.
rogues betrayed, namely the Guru-kula children.

 For the gratification of their political ambitions, these imposter
gurus created a poison tree which gradually became infested with
multitudes of venemous serpents whose poisonous conspiracies eventually
shook out all sincere, non-envious souls.  Hertzhog's PTA- Poison Tree
Association also  victimised others individuals who were too defenceless
or weak to eschew TCUP's contaminating associations and influences.
 Prabhupada warned that the 'aroma' of this poison [Hertzhog-Tamal] Tree
could burn to ashes the transcendental Forest of Good Association, and
he likened the 'relief' obtained by surrendering to such Poison Tree
Association to that an overheated man gets from diving into a shallow
creek to escape the scorching sunshine.

Srila Prabhupada:  "There are two verses in the Canakya-sloka how a
family, an institution, can be glorified, or burned into ashes by one
person. Canakya Pandita says that if there is one tree in the forest
producing nice aromatic flower, that one tree can glorify the whole
forest by the flavor of its flower. Similarly, if there is one tree in
whose cavity there is a little fire, that one tree can burn into ashes
the whole forest. So this simile is applicable anywhere.
But Srila Prabhupada identified - and chastised- this "POISON TREE" and
he predicted what the Society's fate would be if the Prabhupada-Caitanya
Tree of knowledge, religion and renunciation became overburdened by
Tama-Tree Poison [of personal ambition & abuses of praja via breaches of
Faith and Tust]:
"In a family, if there is one good boy, he can glorify the whole family,
and similarly if there is a bad boy, he can burn the whole family into
ashes. Similarly, in this institution if there is a bad disciple he can
burn the whole institution to ashes."  [SPL to B. Mardan 8/25/70]

Prabhupada very early on identified the "great sinister movement"   [the
origin of the Poison Tree]  within His Society, and He implored His
sincere disciples to stop the contamination by emulating the Saintly
Prahlada Maharaja.
 HDG pointed out repeatedly that politics and diplomacy are the emblem
of demons and Raksasas, such as Hiranyaskasipu, and the guiless
souls,the devotees, in such a society [of demons] are considered fools:
"Because Prahlada had become a devotee, they considered him to be
contaminated by bad intelligence and to be the worst descendant in the
family of demons. As it is said, where ignorance is bliss, it is folly
to be wise." [SB 7.5.16 P]
 Thus Prabhupada  dispalyed the greatest 'folly' by preaching to the
Tamal/Hertzhog demons that they were NOT God- the Supreme- and they
needed to renounce their political diplomacy and cheating ways in order
to achieve the status of bona fide Servant of God. Prabhupada fearlessly
informed these Raksasic-disciples that they could never become Guru by
killing their Guru or by disobeying His instructions. By such unyielding
'folly' [on Srila Prabhupada's part], Hertzhog and seminal brahmana
friends called for a stick , ie. poison with which to chastise their
Guru [whom they considered was "damaging our name and fame" by allowing
ANYONE-- even NON-Tamalites--  to become devotees of Lord Krsna and His
Representative, INDEPENDENT OF  Hertzhog's  (monopolistic)  sanction] :

"...The great soul Prahlada Maharaja became silent after saying this
to...Sanda and Amarka, the seminal sons of Sukracarya. These so-called
brahmanas then became angry at him.  Because they were servants of
Hiranyakasipu, they were very sorry, and to chastise Prahlada...they
spoke as follows.

Oh, please bring me a stick! This Prahlada [Prabhupada] is damaging our
name and fame. Because of his bad intelligence, he has become like a
cinder in the dynasty of the demons. Now he needs to be treated by the
fourth of the four kinds of political diplomacy." [SB 7.5.15-16 T]

and:  "The word sukra means  "semen."  The sons of Sukracarya were
brahmanas by birthrigh, but  an actual brahmana is one who
possesses the brahminical qualities...An actual brahmana is very much
satisfied to see anyone, not to speak of his disciple, become a devotee
of Lord Krsna. Such brahmanas are meant to satisfy the supreme master. A
brahmana is strictly prohibited from becoming a servant of anyone else,
for that is the business of dogs and sudras. A dog must satisfy his
master, but a brahmana does not have to satisfy anyone; he is simply
meant to satisfy Krsna (anukulyena krsnanusilanam). That is the real
qualification of a brahmana. Because Sanda and Amarka were seminal
brahmanas and had become servants of such a master as Hiranyakasipu,
they unnecessarily wanted to chastise Prahlada Maharaja."     [P 7.5.15]

Similarly , the 'seminal' followers of Hertzhog, having accepted him as
master, became enraged to hear Krsna's Representative [Prabhupada]
declare that ANYONE could become eligible to serve the Lord by becoming
a Prabhupadanuga, fully independent of Hertzhog's  'Semenal Party'-- and
furthermore that they [Hertzhog's followers and Hertzhog] weren't
brahmanas or gurus, but sudras and dogs barking at Pabhupada's Krishna
Bhakti, Krishna Satisfaction Caravan.

