When a Man Is Poisoned It Is Said Like That
A Reverse Speech Investigation of the Death of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada

The Speech Reversals of Tamal Krishna

    Tamal Krishna is of course one of the main speakers on all of the tapes as he was the most prominent and forceful personality there. He had, by this time, become the lead figure in the Movement and was personally directing everything happening around Srila Prabhupada, and was present almost all of the time. The fact that he was recorded more than anyone else is fortuitous as it provides hours of his spoken word to work with. The reversals presented below will show his guilt, confessions, motivations, arrogance, conflicting emotions, and self-talk. Self-talk can be understood as a person’s higher self speaking (soul or even Supersoul) and often while it may be condemning it can also offer guidance, correction or admonishment. The reversals found here answer questions frequently brought up concerning Prabhupada’s poisoning: Who gave the poison? What is the motive? Why poison an old man who would soon be dying anyway? How could any disciple do such a thing? and so on. Following this we will present the speech reversals of Bhakti Caru which provide similar insights into his participation.

Tamal Krishna:  I kill you now     T36 Side A Counter 067-123
["under your care"]

This speech reversal is self-explanatory. It means exactly what it says. He did it.
Tamal Krishna: Mock holy     T36 Side A Counter 067-123
["we’ll all come"]
Tamal makes a mockery of everything holy in his attempt to kill Srila Prabhupada.
Tamal Krishna: New arsh, I want to see you leave it    T36 Side A Counter 260-300
[There will be at least ten of us traveling], so we will give him all
Someone has brought a fresh batch of poisons and Tamal is affirming in this speech reversal that he wants to see that he leaves it. Perhaps there was problems with delivery before? Who was the courier that this directed towards? Unfortunately, that is not revealed. It is however clear that beyond Tamal and Bhakti Caru there were other players. For indications of who this could be see the chapter Speech Reversals of Others Present.
Tamal Krishna: We will pay that   T36 Side A Counter 260-300
[that therefore we]
Bhakti Caru's speech reversal indicates that a laboratory was mixing the poison. The speech reversal above indicates that someone was delivering it, and here Tamal indicates his willingness to pay for it. This speech reversal is in context to the previous one and follows not long afterward.
Tamal Krishna: We proud of you; suck you     T37 Side A Counter 001-050
"It's very hard--[because we love you]--to assist you in dying. It's a paradox."
This reversal, on the forward words "because we love you" is completely congruent and complimentary. Love you is synonymous with proud of you. "Suck you" means to derive energy, knowledge or position from. Srila Prabhupada had certainly provided all of his disciples with knowledge, but to his leaders he gave power and position. This speech reversal is one of many which will show Tamal's conflicting emotions. On one hand he is deeply appreciative of Srila Prabhupada, yet on the other he is actively engaged in murdering him. Other speech reversals reveal that he thinks he knows best and wants to kill Prabhupada to get him out of the way so that he will be able to run ISKCON (into the ground) unimpeded.
Tamal Krishna: Must not make a big scene     T37 Side A Counter 001-050
"I mean, the Kaviraj, [he’s giving um, some]... He feels a little confident."
This reversal shows that Tamal is very politically astute, and can control his behavior.
Tamal Krishna: God does know we did it     T37 Side A Counter 001-050
"Now suddenly you say [that you want to die]. Maybe that's simply to discourage us"
This is another confession--"we did it." This reversal on the words "that you want to die" is complementary and indicates clearly that they caused Srila Prabhupada to die or leave this world, and that God knows it.
Tamal Krishna: I have wizard growing to the mud     T37 Side A Counter 187-232
["tell him that the only reason we have"]
Forward Tamal is speaking about the Kaviraj and this reversal refers to the Kaviraj as the "wizard." Growing to the mud is equivalent to meaning mired in the mud, or stuck. It indicates that Tamal is working against the Kaviraj or has completely thwarted his efforts. This is supported by the speech reversals of the Kaviraj.
Tamal Krishna: And I said I’m sorry for sharing rotten     T37 Side A Counter 375-410
["The Kaviraj will give us medicine], and you can take it for another week or so."
This is an apology to Prabhupada for "sharing" "rotten" medicine. The speech reversal indicates that Prabhupada’s medicines were tainted and that he has mixed feelings about the poisoning. This confirms reversals presented above which indicated that the medications were being poisoned. Understanding that the medicines were being tainted helps account for the reason that the medicines were always kept under lock and key, and that none of his medications ever seemed to help him get better.
Tamal Krishna: Fail upon arsenic     T37 Side A Counter 375-410
"if you like, we'll just keep it quiet here [and turn off the light. Would you] prefer that?"
Prabhupada "fails" upon, or by arsenic; in relation to the forward speech it "turns off his lights." Indicative of the use of arsenic as a poison.
Tamal Krishna: That’s a shame, but your life’s up     T38 Side B Counter 263-318
["Most probably diminish your strength?"]
There is a short segment of gibberish in the middle of this reversal. Very matter of factly, Tamal tells Srila Prabhupada that his life is over.
Tamal Krishna: what  Srila Prabhupada: love is this?     T38 Side B Counter 263-318
["Yes, because...  Tamal: How?"]
This is a "Link" reversal which is formed by two or more people speaking to create the complete phrase. In this case Tamal contributes the beginning of the question "what," and Prabhupada contributes the remainder "love is this" for a complete phrase of: "what love is this?" This reversal is spoken immediately after the previous one by Tamal categorically stating that Prabhupada’s life was up or finished, and asks a very pertinent question from the spiritual master to the disciple. Note also how the reversal of Tamal is raspy in quality like Prabhupada's. An interesting feature of Link Reversals is that the sound quality of both speakers is the same, indicating a very strong sharing of emotions.
Tamal Krishna: Maybe I am glad     T38 Side B Counter 263-318
"You mean you cannot si[t up now even."]
Prabhupada is talking about his state of health and how he cannot sit upright. Tamal replies with this reversal which confirms that he is happy to see Prabhupada's failing health.
Following are two reversals which are identical and are formed from two separate instances of the same forward speech. This double instance provides a very strong confirmation. The first reversal is from the first instance, and the second reversal from the second instance. A longer section of dialogue is provided to give the proper context.

