If you have watched the excellent video by ISKCONspiracy exposing Jay Israel [aka Jaya Advaita Swami] you will be well aware of the envious nature of this Jewish Zionist and leader of ISKCON.

In that video we can clearly see how Mr. Israel really feels about the Hare Krishna Saint Srila Prabhupada, and how he tries to suggest we stop chanting Srila Prabhupada’s Pranam mantra prayers during the morning Mangala Arati and the evening Gaura Arati ceremonies.

His phony logic is that Srila Prabhupada never chanted the pranam mantra to his Guru Maharaja during Mangala Arati or Gaura Arati so we should do like him and stop chanting Prabhupada’s prayers. Prabhupada speaks about this subject of following and imitating as follows:

The other day somebody questioned me that... I said that killing of animals is sinful activity. So somebody questioned that "Lord Jesus Christ ate fish," somewhere. So I said that He is powerful. He can eat the whole world. But you cannot imitate. You have to follow his instructions, what he says. He said, 'Thou shall not kill.' So you should follow his instruction, not the action." He is powerful. He can act some way or other, according to circumstances. That is his business.

[Prabhupada Room Conversation with Prof. Regamay, Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Lausanne June 4, 1974, Geneva]

Here is the clear guidance by His Divine Grace. We are to follow the instruction not the action of powerful spiritual authorities like Jesus and Prabhupada. So what was Prabhupada’s instruction in regards to chanting his pranam mantra prayers?

So far the singing of the prayers to the Spiritual Master is concerned, there is no limitation on how many times it is sung. But it should be done three times daily, and morning it is required. Yes, you may say this prayer at noon Prasadam if it is possible, and sing again in the evening. And you may sing other prayers as you learn them also.

[Prabhupada Letter to: Balai , San Francisco, 22 March, 1968]

So Prabhupada says there is no limitation on how many times we SING the prayers to the Spiritual master. But it should be done at least three times daily morning, noon and evening. So Mr. Israel’s offensive attempts to limit the chanting of Prabhupada’s prayers is totally against His Divine Grace’s instruction and reveals the deep seated envy this Jewish chameleon has towards Srila Prabhupada and his followers.

This is the leadership that is ruling over ISKCON today. The great sinister movement that Prabhupada revealed had entered his society in 1970 has now morphed ISKCON into a submissive and totally subversive component of the Jew World Order and will totally deviate the soul of anyone who associates with it, far far away from the path of spiritual liberation and love of Krishna as mercifully revealed by the Messiah of the Golden age His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.