Therefore, Hertzhog's demonic followers obediently submitted to their
master's order to KILL GURU [Prabhupada] who stood in their way of
BECOMING GURU: "Oh, please bring the stick, ie. poison!

Thus the seminal, [sychophant] so-called brahminical  members of
Hertzhog's Sinister Movement's Poison Tree may appear outwardly to be
authentic devotees of God, or brahmanas, but factually their chanting
[so-called] of the Lord's holy name and displays of religiosity are
simply an unnecessary disturbance in society; such rogues are declared
by Sastra to be "most dangerous," and one should avoid seeing even his
face, and what to speak of hearing his vibration:

"The powerful holy name of the Lord can certainly deliver one from
sinful effects, but one who desires to utilize this transcendental
potency of the holy name of the Lord in one's sinister activities is the
most degraded person in the world. Such persons are never excused by the
Lord or by any agent of the Lord."

And, factually who can be more sinister than those persons who plot to
kill their [most well-wishing Benefactor] Spiritual Preceptor and
Father; who supplant His nectarine philosophy [of love of God] with one of
divide-and-conquer [material politics and illusory ego-inflation] ?
What can be more sinister than willfully derailing the momentum of a
Great,powerful and pure Spiritual Movement for the upliftment of mankind
and also ALL living entities in ALL SPECIES of life?
And, factually,  what could be more sinful and sinister than a group of
persons who carefully and methodically arrange to systematically
brutallize young boys, force them to worship their abusers, to
subsequently suppress these sinister activities and finally, when taken
to task, ie. Court for same, to FALSELY accuse a blameless  party
[ESPECIALLY  when that  'party' is the Saintly Spiritual Master...]?!  

Prabhupada had warned:  "Politics, diplomacy, fraud, cheating. These
things are THE GENERAL QUALIFICATION of the western people. Do you ADMIT or NOT?
Devotees: "Yes."
Srila Prabhupada:  "There MUST NOW BE CHECKING THAT ALL THESE RASCALS MAY NT JOIN AND SPOIL THE MOVEMENT. You should   NOT ADMIT...Now the Revtainandan [and Ravindra nonsense] and this man...is making a clique. I can understand. What they are planning, that also I know. But I don't
wish to disclose it. So, IF THESE THINGS COME, THEN HOW THIS MOVEMENT WILL GO ON? POLITICS,  DIPLOMACY,  FRAUD,  CHEATING, these are the general qualification of the western countries...If they are, these things come within our movement, then it will not be succesful. tat-paratvena
nirmalam. One has to become purified...There must be now checking that
all these rascals may not join and spoil the movement. YOU SHOULD NOT
ADMIT!"        [SPC Vol. 10]

Now, in 1980, as MOAS describes, "Tamal [Hertzhog]  was  put on ice by
the GBC".
This supposedly happened because he had demanded even the other 'gurus'
should bow to him as the ONE empowered Successor to Srila Prabhupada.
From this incident evolved the infamous 1980   "Topanga Canyon
Confession" in which Hans Cary  [aka Hunsadutta]  elicited from Hertzhog
his confession that Prabhupada had never appointed gurus, but rtviks,

Hertzhog [Tamal]:  "Actually, Prabhupada never appointed any gurus.He
didn't appoint 11 gurus. He appointed 11 rtviks. He never appointed them
gurus. Myself and the other GBC have done the greatesr disservice to
this Movement [and the world!] the last three years because we
interpreted the appointment of rtviks as the appointment of gurus." 

(and of course, MOAS, as above quoted, acknowledged the same thing :
Prabhupada is the only guru, ALL others--in HIS House of Bhakti-- are
only HIS disciples, and if someone wished to challenge this Vedic
conception, Prabhupada already explained what would be their position
when he exposed Kirtananda's madness in 1967: 'Go start YOUR OWN
movement!...YES, you can be guru when by your purity and preaching
thousands of American boys and girls are attracted to you!'...)