Tamal Krishna: It's not fast enough     T38 Side B Counter 318-357
Tamal Krishna: I agree with that. So we have to say, "in case." So what is your point, Srila Prabhupada? That in case you don't gain strength...
Prabhupada: Than what I will do?
Tamal Krishna: Well, why don't we decide that [when the time comes.]
Prabhupada: Hm?
Tamal Krishna: Why don't we cross that hurdle [when the time comes.] (This forward section created the following reversal).
Tamal Krishna: Not fast enough     T38 Side B Counter 318-357

Interestingly, and by repetition undeniable in its meaning, this exact same reversal is spoken each time the forward words "when the time comes" are spoken. The conversation is about leaving Vrindavana and traveling to Mayapura. The Kaviraj has given medication which is supposed to help Srila Prabhupada gain strength. In this part of the conversation Prabhupada asks what they will do if he doesn’t gain strength, and Tamal  answers that when the time comes that he does not gain strength they will decide. The reversal indicates that the time referred to, of Prabhupada not gaining strength, is not coming fast enough! He wants to see Prabhupada’s condition deteriorate.

Mixed Emotions

Tamal Krishna: Sadness could ruin impetus     T38 Side B Counter 318-357
"Well, he says fifteen days. He said fifteen days. He [said a minimum of fifteen days."]
This reversal is very revealing. It shows his conflicting emotions as well as the fact that sadness of the events could ruin his impetus for poisoning Srila Prabhupada. Unfortunately it didn’t. This emotion will be shown again below.
Tamal Krishna: Help! I’m about to get to regret     T38b Side A
[There…. You expected Prabhupada on that plane?]
This is another reversal which indicates that Tamal felt some pangs of sadness or regret, but checks it. Here, he is beginning to feel regretful, but doesn't want to and cries for help to check these feelings.
Tamal Krishna: Sin unshed and fire leaking into pa     T38 Side B Counter 318-357
["How can we give a recommendation on this] question, Srila Prabhupada? I mean..."
His sin has not been shed. Later reversals will reveal that Tamal thinks that this sin will be shed if the crime remains covered. "Fire leaking into pa" clearly refers to, and confirms the poison being given.
Tamal Krishna: I’ve been an offender with our pa     T38 Side B Counter 450-476
["Oh, Prabhupada, we're not going to do that]. We already said that we would never do that" (send Prabhupada to the hospital).
Offender indeed. This is a very straightforward reversal. A confession of wrongdoing. Pa of course refers to Srila Prabhupada, the spiritual father.
Tamal Krishna: Values the venue     T38 Side B Counter 450-476
"Oh, Prabhupada, we're not going to do that. We already said that [we would never do that."]
This is a significant comment in two ways. First, this reversal appears in a discussion about not taking Srila Prabhupada to the hospital even though he is on the verge of death. Most people in this world, being attached to the bodily concept of life, go to the hospital hoping to be saved from death, and in this way they take shelter of doctors and medicine. Prabhupada, however, as a pure devotee of the Lord, always depends upon the Lord in life or in death. As Lord Krishna likes he can keep Prabhupada in this world or take him from it. Srila Prabhupada’s surrender and conviction is demonstrated in his insistence that he not be taken to the hospital.
    Tamal Krishna is in agreement with this request, but the speech reversal reveals a different motivation—he values the venue! The arrangement of the rooms where Srila Prabhupada spent his last days apparently are suitable to Tamal’s purposes and he values that. It is known from these tapes that Tamal Krishna had an arrangement for locking up Srila Prabhupada’s medications and the rooms provided for this. The reversals indicate that the medications were also poisoned; therefore locking them up afforded some extra security from detection and in this way were valuable.
    This speech reversal reveals a great deal more about another discussion taking place around this time. Prabhupada’s repeatedly requested to be taken on pilgrimage or parikrama, and the devotees led by Tamal argued how that would not be good for his health because of the bumpy Indian roads. However, Prabhupada's speech reversals indicate that this would have been very good for him. But because this venue is favorable to him, Tamal did not want Prabhupada to go on the parikrama and lose the facility the rooms afford him. Therefore, although Prabhupada literally begged them to take him on Parikrama they wouldn't.  Throughout those conversations Tamal slyly appears to favor the idea with the exception that Srila Prabhupada should gain some strength first, which of course never happens. He is kept "locked up" in debilitated condition until his death.
    Other reversals which come up during the planning of Lokanatha Swami's leading the parikrama will reveal Tamal's frustration and angst over going on the parikrama, showing that Tamal's intention all along was that Prabhupada never be allowed to travel to the holy places. He was intent on keeping him there to facilitate the poisoning.
Tamal Krishna: Am I foolish?     T38 Side B Counter 518-584
["Srila Prabhupada"]
This is a very common reversal of Tamal Krishna’s address of Srila Prabhupada, and I have included it again as another example. This reversal, on the words "Srila Prabhupada" can either be a "Lead Reversal" the reverse and forward speech joining to make the phrase "Am I foolish Srila Prabhupada?" with its obvious meaning that the disciple is always to consider himself a fool before his spiritual master. The reversal could also stand alone as self-talk, the question being asked in relationship to his actions as regards Srila Prabhupada. Poisoning your spiritual master is indeed the most foolish thing one could ever do and Tamal repeatedly asks himself this throughout this drama. Note that other devotees reversals of "Srila Prabhupada" say other things, and that this particular reversal is unique to Tamal.
Tamal Krishna: This is sad, but now evil     T38 Side B Counter 518-584
"No. We're [moving you on the basis that] you get strength."
A comparative metaphor which offers additional information. There are other speech reversals which tell of evil doings. (See Bhavananda’s reversals). When evil shows up in Reverse Speech it means very dark genuine evil. That evil was taking place is also confirmed by the speech reversal of Bhavananda shown below. It must be understood that this evil was at play in how Srila Prabhupada’s movement was usurped by Tamal and Co., the so-called "appointed" acharyas or successors. They never were appointed by Prabhupada, and that whole affair was another evil perpetrated against Prabhupada's other disciples and all future followers attracted to ISKCON by Prabhupada's spotless books. This evil has all but destroyed Srila Prabhupada’s movement, especially here in America. It is still existing as the GBC has not rooted it out. Instead they continue to make excuses for it, attempting to legislate complicity, while all the while the revolving door in and out of ISKCON spins. As this study shows there is widespread unconscious understanding of what is going on and sincere devotees have followed their (broken) hearts and stopped following such bogus leadership.
Tamal Krishna: The evil / look so sad     T38 Side B Counter 518-584
"So that is the [basis for / moving you], that there should be some positive strength shown."
Another reference to evil which is a reversal of the words "moving you." Over the course of several tapes there is discussion about relocating Srila Prabhupada at Prabhupada’s repeated request. Tamal states that he will go along with the idea when the time is right. The time never was right, because the poisoning was going on and moving would have interfered with it. "Look so sad" is an accurate statement about everyone there.
Tamal Krishna: Sin is off of us if this shit hid     T38 Side B Counter 518-584
"So that is the basis for moving you, [that there should be some positive] strength shown."
This is an extremely significant reversal which reveals Tamal’s conception that he can get away with this if he is able to hide "this shit." He thinks that there will be no karmic reaction or "sin." This idea that he can get away with this terrible deed shows up later (see below) in another reversal "the law will forgive us."
Tamal Krishna: Super-pa help me get to know you     T38 Side B Counter 600-619
Traveling now should only b[e undertaken for health purposes].
Another reversal which indicates mixed emotions. Here Tamal clearly petitions Srila Prabhupada for the opportunity to know him. Prabhupada’s merciful reply "Like to know you then." immediately follows. (See Reverse Speech Conversations below).
Tamal Krishna: Look maybe now’s the time to know you’re only dead
  T38 Side B Counter 700-713
"because you're drinking more, [passing more urine, is not the sign of any improvement."]
This reversal is Tamal’s reply to Srila Prabhupada’s earlier reversal asking for Tamal to save him, or help him to recover (see Conversations in Reverse Speech for the full context). The reversal indicates that Tamal has no interest to help him--he's trying to kill him! In several reversals Srila Prabhupada actually appeals to Tamal for help, but Tamal adamantly refuses.
Tamal Krishna: So we did, {fill with} muck you T39 Side A Counter 393-425
"We should not be overly optimistic, neither should we [be completely fatalis]tic."
This is another confession. They fill Prabhupada with muck, or poison.
Tamal Krishna: I don’t like this arsh deal     T39 Side A Counter 393-425
"And above all, our whole program here is [completely transcendental."]
A significant reversal which confirms the poisoning and which together with the other poisoning reversals above, indicate that Tamal is sometimes equivocal about it. At least there seems to be something that he doesn’t like about it or the way it is being carried out.

