There are nine different processes of bhakti-yoga. Any one of them you adopt, you become perfect, not that you have to adopt nine. If you can, it is very nice. So nine, eight, seven, six, five--if you adopt only one, you become... You don't anything. Simply hear Srimad-Bhagavatam from a realized soul, you will become perfect.

(S.B. Leech. 2.9.4 Japan April 22nd,1972)


"but if one hears from the mouth of a pure devotee, he gradually comes to the understanding of his relationship with the Lord and thus engages in His loving service, and his life becomes completely perfect."


The process of hearing from a pure devotee is recommended in all Vedic scriptures, especially by Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. One may stay in his position of life--it does not matter what it is--but if one hears from the mouth of a pure devotee, he gradually comes to the understanding of his relationship with the Lord and thus engages in His loving service, and his life becomes completely perfect. Therefore, this process of hearing from the mouth of a pure devotee is very important for making progress in the line of spiritual understanding.



Prabhupada: Yes. That is real preacher. That is explained in the Vedic literature, sravanam kirtanam. First of all he becomes perfect by hearing. This is called sravanam. And when he is perfectly situated in spiritual life by hearing perfectly from the perfectly authorized person, then his next stage begins, kirtanam. That is preaching. That sravanam kirtanam, everyone is hearing in this material world. Everyone is hearing. Even this material educationist, he also hears from the material person, professor. That hearing is there. Then he acts when he is grown-up, passed his examination, sometimes acts as professor. The same process: if one hears from the perfect spiritualized person, he becomes perfect, then he becomes actual preacher.

(Philosophical discussions- Origen)


Prabhupada: So any, anything, whatever you may be, you cannot become perfect without hearing from another perfect. This is nonsense, that you go on speculating and the proof will come. This is nonsense.

(Philosophical discussions- Edmund Husserl)


Krishna has given us ears to hear and a tongue to speak. We can hear from a realized soul and thus perfect our lives.



Just like Maharaja Pariksit, he engaged himself simply for hearing. He become perfect. Simply by hearing Bhagavata from Sukadeva Gosvami.

(B.G. Leech. 4.9 Bombay, March 29,1974)


Sravanam is the first important part. That is the... If one simply hears, simply by hearing sincerely, seriously, he becomes perfect. It is so nice. If simply people come here and simply hear Bhagavad-gita and try to understand it, he becomes perfect. But they will not come. As soon as they will hear, "Oh, Swamiji is preaching that I am not God. God is different," "Oh, don't come here." Finish. I have to flatter him that "You are God." Then he will come. His hearing is disturbed because there is no flattering words. But if he sticks to hearing only, he becomes perfect. But maya will not allow him to hear: "Oh, please vacate out. Don't come here." Even our students. They remain here for some time, go away. Maya dictates, "Oh, why you are spoiling your time?" But the process is very simple, hearing. But maya will not allow him to accept this simple process.

So one has to become very strong. Mam eva ye prapadyante mayam etam taranti te. One who determines, "Yes, I will hear of Krishna, nothing," then maya cannot do anything. Man has defeated. If simply one decides that "I simply hearing..., simply I will hear of Krishna and nothing more," then he defeats the maya, simply by determination, that's all.

(B.G.Lec. 7.1 Los Angeles March 12, 1970)


So hearing is so important. Just like even in your ordinary education you go to the school, college, and hear from your professor. Hearing is so important. Then you become perfect.

(B.G. Leech. 9.4 Melbourne April 23th,1976)


You can remain what you are, but if you simply hear... God has given you the power of hearing. If you hear from authoritative sources, then you become perfect, simply by hearing. Therefore the first principle, hearing, is recommended, sravanam.

(B.G. Lec.9.15 New York Dec. 1, 1966)


This is the remedy suggested in this age. You cannot practice anything. You cannot practice sacrifice. You cannot practice speculation. You cannot practice yoga, nothing. You can simply practice this: submissively hear from authoritative sources, try to assimilate it, and become perfect.

(B.G. Lec.9.15 New York Dec. 1, 1966)


Our real point is that Sukadeva Gosvami was not a grammarian, but he learned everything from his father by hearing. Therefore it is called sruyamanayam. If you hear from the right person, properly, then you become perfect. There is no need of literary education.

(S.B. Lec. 1.7.8. Vrndavana Sep. 7,1976)


If we simply stick to these principles of kevala bhakti, even simply by hearing, sravanam... Just like we are holding class everwhere, in every center. If somebody simply hears attentively, he'll be perfect. This is bhakti, simply hearing.

(S.B. Lec.6.1.15 Honolulu May 15,1976)


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