Topanga Canyon Talk

Hertzhog:  "What actually happened, I'll explain. I explained it, but
the INTERPRETATION is wrong...We asked him, 'Srila Prabhupada, after
your Departure, if we accept disciples, whose disciples will they be,
YOUR disciples or MINE?'...So Prabhupada said,  'All right. I will
appoint so many...,'  and he started to name them and he did name them.
He made it very clear THAT THEY'RE HIS DICIPLES. AT THAT POINT IT WAS VERY CLEAR IN MY MIND THAT THEY WERE HIS DISCIPLES.... NOW I UNDERSTAND THAT WHAT HE DID WAS VERY CLEAR...We made a great mistake. After Prabhupada's departure, what is the position of these eleven people?"

Of course, there were MANY political [ie.CHEATING]  reasons for Hertzhog
to 'spill the beans' in this Topanga Canyon Talk, not the least of which
was to silence the other 10 gurus' criticism of his falldowns (and also
to silence his so many other critics around the movement and the world);
in other words, Hertzhog knew well that the other ten gurus  knew that
he [TGK-Tamal-Hertzhog] had the power and will to drag them all down
also. If they persisted in critiquing him, making him look bad before
his disciples and the movement, etc. he could quickly expose their
'Eleven Guru Appointment Hoax' and discredit all of them. Thus his
confession was purely political from that perspective, ie. SURVIVAL, and
interestingly, once the controversy blew over, the Topanga Canyon tapes
were recalled and all but disappeared from the scene, as ordered by
Hertzhog himself...
One of the other main reasons for Herthog's revelation [regarding his
Party's Defrauding the movement with the 'Appointment Theory'] , was
that he--having been an ardent student of Machiavelli-- could perceive
that  the  bogus 'guru' scam was starting to unravel with different
gurus like Jayatirha, Hansadutta, Kirtananda, etc. going off the deep
end [of Megolamania] ; Hertzhog  also apparently  could  see that many
of his friends and cronies in the movement, who were "NON ENVIOUS" [of
Hertzhog]  also had aspirations to be guru, and they had been "held
Down" [by the Appointment Hoax], but now these people could become even
more trusted allies of T.C. U.P. if Hertzhog-Tamal relented and offered
'guruship' to a whole enlarged group of 'submissive candidates'.
Such brilliant  [Machiavellian]   would deflect criticism from the
original eleven gurus- who were in the hot seat; it would also have the
effect  making  ISGONE appear Democratic, and would conceivably give
Hertzhog more control over the movement---ironically, while allowing him
to divest himself of his [GBC] management role...ALL these points were
actually flirted with and discussed by Hertzhog in the 1980 Topanga
Canyon Talks...[and,interestingly,

But the reason we bring these treacherous double-dealings up at the
close of this essay, is to give the reader a slight glimse of the
despicableness [and CULPABLENESS]  of Hertzhog's Demoniac regime, known
as ISGONE (International Society for Godless Ostriches Nearing
Extinction). Srila Prabhupada had ordered Hertzhog and Friends to kindly be "checking that all these rascals may not join and spoil the movement. You should
not admit....So if these things come, then how this movement will go on?
Politics,  diplomacy,  fraud,  cheating...Do you admit or not...making a
clique. I can understand. What they are planning, that also I know. But
I don't wish to disclose it..."

Hertzhog [Tamal] admitted frankly- n Topanga Canyon Confession  what he
and his [T.C.U.P.] "RASCALS" all knew: "Prabhupada didn't appoint
anybody guru." He also admits that he, as did they, "interpreted"
Prabhupada's "clear" instructions to suit his [and their] own
gratification. This, by defnition, is CHEATING, and what comes out of
such cheating is "FRAUD", as the authors of Monkey on a Stick realised,
and as Sulocana realized [before Hertzhog's Goons murdered Sulocana],
and as the public found out also.