He Knows He Will Have to Pay

The following speech reversals indicate that Tamal is unconsciously (at least) aware that he and the others will have to pay for their actions.

Tamal Krishna: We are libel     T39 Side A Counter 425-457
"I mean, [although I] wish that you were... We all wish that you were completely healthy,"

Self-talk which indicates awareness of his liability at least on an unconscious level. The plural "we" is often used to indicate the speaker only, although its use may indicate more than one person as well. This usually has to be determined by the context of the speech. Either case is applicable here as it is clear from the speech reversals shown herein that Tamal Krishna did not act alone.
Tamal Krishna: Earl will get you     T39 Side A Counter 425-457
"I mean, although I [wish that you were]... We all wish that you were completely healthy,"
Earl is a Reverse Speech metaphor for greatness on the physical plain; the majestic part of the psyche that is already King; great, grand, noble; the Earl is the part of Self that has already achieved all goals and dreams. This reversal is self-talk in which tells him that he will be dealt with by the Earl. It indicates that there will be psychic turmoil created by his actions, and that Earl will "get him." This is in part how conscience works.
Tamal Krishna: All we win     T39 Side A Counter 425-457
"we have never experienced so much nice exchanges with you. [I mean we all..."]
This and the next reversal are sincere compliments paid to Srila Prabhupada, and are fully complementary reversals coming up in a discussion of Srila Prabhupada’s glories. This one states that everyone benefits by Srila Prabhupada’s exchanges and association.
Tamal Krishna: More than I gain     T39 Side A Counter 425-457
"None of us see any of, any of this [in any kind of a m]undane view."
This reversal means that everyone gains from Srila Prabhupada’s association, the meaning is just the same as the reversal above, and reinforces the idea.
Tamal Krishna: It’s the end of the Sire     T39 Side A Counter 425-457
"Stop for a while now. For [the rest of the night] it's good if there's..."
Tamal states that Srila Prabhupada’s end is near. Sire is a respectful reference to Prabhupada.
Tamal Krishna: Envious in me {snits} a save     T39 Side A Counter 457-488
"The kaviraja'[s assistant came this evening]. We hadn't called him. I think he came on his. . "
The unknown metaphor "snits" in the middle of this reversal clouds its meaning. However what is clear is Tamal's envy. It "snits" (prevents?) saving Prabhupada.
Tamal Krishna: I runs it with my phallus     T39 Side A Counter 457-488
"We're not going to allow him to change the medicine, [so I felt there was no real] need."
This speech reversal shows Tamal’s braggadocio, and arrogant attitude. Indicating his powerful male energy or personal power by which he controls the situation. He felt there was no need to change anything so that’s what was done. He is in charge. This also references his running of ISKCON, for at the time he was the kingpin.
Tamal Krishna: His serve the cause is very rotten     T39 Side A Counter 457-488
"He seems to be in his own category from all the [Kaviraj's I've ever seen."]
This reversal and the next one are both spoken within 5 seconds of each other and give confirmation that their cause to control and kill Srila Prabhupada is very rotten. Indeed.
Tamal Krishna: Had a plot, control you is very rotten     T39 Side A Counter 457-488
["The Kaviraja that we brought from Calcutta.] He's..."
Was there a plot? The reversal confirms it! Every conspiracy must have a plot, and since it is clear from this investigation that Tamal did not act alone, there must have been a plot. This is followed by a confession that they are in fact controlling Prabhupada and not submitting to him as submissive disciples. They are interfering with his request to leave his Vrindavana quarters and go on pilgrimage. Below you will read and hear how Prabhupada realizes that he can recover if he leaves there, but they won’t let him out, regardless of how much lip service is paid to the idea. This is higher consciousness self-talk indicates that such control is very rotten!
Tamal Krishna: I’ve been told we pursue it here     T39 Side A Counter 525-582
"either as if you have no sufficient s[strength or as if you lost your balance]. I can’t tell which."
This would not refer to being told by Srila Prabhupada as Prabhupada asks and argues always to be taken out of his room in Vrindavana. Tamal is always countering that they stay there until Prabhupada’s health is improved somewhat. Is this why Tamal is always arguing to stay there? Is he taking orders from someone else? Is there another party involved? This and the next reversal indicate that there may be others outside of ISKCON who are involved with and directing or coaching this activity. Chandraswami, who was in and around Vrindavana at the time, and who had supplied Srila Prabhupada the Makaradvaj medicine (coincidentally having found some which had "just" been made and graciously donated) has since become an shady and infamous figure who is known to have been involved in Rajiv Ghandi’s assassination, and is also known to have CIA connections. How far does this tangled web of deceit go? Who else may have wanted Srila Prabhupada dead and gone? The following reversal which occurred within 9 seconds also indicates another possible party.
