Prabhupada Never Travelled On
The Jaladuta We Have Been Shown!

More high quality pictures of the Jaladuta 3 here >>>>>> LINK 1  -  LINK 2 

The picture of the Jaladuta we have all been shown and always accepted as the ship on which Prabhupada travelled from India to the U.S.A. with his spiritual revolution is in fact not the ship he actually travelled on!

That famous picture is actually a picture of the Jaladuta 2 which was sold by
the Scindia Steam Navigation Company in 1958 and then scrapped in 1963, two years before Prabhupada set sail in 1965.

Prabhupada actually travelled on Jaladuta 3 which was a much larger ship at 9,177 tons, nearly double the weight of it's predecessor and was marked on the front with the Swastika.

Pictures of Jaladuta 3 in Vancouver, Canada from 1960 and 1961 with details of the weight and the year built can be found on these links:

Link 1 - Link 2 - Link 3

In the following diary given to Prabhupada by the Scindia Steam Navingation Company [see below] for his journey in 1965, we see a list of the fleet of ships they had with the Jaladuta listed as been built in 1959 [the year Prabhupada took sannyasa - the renounced order] and weighing 9,177 tons. This is the same ship pictured in Vancouver, Canada.

Conclusion: It would not have been difficult for anyone to get a picture of Jaladuta 3 from the Scindia Steam Navigation Company or take a picture personally of the ship at ports in India, America or Canada. I really believe the Jews controlling ISKCON did not want that picture to be seen.

P.S. Jaladuta 3 was also built in Germany  :) See >>> Here