Srila Prabhupada explains nicely that when things are clearly explained,
there is no need for interpretation. He often explained this point in
terms of the Biblical Sixth Commandment, which says "Thou Shalt Not
Kill". Srila Prabhupada states that Christ knew the Commandments, and if
Christ--or Bible--meant Murder, it would be so stated, but since it
CLEARLY says 'Thou Shalt Not Kill', then killing is a sin, undoubtedly,
and people shouldn't call themselves Christian if they wrongly and
unreasonably 'interpret' Scripture for their own gratification, and
justify their sin [of meat-eating.]
Similarly, three years into posing as 'guru' Hertzhog himself admitted
that the eleven "Appointed Successors"  had intentionally [WRONGLY]
'interpreted' Prabhupada's clear instruction  and had mislead the
movement--and the innocent public--  into thinking that demons can
become gurus, or gurus can become demons; Furthermore, that  if they
were demonic and the public took it that a guru can be - or become - a
demon, then the public might conceivably assume Prabhupada is also a
conditioned, not liberated- soul, and see him also as a rascal, since
things equal to the same thing are equal to each other...
Thus Hertzhog admitted in 1980 that he and buddies  were appointed
priests, rtviks ONLY and that ALL disciples initiated were exclusively
disciples of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada ;
indirectly he was admitting also that T.C.U.P--by choosing to
'interpret' Prabhupada's transparent directives--had steered the
Movement down the irresistible precipice of cheating,fraud,diplomacy and
materialistic politics, ie. uncontrollable desires for personal
ambition...Thus Hertzhog's and Assocates' interpretation had "done the
greatest disservice to the

Therefore, in Hare Krishna Scripture [as in ALL world Scriptures]
'interpretation', or philosophical deviation is THE GREATEST SIN, a sin
for which Prabhupada' Himself banished a disciple named Nitai from the
Movement ,and had called him an envious serpent because Nitai had
wrongly explained the Scriptures according to his deviant view, and had
persisted in casting aspersions upon Spotless Personalities, etc.
Hertzhog's Party's interpretations have ruined the worldwide preaching
endeavor, and made themselves as well as the 'movement' "SOMETHING
DIFFERENT' [As Srila Prabhupada says, when the disciple intentionally
and willfully deviates he becomes "something different", ie. different
than a disciple of the bona fide Guru, in fact, he or she becomes a
disciple of Kali, a Kali-cela.]

So if the  'leaders'  themselves were imbued with the demoniac qualities
of materialistic politicians and cheaters, their association would both
attract a criminal element (which it DID) and would also influence good
souls to become corrupted--if such innocent souls accepted such faulty
association and didn't eschew it. This in fact happened [again, as the
book MOAS reveals]: many corrupt persons joined, and banded nicely with
Also  many sincere persons within the movement left in disgust, though
many others stayed and became contaminated by bad association....
Prabhupada said, "follow strictly, don't admit rascals or it will fail."
And Hertzhog and [Simply Rascal Friends] said: "Now we have become gods,
anyone envious of our preeminent position will be cast out! We can do no
wrong, and even the GBC had better not interfere in our Guru to
disciple, Absolute relationships!!"

But the main point is this:  Hertzhog and Associates kew very well what
they were doing all along. Nothing innocent about their Machievellian
intrigues. Therefore, they are themselves responsible, ie. accountable
for the results of their deeds. Prabhupada is not to blame, God also is
not to blame for their MISUSE of freedom, which misuse is most apparent
in their willful, purposeful philosophical deviation via intentional
MIS-interpretation of the Spiritual Master's clear,concise, explicit

Prabhupada: "Krishna's the Guru, I am His Representative; if you want to
help me, act as a priest and bring sincere souls to me for intitiation
into the Lord's service; I am the Initiator, you will be officiators at
the Sacrifice, the initiated will be MY disciples, is it CLEAR?"

Hertzhog [Representing T.C.U.P.]:  "OOOOOH
 I get it!!  So, when you're dead [ie. after we've murdered you] then WE
will be in charge, and if anybody disagrees with us [ME] they'll be dead
meat, or kicked out, right?! We'll be God's, and there won't be too mch
anybody'll be able to do to check our Absolute Power!! IS THAT RIGHT,
Srila Prabhupada? Is that interpreting your instructions clearly?"

Prabhupada:  "Another thing: please take excellent care of these my
Spiritual sons and daughters [the Gurujkula children] , they are the
future of our Mission, our Movement--the child becomes the father of
man, please take very nice care, because for you CHILD WORSHIP IS MORE

Hertzhog:  "Ok, Srila Prabhupada, let me get this straight: You made us
absolute gurus, we will be in unchallenged positions of authority,
right, ok, so we'll be over all your other disciples, all the women, all
the new comers, all the world, we'll be so high and mighty we'll
practically be higher than God, and we'll be able to facilely judge and
condemn anyone who doesn't see things the correct, I mean,  OUR,
way...and that of course will include these drooling, obnoxious lil'
brats, uh, I mean 'sweet, innocent children, Gurukulis, ok, yeah, I see
what you mean, so they'll be the most submissive of all our
subordinates, so, sure, yeah, we'll 'TAKE CARE OF 'EM' REAL
NICE'...Sure, but as soon as they don't appear to be perfect and 100%
submissive, we'll have to probly molest 'em, beat 'em, starve 'em,
humiliate, chastise or even kill 'em if necessary--that is, to make 'em
into first class T.C.U.P. 'devotees' [or as Christ had said: "make them
twice the sons of hell that we ourselves are"?]...