Tamal Krishna: Dave says we are to kill him     T39 Side A Counter 525-582
"You're always leaning. [You're not, you’re not able to sit up straight."]
First names such as Dave are infrequently found in speech reversals. Dave is not a known metaphor, and this may or may not refer to a particular person. The remainder of the reversal is extremely significant however, and needs no interpretation. If Dave does refer to a person this would indicate a conspiracy that likely would go beyond ISKCON’s leading sannyasis to include someone who may have been directing everything!
Tamal Krishna: I’m sorry we can’t help     T39 Side A Counter 525-582
["Of course, that was there also] even a week ago, but it seems a little more noticeable."
In the discussion of Srila Prabhupada’s inability to sit up Tamal says very frankly that they cannot help. Of course not, they are creating the problem!
Tamal Krishna: I feel real (we’re) guilty     T39 Side A Counter 525-582
["Do you think you are weaker] now than you were a week ago?"
Due to the high noise content of this tape the third word is somewhat uncertain and may be either "real" or "we’re." In either case the result is the same, whether singular or plural.
Tamal Krishna: They muck     T39 Side A Counter 582-609
"I don't know, but it may be more psychological, [from] laying in bed all the time."
Another confirmation that poison is being given.
Tamal Krishna: I feel you don't need source to heal you, but you won’t make it.
T39 Side A Counter 582-609
"[Weakness also means one's willpower becomes more weaker]. Is that possible?"
This reversal has been edited. It is sometimes found in Reverse Speech that sentences such as this, are more easily understood if rearranged slightly due to things spoken in reverse. The actual reversal on the entire phrase "Weakness also means one's willpower becomes more weaker" is "But you won't make it, I feel you don't need source to heal you." If the first phrase is added to the end it is understood better, and that is the way in which the reversal is presented on this wave file. Either way however, this speech reversal makes sense.
    Another significant feature of this speech reversal is it's extraordinary length. The length and coherent meaning of this sentence demonstrates that Reverse Speech cannot be a mere coincidence of sounds. "Source" is a Reverse Speech metaphor which means to draw energy from something or someone. A reversal which said "I source you" would mean that I was getting energy from you in some way. Tamal means by this statement that Srila Prabhupada wouldn't need energy from anyone else to heal, that he is fully capable of recovering under his own power. However, he tells Prabhupada flatly that he won't make it.
Tamal Krishna: I want to see a Starship     T39 Side A Counter 582-609
"which [would show that things are going well], are definitely present."
This is a most interesting speech reversal. The Srimad Bhagavatam explains how great souls are transferred to the spiritual realm aboard great airships that can fly through the regions of outer space. Tamal is calling for such a device here, meaning that he is calling for Prabhupada to leave his body. Amazingly, one week later on November 11 we hear reversals from the Kaviraj, Srila Prabhupada, and Tamal as they all see that a Starship had come. These reversals are presented below. Shortly thereafter, another reversal of Srila Prabhupada indicates that he has been offered another body and the very next day leaves his earthly body and this world. Based on these reversals and the timing of Srila Prabhupada’s passing away, we can use this information to define the metaphor "Starship" as the vehicle which carries away exalted souls at death.
    This reversal also indicates Tamal's deceit. His forward speech is about how things seem to be going well, meaning that Prabhupada is doing well health wise. He always speaks of how he wants to see Prabhupada recover, but the reversal, and indication of his consciousness, shows that he wants to see Prabhupada dead. Coming just 40 seconds later the following reversal reveals his mentality.
Tamal Krishna: S' know that I’m the emperor     T39 Side A Counter 609-635
"speaking a lot, [translating or otherwise], and this parikrama you were doing was also"
This speech reversal is another insight into Tamal’s arrogant attitude of himself as the "Emperor" or the person who controls everyone. He wanted to rule ISKCON and he wanted Prabhupada out of the way so that he would not be interfered with. Those who have had close association with him have publicly stated that this is indeed his self estimation.
Tamal Krishna: Did masquerade milk    T39 Side A Counter 609-635
"So we should now wait and see. In the meantime, [we're here chanting]"
Masquerade the milk means to disguise it. Why disguise it? Because there is poison in it.