Thus Hertzhog and Party are most despicable for now attempting to blame
Prabhupada for their own willful crimes against Prabhupada's spiritual
sons and daughters, the Gurukula children.
These rascals intentionally systematically abused these children and
also tried their best to cover these crimes up. As much as Hertzhog
intepreted [by admission] Prabhupada's clear instructions regarding
Rtvik [as opposed to 'guru'-appointment], and later confessed this     [
even for political, diplomatic, cheating and defrauding- reasons]  his
premeditative 'error' and also stated: "WE HAVE DONE THE SOCIETY THE
GREATEST DISSERVICE!", so similarly, Hertzhog , Gaurino, Deadwiler and
Associates ignored or wrongly interpreted Srila Prabhupada's voluminous,
clear, consistent and explicit instructions regarding CHILDREN AND
GURUKULA EDUCATION,  and created another "GREATEST DISSERVICE" to the society  [ie. by allowing these children to be Institutionally, Ritually
Abused] . AND FOR THIS "WRONG INTRPRETATION" these rogues are fully
accountable...in as much as they would be accountable if they were
driving on the road and ignored a sign that said 'keep to the right'. If
they decided, capriciously, to ignore the sign or to 'interpret' the
sign, then if they crash, the government will hold them fully
 (and even if they simply are caught driving on the left side when the
law says  'go right', still even for that minor offence they will NEVER
BE EXCUSED [ in a court of law] for claiming ignorance of the law.

So, in 1980 the 'propping up' of bogus gurus got a new boost by
Hertzhog's threatening to expose the whole bunch of them--unless they
backed off from 'putting him, Herthog, on ice, ie. suspending his
guruship for a year, exiling him to China, etc..
 This saber rattling by Hertzhog was sufficient to get the other sheep ['gurus'] back in line, and on December 22, 1980 they all went to a 'Godbrother' of Srila Prabhupada
who gave them the ultimate propping-up medicine: 'TO ERR IS DIVINE, TO
FORGIVE IS...TO FORGET'  Essentially Hertzhog's party came out of the
meeting assuming  even more control over the movement by declaring that
gurus' [except Hertzhog & obedient supporters, like Deadwiler and
Gaurino] powers would be henceforward "DILUTED".
"Reduced powers Gurus". A new Wave of gurus [soon to number over 100],
and all subservient to the original absolute guru Monarch, Hertzhog,
Poisoner of Srila Prabhupada.
 And the main, Chief Propper-Upper? Yes Ravinedra Svarupa, aka Dr.
DEADwilerGuru, the big 'reformer of Autocratic gurus'. [see MOAS]

 By selling Hertzhog's ReducedPowersGuru-insanity to MOAS authors,
Deadwiler was rewarded with the FIRST   Second-Echelon   Guru
certificate [in Mayapura in 1986.]
He was also rewarded with the position of North American Continental
Chairman of the GBC and made the official spokesman for the movement's
brave new philosophy  and direction, ie.equating Guru with demons,
criminals, child abusers, women-haters, and all manner of ghostly
haunted,ghoulish types of sickos...
And recently, Hertzhog's best man, Deadwiler, has done the ultimate
propping up [of Hertzog and Cheating policies] by writing the Preface to
Hertzhog's "TKG Diary: "So what if we killed Prabhupada- he asked us to
help him commit suicide-Book".
Deadwiler also put his diplomacy to work ultimately by working with
Rochford [Sociologist from Middlebury College, Vermont] and Hertzhog to
Defame Srila Prabhupada in the news media by stating that Prabhupada's
books and instructions are to blame for the Molestcon debacle, and
furthermore, that Prabhupada [allegedly] conspired with His "Closest
Advisors" to hide Hertzhog's Party's 25-year abuses of the Gurukuli
children.  [from 'Guru-Reform' Party to 'GURU REFORM SCHOOL'?

So, these Hertzhog Raksasas- DEMONS- their business is to kill and
defame Guru, and to steer the innocent public away from surrender to
Godhead, via surrender to the Pure Representative of Godhead, ie. Srila
Prabhupada. They think themselves God, and are envious of the real
person who Represents the Supreme Lord:

"...they declare themselves God, and foolish materialists are attracted
to them for economic development. As a result of this process of
cheating, others are reluctant to accept a religious process, and
instead they advise people in general to work for material advancement.
This is going on all over the world. [in ISGONE]. Not only now but since
time immemorial, no one is interested in moksa, liberation."  S.Bhag.
7.5.18 PURPORT]

So the result of Defaming the Pure Devotee, and inducing people in the
public to hear such dangerous blasphemy will be ruination:

"When one is envious of the demigods, who represent the Supreme
Personality of Godhead, of the Vedas, which give all knowledge, of the
cows, brahmanas, Vaisnavas and religious principles, and ultimately of
Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he and hs civilization will be
vanquished without delay.
When Hiranyakasipu teases the great devotee Prahlada, his own son, who
is peaceful and sober and who has no enemy, I shall kill Hiranyakasipu
immediately, despite the benedictions of Brahma."  [SBhag. 7.4.27-8

In PURPORT to TEXT 28, Srila Prabhupada explains:

"Of all sinful activities, an offense to a pure devotee, or Vaisnava, is
the most severe. An offense at the lotus feet of a Vaisnava is so
disastrous that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has compared it to a mad
elephant that enters a garden and causes great havoc by uprooting many
plants and trees. If one is an offender at the lotus feet of a brahmana
or Vaisnava, his offences uproot all his auspicious activities.  One
should therefore very carefully guard against committing
Vaisnava-aparadha, or offenses at the lotus feet of a Vaisnava. Here the
Lord clearly says that although Hiranyakasipu had received benedictions
from Lord Brahma, these benedictions would be null and void as soon as
he committed  an offense at the lotus feet of Prahlada Maharaja, his own
son. A Vaisnava like Prahlada Maharaja is described herein as nirvaira,
having no enemies. Elsewhere in Srimad Bhagavatam (3.25.21) it is said,
ajata-satravah santah sadhavah sadhu-bhusanah:  a devotee has no
enemies, he is peaceful, he abides by the scriptures, and all his
characteristics are sublime. A devotee does not create enmity with
anyone, but f someone becomes his enemy, that person will be vanquished
by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, despite whatever benedictions he
may have received from other sources. Hiranyakasipu was certainly
enjoying the fruitful results of his austerities, but here the Lord says
that as soon as he committed an offense at the lotus feet of Prahlada
Maharaja he would be ruined. One's longevity, opulence, beauty,
education and whatever alse one may possess as a result of pious
activities cannot protect one if one commits an offense at the lotus
feet of a Vaisnava. Despite whatever one possesses, if one offends the
lotus feet of a Vaisnava he will be vanquished."

Thus all members of Hertzhog's Party [T.C.U.P.- Tamal's Cunning
Usurpers' Party] will soon see all their auspicious activities upooted
because of their offenses at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada, a great
Vaisnava who "does not create enmity with anyone." Whatever benedictions
these Guru-Killing, Guru-Defaming miscreants had been benedicted with by
Prabhupada's causeless mercy "would be null and void" [as soon as they
offended Prabhupada by depriving Him of His valuable life, usurped His
Institution, impersonated the exalted office of Guru, offended the cows,
brahmanas, children women and elderly men, and Defamed the Personalityof
Servitor Godhead, Srila Prabhupada];
And despite what these Aparadhis [offenders] may appear to possess, they
"will be vanquished" for their offenses. And, because these offensive
Hiranyakasipu-like Demons are forcefully spreading their [sinister
cult's] contamination  to society at large [via the media, internet,
etc.], ie. defaming Prabhupada pubicly, therefore they and their
"civilization will be vanquished without delay."