Tamal's Motive for the Crime

Tamal Krishna: You made me pack     T39 Side A Counter 701-722
Now, with this Kaviraj, nothing has ever [happened badly] with the medicine
Here is the motive! In this comparative reversal the emotion brought up by the words "happened badly" causes Tamal to recall how Srila Prabhupada had disbanded the preaching activity Tamal had established (known as the Radha-Damodar Party), taken away his portfolio, and sent him to China to stop him from creating havoc within the society. This is the first of the speech reversals which indicated that the motive is revenge! His attitude is that he is the Emperor, but that Srila Prabhupada had made him pack, removed him from what he thought was his own power, and sent him to China. The next reversal which follows this one within five seconds supports this idea.
Tamal Krishna: You had your rout     T39 Side A Counter 701-722
"has even happened badly with the medicine he's prescribed. [Rather, exactly] as he"
Again the motive for poisoning shows up. Tamal tells Prabhupada that he had his rout, or routed Tamal from his activities in North America, as mentioned in the chapter on the Short History of ISKCON. This was intolerable to Tamal who was at least partially motivated by revenge for this upset. The next reversal fully clinches the revenge motive.
Tamal Krishna: You’re not {gola} (gonna)  shame me along the life     T47 Side B Counter 200-235
"Like that. That's more convenient for [traveling all over India, Srila Prabhupada."]
This is yet another speech reversal that gives the motive for poisoning. Tamal in defiance of Srila Prabhupada tells him that he will not have another chance to shame him. The third word "gola" is a mispronunciation of "gonna." Mispronunciations are fairly common in speech reversals during highly emotional statements as they often are made during forward speech. Tamal felt greatly shamed by Srila Prabhupada and he would not tolerate this treatment. He therefore actively pursued a plan to kill Prabhupada, and this is confirmed by his own admission in the first reversal of Tamal in this section (I kill you now) as well as this next reversal.
Link reversal Bhakti Caru: & Tamal Krishna: I kill     T47 Side B Counter 200-235
Tamal: here (?)     Bhakti Caru: yea
A confession by both of the main conspirators formed by a link reversal. Reverse Speech reveals without a doubt that they did it. Using this evidence from Reverse Speech exhuming Srila Prabhupada’s transcendental body would be unnecessary. The truth is revealed over and over again. Again notice the great similarity in the quality of both voices in this reversal, which is typical of all Link Reversals.
Tamal Krishna: Am I foolish sannyas?     T39 Side B Counter 066-114
["signs Srila Prabhupada"]
This first reversal of this section of tape. Read this and the following five reversals consecutively. They show a Tamal who realizes the wrong he is doing and his affection for Srila Prabhupada. This shows a good side, but it has obviously lost control to the bad side (Dave?) as the poisoning was going on.
Tamal Krishna: Receive but a bag full of shame to know me     T39 Side B Counter 066-114
["One thing, Srila Prabhupada, this] is one of the reasons I wanted the Kaviraj to be"
Self-deprecation by a guilty Tamal. By his own estimation anyone would be shamed simply to know  him.
Tamal Krishna: Try my best to devotee     T39 Side B Counter 066-114
"And the one thing that we're looking for, strength, [he already said will not] come"
Yes, Tamal did do many things to push on ISKCON however misguided he may have been, and perhaps he did try his best to be a devotee. His understanding of what a devotee is has to be questioned however. There are many who will argue however that wherever he has been involved he has brought disruption and dissension. There was (is?) obviously a disconnect between humble, devotional behavior and his aspirations to be "the emperor," and he seems to have clearly lost any connection with a sense of right and wrong.
Tamal Krishna: I mean, I nearly love you     T39 Side B Counter 066-114
"immediately, [and he's not even giving any med]icine for increasing strength yet."
Did Tamal love Srila Prabhupada? All reversals truly represent the state of mind of the speaker, so yes, in his own way of thinking, he nearly did love Srila Prabhupada and has an appreciation for him. His determination to kill him however is perhaps based on the idea that he knows better than Prabhupada how to run the Movement (or wants to run it into the ground unopposed).
Tamal Krishna: All glory to you     T39 Side B Counter 114-212
["we feel hopeful"]
Self-explanatory. This and the above few reversals creates a complex picture of a sometimes ambivalent Tamal Krishna Goswami.
Tamal Krishna: He’s gonna reverse the problem     T39 Side B Counter 114-212
["Can Bhakti Caru bring it to you?"]
In this short time of soberness Tamal actually thinks to reverse the problem. The reversal refers to Bhakti Caru as the "he." Tamal Krishna is showing remorse here and a desire to reverse the problem. Since he and Bhakti Caru were giving poison they obviously could reverse it. Unfortunately, this mood didn’t carry on too long and they didn’t reverse the problem.
Tamal Krishna: Who's (who is) interested in the death {of a friend}
  T39 Side B Counter 114-212
["It's not very painful to take the medicine, is it?"]
Another long sentence which is meaningful to the situation. Coincidental sounds? Impossible. Lord Krishna has made such an amazing creation in which we communicate directly with each other and our selves bringing the truth to every situation. Reverse Speech demonstrates that there is no reason for anyone to lie, as the truth is always communicated and understood. Let the truth prevail, and the truth will set you free! In reverse Tamal is polling everyone, and asks someone if they are opposed to Prabhupada's death.
Tamal Krishna: Worsen, you set him     T39 Side B Counter 212-294
"Let us follow this [medicine until] its prescribed time, Srila Prabhupada."
This reversal on the word medicine indicates that the medicine will make things worse. The medications were tainted, and that is why they were kept under lock, with only himself and Bhakti Caru having the key. The history was that each doctor that saw Prabhupada only seemed to make things worse. Their medicines made him more ill instead of curing him. We can understand now why. All of Prabhupada's medications were apparently tainted with poison!
Tamal Krishna: They’re demon, they help     T39 Side B Counter 066-114
"I felt that he could [far better than we can]. But factually speaking, it seems to me there's every..."
Those who helped in this sinister plot are labeled as demons by Tamal's inner voice. This reference to others who helped confirms that there were other participants!
Tamal Krishna: You can see here who’s a nazi     T39 Side B Counter 212-294
He is not a fool. [He says there's a reason to] feel quite hopeful
Nazi is a Reverse Speech metaphor which refers to strong evil and domination. You can understand that those involved with this crime are both demons and nazis.
Tamal Krishna: Hero sin     T39 Side B Counter 212-294
["in this way"]
Hero is a Reverse Speech metaphor that refers to someone who is very capable or honored. Women will often refer to their husbands as Hero in speech reversals. Tamal was an exceptional leader and by his personal charisma induced many able men to follow him. He definitely took the strongest leadership role within the institution. Had he been properly motivated he very well could have been the hero of ISKCON. This reversal is a reference to himself.
Tamal Krishna: We’ll sin there     T39 Side B Counter 212-294
"In this way we can pass the time [very nicely."]
Similar to the last reversal, and this definitely includes himself and others. This and the previous reversal assures us that this poisoning business cannot possibly be understood as some sort of "lila" or divine pastime, or mercy killing.
Tamal Krishna: That’s enough metal     T44 Side A Counter 500-519
["What did Prabhupada] say?"
An obvious reference to heavy metal poisoning.
Tamal Krishna: They’ll follow the pandit     T46 Side A Counter 413-453
["But not by bullock cart]. That's when a man walks very quickly you can do it in two hours,"
A reference to the devotees. They will follow the pandit (himself). A later reversal also indicates his confidence that the members of ISKCON will follow him ("they'll follow when we get through with it") after Prabhupada is out of the way.
Tamal Krishna: I’m gonna freeze, go outside, and it shouldn’t be done
T46 Side A Counter 413-453
"Krsna-Balarama--[not the Krishna dasa Babaji from Ra]dha-kunda. Madhava Maharaja's."
This is in reference to going on Parikrama. The question has arisen that if the parikrama would have jeopardized Srila Prabhupada’s life, and if Tamal were actually trying to kill him, then why would Tamal be opposed to the Parikrama? First, as revealed above, he values the venue. The rooms in Vrindavana afforded him complete control of the situation. On parikrama if the poisoning couldn't go on as easily Prabhupada might have actually started to recover. This will be confirmed in a speech reversal by Srila Prabhupada. Here Tamal reveals another motivation for not wanting to go on the parikaram—not Srila Prabhupada’s inconvenience, but his personal comfort! It will be too cold outside and therefore it shouldn’t be done.
Tamal Krishna: I loves it     T46 Side A Counter 413-453
"This seems like suicide, Srila Prabhupada, [this program]. It seems to some of us like it's suicidal."
This reversal reveals his mentality. The conversation comes to point of saying that it is suicidal to stay or suicidal to go on parikrama. In either case this reversal reveals that Tamal "loves" the situation. It is exactly as he wants it, Srila Prabhupada dying either way. Hardly the sentiment of a sincere follower.
Tamal Krishna: Crime here  T46 Side A Counter 413-453
"and you’re able to [drink milk"]
Confirmation of nefarious activity "crime here." This is a leading reversal which makes the phrase "crime here (to) drink milk." In other words there is a crime associated with the drinking of the milk. The word "crime" in Reverse Speech is indicative of genuine wrong doing. This is another confirmation that this is not lila, nor a mercy killing.
Tamal Krishna: Sit on your fame with mess T46 Side A Counter 509-539
"I see that he's able to take care of one [symptom after another s]omewhat successfully."
This is a very significant reversal. It is telling that Tamal will "sit on Prabhupada’s fame" that is to ride his coattails, or to usurp his fame and redirect it to himself. How will he do that? With mess. By making a mess, or doing Srila Prabhupada in. This is indeed what he did. After Srila Prabhupada’s departure he attempted to move into Srila Prabhupada’s quarters in Bombay making them his own. The devotees there prevented him from doing so however.
Tamal Krishna: I source you, to get that copy. Roscelyn  T47 Side B Counter 068-117
["the devotees aren’t going to take the feast also?"]
As explained above, to source someone is a Reverse Speech metaphor for taking their energy, or drawing energy from them. Tamal sources Srila Prabhupada to get that copy. What is meant by "copy" is unknown, but could be interpreted to mean that Tamal is copying or imitating Prabhupada as a guru, and by "sourcing him" is getting the example he needs .
   The last word, Roscelyn, is the most significant word here, and one of the most significant in all of the reversals found. Roscelyn has been noted by Reverse Speech Analysts to be perhaps the most diabolical of all Reverse Speech metaphors. It is found whenever things seem to be very nice on the surface or at face value, but underneath are rotten to the core. Roscelyn indicates great deception and fraud are taking place. Not only deception, but the underlying motives are of the most heinous nature. Tamal speaks it, and we hear the metaphor from Bhavananda as well. This can mean that Bhavananda was also privy to the conspiracy and/or actively involved as well, although we haven't sufficient speech reversals of Bhavananda to be absolutely certain.
Tamal Krishna: Wherewith to fuck him     T47 Side B Counter 068-117
["makeup a tour?"]
This reversal shows up in a conversation that is mainly between Srila Prabhupada and Lokanatha Swami, where Prabhupada puts Lokanatha in charge of the parikrama party that he wants to go on. Prabhupada had just told Tamal to consult with Lokanatha, and on Tamal’s reply this reversal shows up. Obviously Tamal is not happy to have to consult with anyone (remember earlier his estimation of himself as the emperor), and therefore out of envy would like to fuck him in the general use of the word as "to make trouble for." This envy is also shown in the next reversal which shows up about two minutes later in the same conversation on the same subject.
Tamal Krishna: No, you don’t, you don’t plant (plan it) in this group T47 Side B Counter 068-117
"And after Prabhupada joins that [group, then the advance party goes again."]
This reversal shows that Tamal clearly wants to be the in charge, telling Lokanatha in a speech reversal that he cannot plan anything for that group. Why is that? It seems Tamal wanted to remain in charge in order to carry out his agenda. In the Reverse Speech conversations section below this reversal will be shown again, as it is interesting to see the clash of wills going on beneath the socially polite conversation.
Tamal Krishna: You’ll go, fuck, there go, I snared     T47 Side B Counter 200-235
"Prabhupada can have the back seat of a vehicle, [very --  travel very comfortably."]
This reversal continues along the same line as the previous two. Here Tamal realizes that Lokanatha will be going on the parikrama (pilgrimage to holy places), expresses his angst with the curse word "fuck," and acknowledges that his plans are tripped up with the metaphor "snared." Snared has the same meaning as in regular English as captured or tripped up or fouled up. While the conscious conversation seems to be in polite agreement of serving Srila Prabhupada’s desire to travel to the holy places of India, the speech reversals reveal a tussle for control of the situation. This reversal again serves to show that Tamal had a hidden agenda to control the circumstances. However it may have appeared to some that he was trying to be the obedient order carrier of his spiritual master, the fact is that he was stonewalling all the way. In the Reverse Speech Conversations section below Srila Prabhupada’s frustration of dealing with Tamal will be revealed.