The demons and raksasas may imagine that they can kill the Lord or his
Devotee, or stop the Lord's [Govinda's] transcendental Movement, but
Krishna Himself knows how to deal with them, and will vanquish them when
the time is ripe:

"...Thus the weapons of the demons had no tangible  effects upon
Prahlada Maharaja because he was a devotee undisturbed by material
conditions and fully engaged in meditating upon and serving the Supreme
Personality of Godhead, who is unchangeable, who cannot be realized by
the material senses, and who is the soul of the entire universe."
{SBhag. 7.5.41 TRANSLATION]

"There have been many attempts by the demons to hurt or kill the Supreme
Personality of Godhead, but he cannot be injured by any material means
because He is always in transcendence. Therefore the words pare brahmani
are used here. The demons, the Raksasas, can neither see nor touch the
Supreme Lord, although they may superficially think that they are
striking the Lord's transcendental body with their material weapons. The
Supreme Personality of Godhead is described in this verse as anirdesye.
We cannot understand Him to be in a particular place, for He s
all-pervasive. Moreover, He is akhilatma, the active principle of
everything, even material weapons. Those who cannot understand the
position of the Lord are unfortunate. They may think that they can kill
the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His devotee, but all their
attempts will be futile. The Lord knows how to deal with them."
[7.5.41 PURPORT

So the Hertzhog/DeadwilerGuru/Gaurino/ T.C.U.P.- Raksasas have attempted
to kill Srila Prabhupada and His Govinda's Movement in many ways, not
the least of which was to stop the Movement's vitality by harassing and
torturing the Gurukula children, thereby significantly hindering or
delaying the Movement's forward progress. But, just as Prahlada Maharaja
couldn't be vanquished by the Raksasas, so also Srila Prabhupada wasn't
killed by the demons; Similarly, the bona fide spiritual sons and
daughters of Srila Prabhupada will never be vanquished and also will
receive direct instructions from their Spiritual Master, Srila
Prabhupada in their hearts (and from His Books)  on how to steadily
approach the Supreme Destination, and attain the lotus feet of Srila
Prabhupada in the spiritual world:

"My dear Kng Yudhisthira, all the children were very much affectionate
and respectful to Prahlada Maharaja, and because of their tender age
they were not so polluted by the instructions and actions of their
teachers, who were attached to condemned duality and bodily comfort.
Thus the boys surrounded Prahlada Maharaja, giving up their playthings,
and sat down to hear him. Their hearts and eyes being fixed upon him,
they looked at hi with great earnestness. Prahlada Maharaja, although
born in a demon family, was an exalted devotee,and he desired their
welfare. Thus he began instructing them about the futility of
materialistic life."  [7.5.56-57 TRANSLATION]

"The words bala adusita-dhiya indicate that the children, being of a
tender age, were not as polluted by materialistic life as their fathers.
Prahlada Maharaja, therefore, taking advantage of the innocence of his
class friends, began teaching them abut the importance of spiritual life
and the insignificance of materialistic life. Although the teachers
Sanda and Amarka were instructing all the oys in the materialistic life
of religion, economic development and sense gratification, the bos were
not much polluted. Therefore, with great attention they wanted to hear
from Prahlada Maharaja about Krsna consciousness. In our Krsna
consciousness movement, the guru-kula PLAYS AN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT PART
in our activities because right from childhood the bos at the guru-kula
are instructed about Krsna consciousness. Thus they become steady within
the cores of their hearts [remembering Prabhupada!] , and there is very
little possibility that they will be conquered by the modes of material
nature when they are older."

So these childrennow grown up can remember the sublime teachings of
Srila Prabhupada within the cores of their hearts, and again conquer
over the modes of material nature. And, if they want Prabhupada's
direct, personal association, THAT is also available and can be regained
simply by an intense desire to have it. Prabhupada was NOT killed by
Hertzhog and fellow Judas-disciples, but being atheists the Lord deluded
them into thinking like that, for they had such a strong sinister desire
to BE Prabhupada and be worshipped, though they had no qualification to
do this or achieve this. Prabhupada is still circulatng on this planet
[and others] and he will undoubtedly come and associate with any
'Guru-kuli' who strongly cries out for His association and mercy...


I have been verymuch astonished to see your endurance. In spite of being
eaten and bitten by all kinds of worms and ants, you are keeping your
life air circulating within your bones. Certainly this is wonderful.


It appears that the soul can exist even through the bones, as shown by
the personal example of Hiranyakasipu. When great yogis are in samadhi,
EVEN WHEN THEIR BODIES ARE BURIED and their skin, marow, blood and so on
have all been eaten, if only their bones remain they can exist in a
transcendental position. Very recently an archaeologist published
findings indicating that Lord Christ, after being buried, was exhumed
and that he then went to Kashmir. There have been many actual examples f
yogis' being buried in trance and exhumed alive and in good condition
several hours later. A yogi can keep himself alive in a transcendental