Tamal's Boldness and Confidence That The Movement Will Follow Him

Tamal Krishna: They’ll follow when we get through with it     T47 Side B Counter 235-268
["that if we were to take you in a bullock cart... ] What did you say Svarupa Damodara?"
This is another of the most significant reversals to be found. This reversal indicates Tamal’s conviction that the devotees of the Hare Krishna movement will follow him and the other ten new self-imposed successors when the killing is done. This clearly shows Tamal’s intention of usurping Srila Prabhupada’s movement, and his contempt for everyone else is shown in the next reversal which follows about ten seconds later. This and the next four reversals are a part of a Reverse Speech conversation going on with Lokanatha Swami. Please see the Reverse Speech Conversations section for that entire dialogue.
Tamal Krishna: They’re all full of shit     T47 Side B Counter 235-268
"People would accuse us of being very negligent [of you, Srila Prabhupada"],
Self-explanatory. Part of series of reversals through which Tamal reveals his attitudes. Because they are all full of shit, or foolish, they will blindly follow. See the next three reversals which all occur within the next thirty seconds.
Tamal Krishna: But I have dare; prove to win it     T47 Side B Counter 235-268
["and it would look very bad up]on our Society. They would accuse us,"
Here Tamal reveals his boldness that he dares to carry out this plan to win control of the society. The following reversals shows in part why.
Tamal Krishna: Me gets what he wants; I’s used to it.     T47 Side B Counter 235-268
["They would accuse us, how we have taken] our spiritual master..."
He gets what he wants all the time and is used to it. These four reversals show his attitude and gives us some understanding of why he was so shamed by Srila Prabhupada that he wanted in part to exact revenge by killing him. The other reason was to get control of the society, knowing that everyone would follow him. History does however show that he was very wrong in this estimation. The vast majority of Srila Prabhupada’s disciples have not followed him or the others, have left ISKCON and will have nothing to do with it. Most newcomers follow only for a short while, and after they realize how the society has deviated from its original purpose they too vote with their feet. Thus the society has a constant revolving door of people joining and then leaving after they realize the charade that is going on.
Tamal Krishna: Hear what I did     T47 Side B Counter 235-268
["is that all right?"]
After establishing his arrogant and powerful position, Tamal seeks to brag about his exploits.
Tamal Krishna: Program rock cause I serve now the {drink}    T47 Side B Counter 235-268
["Your Divine Grace has a car in Mayapura]; we have a car here in Vrindavana."
Another reversal which shows Tamal's attitude clearly. The reversal can be understood just as it would if spoken in forward speech using slang. In other words he feels that under his leadership (serving the drink) everything will run much better. This reveals his intention of usurping the movement and running it.
Tamal Krishna: Feel our foolish nerves     T47 Side B Counter 300-343
"But first get a little more [strength, Srila Prabhupada]. That we really request you to do."
This reversal means either that Tamal is showing a lot of nerve in this plot in general, or has the nerve to put Srila Prabhupada off for several days and weeks "to get a little more strength." Either he doesn’t want Srila Prabhupada to go on parikrama because it will be a discomfort for him (Tamal), and given the scenario revealed by Reverse Speech, he also wants to keep Srila Prabhupada "locked up" where he can control the situation and carry out the poisoning much more easily. His nerve is foolish because he is denying his spiritual master’s wish and poisoning him.
Tamal Krishna: Get up and the law forgive us     T47 Side B Counter 235-268
"request you to do [so that the program... Let us] do it so that it becomes successful."
Again we see that Tamal is convinced that he will not be held responsible for his actions. The law in this reversal does not mean the legal authorities, but the universal law. He is convinced that he will get away with this, and for more than twenty years he has. However, the facade has been brought down with his own words using the weapon of Reverse Speech.