So, we've now recently seen the perfect form of our Messiah, Srila
Prabhupada as photographed at a demonstration in His Honor. And when the
picture is held up to light, the face changes to a perfect picture of
Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati, Srila Prabhupada's Spiritual Master.
This is a miracle, but for the Pure Devotee it's quite possible, because
He's always present anyway, watching over His children's welfare. And if
someone tries hard to serve the order of the magnanimous Spiritual
Master, He can come as quickly as the Lord on Garuda, His personal

Prabhupada has apparently been 'exhumed' by His friends, and is 'at
large' studying the Kuruksetre Battlefield, seeing who's going to fight,
and who will sit out [smoking ganja]. The Hertzhog demons thought
erroneously that they had the 'real' Prabhupada in their demonic
clutches and that hey 'owned' Him and therefore He was theirs to also
kill, but that is exposed as faulty, as Prabhupada says that a bug on
the lap of the king, biting the king, is not truly properly associating
with the king [nor can a stupid, ignorant bug KILL the king]. Similarly,
these Hertzhog fools wanted the bricks, stones and false prestige of a
false movement, which is not headed bySrila Prabhupada, but by Kali
[pada]; therefore, they never had Prabhupada in their grasp, anymore
than Ravana could gain custody of Srimati Sitarani, Lord Ramachandra's
Most Chaste Wife, the Goddess of Fortune. Prabhupada can only be bound
with ropes of love, and He mercifuly comes into our Kirtana and
preaching [ie. FIGHTING] endeavors and BECOMES the very
endeavor...Prabhupada is the preacher, we can but become the humble,
prideless, malleable instrument [for His Divine Grace's transecendental
pleasure] ...

...And Srila Prabhupada HAS APPEARED and will soon again   'REappear'
as the handle of the Axe that will cut to pieces this demoniac

This rascal Prahlada has appeared like a thorn tree in a forest of
sandalwood. To cut down sandalwood trees, an axe is eded, and the wood
of the thorn tree is very suitable for the handle of such an axe. Lord
Visnu is the axe for cutting down the sandalwood forest of the family of
demons, and this Prahlada is the handle for that axe


Thorn trees generally grow in deserted places, not in sandalwood
forests, but the seminal brahmanas Sanda and Amarka comared the dynasty
of the Daitya Hiranyakasipu to a sandalwood forest and compared Prahlada
Maharaja to a hard, strog thorn tree that could provide the handle of an
axe. They compared Lord Visnu to the axe itself. An axe alone cannot cut
a thorn tree; it needs a handle, which may be made of the wood of the
thorn tree. Thus the thorn tree of demoniac civilization can be cut to
pieces by the axe of visnu-bhakti, devotional service to Lord Krsna.
Some of the members of the demoniac civilization, like Prahlada
Maharaja, may become the handle for the axe, to assist Lord Visnu, and
thus the entire forest of demoniac civilization can be cut to pieces.

Similarly, Prabhupada is the axe handle to cut to pieces Hertzhog's
demoniac civilization of Aparadhis. Just as Hertzhog stated in 1994
[audio tape]that those who blaspheme [bogus] guru should, ACCORDING TO
SASTRA, have tongues cut out and then be killed, so similarly, we agree,
that blasphemous demons like Hertzhog, according to Sastra, should have
tongues cut out and be publicly tortured to death for their myriad
offenses at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada, the bona fide Guru, and
at the feet of all living entities, especially the children who were
entrusted to them for being properly guided to the lotus feet of the
Lord. We saw in England recently where the actual molesters of children
were being severely taken to task by 'vigilantes' people [who nmbered in
the hundreds!] This is very nice idea, to show no mercy to those who
show no mercy...

Similarly, Hertzhog, by his own admission, should be killed, along with
ALL his demon associates for torturing children and others, and for
attempting to kill their Spiritual Master, and for the more critical
offense of Defamation and blasphemy. Sastra declares--as Hertzhog
pointed out-- that such offenders must be dealt with  severely: "Act
like fire", and therefor ewe have importuned members of the United
States Gvernment and the Indian Government to work with us to bring
these miscreants to justice. And we request everyone to revolt against
these demons and also do 'the needful'...

Perhaps Srila Prabhupada, like Lord Christ, is also in Kashmir [keeping
goood company] .     His Divine Grace stated many times that when
nuclear war breaks out it will begin when Pakistan attacks India [over
Kashmir], so perhaps Srila Prabhupada is remaining in Samadhi in the
Himalayas near Kashmir watching over affairs of HIS Real Movement, and
will reappear to protect His devotees when the time draws near for the
"entire forest of demoniac civilization " to be "cut to pieces"...