    With the exception of the Reverse Speech Conversations below, this ends the presentation of Tamal Krishna’s reversals. Individually any one reversal may be suspect as to its meaning, but taken together they form a very complete picture which shows conspiracy, confession, motive, guilt, conflicting emotions, his mentality and arrogance, his confidence that the movement will follow him, and (very little) remorse. These speech reversals strongly implicate Tamal Krishna in a conspiracy to murder his spiritual master and subvert Srila Prabhupada’s movement to follow himself and the other "leaders." He shows himself to be a megalomaniac who conceives of himself as an Emperor who always gets what he wants. He is convinced that he can get away with this crime, and has for more than twenty years. The gig is up however, and the truth is now being revealed.

Future Revenge?

    The question comes to my mind that if Tamal was angered enough by Prabhupada's censure that he sought revenge by killing him, won’t he also be inclined to do the same to others who expose his crime and reveal his innermost thoughts and guilt? The answer is yes, and he has already revealed as much in present day speech reversals.
    In January 1998 when I was working on the "Poison CD" I phoned him to see if he would answer some questions about the poisoning allegations. He wouldn’t comment on that subject, but being the charming person that he is, he engaged me in polite conversation. I taped that conversation and examined it with Reverse Speech analysis (see Conversations in Reverse Speech) and found that he threatened my life in several speech reversals:
Tamal Krishna: The, the cause in your death
Tamal Krishna: You see it, vimana
    "The, the cause in your death" is an obvious threat to my life. In the next reversal "vimana" refers to a Starship as mentioned above, the aeroplane on which departed souls travel. These threats are of course not consciously made, but they are nonetheless a strong indicator of his state of mind. Given that, I have wrestled with the responsibility I have in revealing this information. My very strong conviction is that this truth must be told. The implications of this work are no trifle and I do not take this matter lightly, especially considering the threatening nature of the above reversals. It is a very serious affair. Yet the facts as revealed here by Reverse Speech analysis cannot be dismissed. If it happens that I meet an untimely death or "accident" in the future, these speech reversals give some idea of who might be responsible, even if not directly involved.

The Onus Is On The GBC

    Those who have an interest in hiding the truth always ridicule Reverse Speech as phantasmagoria, just an immense stretch of the mind to hear what it wants to hear. If there were only one or two reversals I would also be unconvinced. But this document gives hundreds which I have found in listening to more than five hours of tape. Undoubtedly many more hundreds if not thousands are to be found in the other hours of tape recorded conversations.

    The confessions are given. Tamal Krishna and Bhakti Caru are two of the guilty parties, and Bhavananda, and Satadhanya among others, may have been involved. It is likely that others were also involved, and it is certain that even others knew of it but were somehow convinced to remain silent (at least the Kaviraj and Krishna Das Babaji). Reverse Speech can be used to find out who those others might be. Those who were near Srila Prabhupada for the last year or more should be questioned, and recorded, and if guilty they will reveal themselves in their Reverse Speech. They cannot avoid it. There is no way to hide the truth any more. If the Governing Body Commission (GBC) of ISKCON doesn’t pursue this course of action, but instead tries to deny it, dismiss it, or condemn it, then they become guilty by aiding and abetting the conspirators and every one of them thus becomes culpable for this most heinous, despicable crime.

    This evil must be found and rooted out of ISKCON for if it is not, the institution itself will continue to follow in the footsteps of the other impotent Vaishnava institutions—whose members also poisoned their acarya—and become a withered limb of Lord Caitanya’s tree due to the materialistic ambitions of its blind leaders and followers. I don’t want to see ISKCON fail. As Srila Prabhupada's creation I would like to see it succeed. But I am convinced that it cannot as long as it harbors the conspirators who acted to kill Srila Prabhupada, and usurped and misdirected his Movement. Truth cannot come from untruth, only more untruth will come. And indeed that insidious deceit is even now at work in the changing of Srila Prabhupada’s writings. Editing they call it, but completely unnecessary to even the most casual observer. Their guru told them not to change one word. Of course, conspirators who kill the guru and usurp his property wouldn't be deterred from their march to glory by that simple request.

    Those who claim to be his successors glorify and deify Srila Prabhupada to ride on his coattails in an attempt to cover their own short comings, and they dare use his glory to prop themselves up as his spiritual equals fully capable of liberating conditioned souls. It appears as though ISKCON would become another Roman Catholic Church. It would, or they would. Indeed for the last twenty years it has been some sort of International Society for Guru Consciousness, Krishna too often being somehow minimized, while ordinary men attempt to raise themselves to Godhead status on the votes of the innocent, the neophyte and the naive, while ignoring the sincere advice of their mature Godbrothers who haven't succumbed to the temptation of becoming "absolute,"  their opinions therefore not being worth anything.

    Whatever happens to ISKCON, the mission that Srila Prabhupada began will one day flower and produce pure devotees and a genuinely spiritual society by the potency of his books. Some sincere souls inspired in heart by his writing will recreate a bona fide spiritual society actually meant for upraising the conditioned souls, not meant for glorifying ordinary men who present themselves as liberated from the material condition, but who later fall down to reveal their very human condition. He commented several times that his books had such potency and we accept his words as the absolute truth.

    Next we will read and hear the speech reversals of Bhakti Caru Swami. The incriminating evidence on him is just as strong. We will also learn his motive, witness his mixed feelings, and guilt. Following him there are others who give witness to and tell of the crime through their reversals: Srila Prabhupada, Lokanatha Swami, Bhavananda, Satadhanya, and other unknown "devotees."

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